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Nominees for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2009*

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:18 pm - December 16, 2008.
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[UPDATE and Point of Clarification:  Readers, please note, that we are not yet voting on the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva, only asking for seconds (or additional nominees) to the list below.  When nominations close at midnight on December 18, Bruce and I will, based on the seconds each diva blogress receives, determine those we include on the official ballot.  And yes, I will consider as a “second” those who believe they’re casting a vote.]

I have long defined a diva as strong, talented and confident woman who commands the respect of men.  This year, we will once again determine which blogress commands the most respect of gay conservative men.

She need not be conservative herself (at least three of the nominees below are not), but must by the the power of her prose, the eloquence of her expression and the intelligence of her ideas have earned the enmity of the angry left and so endeared herself to gay men like us who admire strong women who speak their minds, even at the expense of encomia from those in the entertainment industry and the MSM.

So, check out these blogresses below and let us know by Thursday, December 18 at midnight (eastern time) either in the comments section or via e-mail which of these ladies we should include on our ballot to determine the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva for 2009.

UPDATE: A reader nominates Pundita.

UPDATE:  And don’t forget Sister Toldjah.

*Please note that I fixed the grammar in the paragraph defining a blogress diva.