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On Kathleen Parker, Social Conservatives & the GOP

Kathleen Parker has a very good essay today in National Review where she frequently echoes my views on social conservatives and the GOP.  Interestingly, she’s a little harsher on social conservatives than I am.  I disagree with her suggestion that social conservatives try to “make their arguments without bringing God into it.

They should be able to make a case for their political views through their faith.  That said, I do think she’s onto something when she encourages them to make their case through logic and reason as that tactic might better resonate with voters.

Here is where I totally agree with her:

As long as the religious right is seen as controlling the Republican party, the GOP will continue to lose some percentage of voters, and that percentage likely will increase over time as younger voters shift away from traditional to more progressive values.

As I’ve written before (and this is a topic to which I’d like to devote more attention in the coming weeks and months), the GOP needs to find a way to accommodate social conservatives without being dominated by them.

Should we do that and put forward a consistent conservative message on the economy which resonates with voters, we’ll be back in 2010, if not before.