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All Eyes On Saxby!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:52 pm - December 2, 2008.
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Nope, not PatriotPooch…..

the Georgia Senate Race!

As of 7:50PM, with about 6% of the vote in — Saxby Chambliss leads Jim Martin by 66% to 34%.   But Atlanta and its immediate suburbs aren’t reporting in yet…. so hard to say how this will go.

UPDATE: It is looking verrrrrry good for Saxby!   With 68% of the vote in, Saxby leads 60% to 39%.

UP-UPDATE: SAXBY WINS RE-ELECTION. GOP will keep a check on Obamania in US Senate.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from Dan): With 97% of precincts reporting, Chambliss wins with 57.4% of the vote, nearly 15 points ahead of his Democratic challenger. He thus ran ahead of McCain’s total in Georgia on November 4 while Martin ran behind his original percentage — and that of Obama. Doesn’t seem Obama can succeed in getting the vote out for candidates other than himself, something which bodes well for the GOP in 2010.

Once Again, How Gay Activists Can Learn from the Right

Yesterday, on the plane from Cincinnati to LAX, I finally had a chance to read National Review‘s “Renewal” (dated December 1) issue.  I believe it was their first number published after the election.

As I read the various articles where leading conservative pundits and other columnists addressed the reasons for the GOP defeat and prospects for rebuilding, I wondered if the Advocate — or any leading gay publication for that matter — would devote an entire issue to introspection, criticism of the gay movement and its media and political strategy.

Of course it wouldn’t.

In the regular e-mails I receive from the various gay organizations, I read more anger at the “Yes” campaign than criticism of the “No” campaign.  They can’t get over the alleged dishonesty of the proponents of the proposition.

Well, we proponents of John McCain have ample evidence of the dishonesty of the Obama campaign.  Indeed, a few of the commentators in that National Review issue mention how the Democrat misrepresented his Republican rival’s position in a number of ads.  Unlike the gay organizations, none dwelled on the deceptive ads.  They focused on where our side went wrong.

Once again, gay activists have something to learn from conservatives.