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Gay Groups’ Silence on eHarmony Lawsuit

Shortly, after posting my piece on failure of gay groups to engage in any introspection following the passage of Proposition 8 and their silence on the eHarmony suit, I received an e-mail which cheered me somewhat about the direction of these organizations.

A reader close to one of the groups e-mailed me and said that some of the groups were worried about the legal precedent this could establish, fearful it could lead to straight people suing for access to gay sites.  That is why they maintained “radio silence” on the settlement.

While I am troubled by the silence of the groups, I am heartened that at least this one group was concerned about the implications of so using non-discrimination laws.  Its leaders at least have some notion of the concept of freedom.

Wish they would use that word more readily in discussing gay issues.

So, their silence, while not ideal, is at least a step in the right direction.

Gay Activists Need to Learn from Conservatives

In the comments section to my post considering Michelle Malkin’s piece on the insane rage of the same-sex marriage mob, a number of readers faulted Michelle (and by extension) me because of our supposed hyperbole, attempting to define the protests by their most extreme participants.  To be sure, we should distinguish between those who protested peacefully and those who hurled angry slogans (or carried mean-spirited placards).

The former may have indeed been angry, but managed to contain their wrath as they rallied.  The latter, however, well deserved the description, “insane rage” that I borrowed from Michelle who, in turn, borrowed it from Paul Krugman, a left-wing columnist who used the expression to describe a handful of angry Republicans at McCain campaign events.  There have been far more angry activists protesting Proposition 8 than there were angry Republicans at such rallies.

I don’t think Michelle was trying to paint with a broad brush or contend that all protesters were gripped with “insane rage.”  I think she was just trying to point out that while those in the MSM were eager (based on a few isolated incidents) to find angry outbursts on the right, they all but ignore it when it comes from a non-conservatives groups.

And while Republicans (and conservatives) routinely denounced such excess, I have yet to see heads of gay organizations denouncing the extremism at the anti-8 rallies.  Indeed, some seem to encourage it by calling their adversaries haters.  To be sure, organizers of this past weekend’s rallies did encourage participants to “to avoid signs that single out a particular religious or ethnic group,” saying, “We must continue to garner support for our movement through positive and peaceful messages.”

I commend them for discouraging ad hominems and encouraging peaceful protest.

Yet, I remain unconvinced that the rallies represent anything more than a public display of anger, even if contained.  I just don’t see what they accomplish.


Saxby Needs Your Help!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:11 pm - November 20, 2008.
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Gay Groups Against Freedom & Introspection

I have theory about which I am so certain, I’m going to blog on it before I complete my research, indeed before I begin it.  If I’m wrong, I will make a $25 contribution to each gay group (Equality California, Freedom (sic) to Marry, NGLTF, NCLR, HRC and Lambda Legal Defense) about which I offer my prediction.

I predict that none of the gay groups will be criticizing the judicial intervention which forced eHarmony to offer a companion site offering dating services for gay couples.  None will be concerned about the implications of this settlement — that it could be used to limit the freedom of gay online services to cater exclusively to same-sex couples.

Furthermore, I predict that on none of the sites of the aforementioned groups will there be any serious introspection about the passage of Proposition 8.  Of course, people might quibble about the meaning of “serious.”  So, we may have to leave that open to debate.  Should the situation allow, I promise to be open to persuasion from those who weigh in in the comments section.

Now to post this, then to update as i check each site.  (To qualify for my contribution, criticism of the eHarmony settlement and serious introspection on Prop 8 must have appeared on their site before the publishing of this post, though i would certainly commend any statements which follow.)

ADDENDUM:  You’re welcome to forward me links to statements by the leaders of these organizations which may not appear on their web-sites.

UPDATE:  Searching the sites. . .


Log Cabin Republicans On Its Last Leg?

As Dan reported a few days ago, Log Cabin Republican President Patrick Sammon has announced he is leaving his post at the national gay Republican organization after two years.

It seems there is more going on behind the scenes as well.  One of my very reliable LCR Board insiders tells me a shocking fact:  “Log Cabin is over $150,000 in debt.” 

And nearly the only source of income to Log Cabin lately is from none other than the Gay Left’s version of George Soros:  the infamous Tim Gill.   We have tracked Gill’s ties to Soros and Log Cabin extensively over the years here at GayPatriot.

So with Log Cabin leaderless and in serious debt…. is Tim Gill poised to take over the organization for good and move the “Gay Republican” organization permanently to the Gay Radical Left?

Only time will tell.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

eHarmony Forced to Provide Same-sex Dating Services

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:46 am - November 20, 2008.
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Will the attempt of the gay activists to impose equality through the courts never cease?

Not content with the numerous websites offering to match him with a male partner, a gay New Jersey man sued eHarmony, a dating service catering to Christians, because it would not match him with a male partner.

I guess maybe I should sue to make sure they provide services for Jews.  And while I’m at it, maybe we’ll have a Christian sue Jdate, “The Leading Jewish Singles Network.”

This is nothing more than a nuisance lawsuit.  He just felt hurt because a website offered dating services for heterosexuals, but not for him.  His plea for equality has succeeded.  With the help of the New Jersey Attorney General, he forced eHarmony to settle.*  It will now offer a companion site for same-sex matches.

eHarmony has now lost its freedom to offer the kind of dating services its founder wished to provide.  Commenting on a similar suit well over a year ago, I wrote:

The issue here is freedom. It’s a shame that in their zeal to root out all discrimination (or perceived discrimination), some gay activists seek to undermine the freedom of others. Their freedom to speak as they will, to associate with whom they choose and to seek romance with the types of people with whom they hope to find intimacy.

Just as eHarmony should be free to focus on heterosexual romance, so should be free to promote gay relationships.

What is it which so upsets this man about a service which caters to heterosexuals? So what? We don’t see straight people trying to gain access to services which cater to those seeking same-sex relationships.

Michelle suggests that maybe they should try to gain access to such services:

Perhaps heterosexual men and women should start filing lawsuits against gay dating websites and undermine their business. Coerced tolerance and diversity-by-fiat cut both ways.

Without such suits, it would be freedom for me, but not for thee.


*Like Michelle, I wish they hadn’t settled, but Theodore Olson, attorney for eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren, said:

Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business. . . .  we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case with the attorney general since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable.

Michelle takes on the insane rage of the anti-Prop 8 Rallies

In her latest column, The insane rage of the same-sex marriage mob, Michelle Malkin makes pretty much the same point I’ve been making for nearly two weeks now:  “Instead of introspection and self-criticism, however, the sore losers who opposed Prop. 8 have responded with threats, fists, and blacklists.”

She details some of the antics, even providing the video evidence.  So, just read (and watch) the whole thing.

As I’ve been following Michelle’s coverage of the rallies, a thought about her readers occurred to me.  I wondered if some delight in the juvenile behavior of gays as it makes it easier for them to dismiss the legitimacy of the case for state recognition of same-sex marriage.

While they might get some satisfaction from reading about the rallies, I find them embarrassing.  They do not present our community in the best light.  When I see friends who have assumed the responsibilities of marriage, building a home together and looking out for each other, or, in one case, helping a partner overcome his alcohol problem, then raising a child together, I wish they–and not the screaming activists–were the face of our movement.

We might make more headway if they were.

Your Nieces & Nephews Will Bankrupt You*

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:30 am - November 20, 2008.
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On Monday, after dinner at the Farmers Market, a friend and I browsed in the shops in the Grove, the shopping plaza immediately adjacent.  His suggestion that we visit the How to Bankrupt Your Uncle American Girl store proved a costly one for me.

You see, the following day, the TwinPatriotNiecesWest would be celebrating their birthday.  And I’m always trying to get gifts for my niblings which reflect their passions.  It was easy enough to get a gift for one of the twins, as she specifically requested a black-footed ferret (stuffed not live).  I just googled the animal and was in business (but not exactly the right kind of business as I’ll explain anon).

Well, unlike her animal-loving twin, Laura (not her real name) has a passion for classical music.  But, she’s not quite old enough for Amadeus.  Which brings me to Monday night.  So, my friend and I walk into the store.  And there in a little display cabinet, I see a doll “playing” a toy piano.  Imagining that Laura would love that piano, I asked if it were for sale.  It was.  Would they ship it?  They would.

You can figure out the rest.

When I spoke with my niece the following day, she was excited about getting such a piano for her American Girl doll.

Now, back to the black-footed ferret.  I had already bought a stuffed one for next Jane Goodall, Laura’s animal-loving sister.  I’d even arranged to “adopt” one for her  When I told her this, she was excited about the two stuffed animals she’d get with her adoptions.  Two?  I wondered (but not out loud).  I had to order the one independently of the adoption.

Back online I went and sure enough, the World Wildlife Fund offers an adoption kit with two plushes.  I couldn’t possibly disappoint this niece.  Not just that.  I’d already spent more on her sister’s present.  With the second adoption, it would be about equal.

I adopted again.  So, now do you get my title?


*And you’ll love it when they do.