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Mary Cheney:
Better Advocate for Gay Marriage than Most Gay “Leaders”

Because Mary Cheney has not fit their image of what the lesbian daughter of a prominent politician should be, most gay activists have dissed the younger child of the Vice-President they love to revile.  Yet, in her own quiet way, this strong woman has done more to promote greater understanding of gay people than has the entire leadership of the gay “rights” organizations.

The reason?

Mary has appealed to an audience, the audience we most need to reach as they harbor the greatest amount of animosity and ignorance against us, which most gay activists would rather malign than influence:  social conservatives.  By living a normal life (well, as normal a life as she can when her dad’s Vice President) and coming across as a loving daughter to her parents and partner to her beloved Heather, she shows people just how ordinary and non-threatening a gay person can be.

As the daughter of the Republican Vice President, she has had ready access to conservative circles.  When her book was released, she appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s show, exposing his social conservative audience to her ordinary life as well as to her strong arguments for gay marriage.

As I was going through my accumulated e-mail earlier today, I learned that Mary Cheney gave more to the “No on 8” campaign than did the former heard of NGLTF, Matt Foreman.  In writing on his story (with his typical  anti-Republican hyperbole), blogger Petrelis does discover where that gay leader’s true priorities lie:  he gave ten times as much to Democratic Party candidates as he did to a ballot initiative in his bailiwick.

I wonder how many gay bloggers on the left besides Petrelis have noted Mary’s largesse?  They’d rather demonize her for not being the person they want her to be than praise her for the accomplished woman she is.

While Mary has done much to advance so many of the causes they support, they can never forgive her for her conservative politics.  For them, one’s political ideology matters far more than one’s commitment to gay people.

As the most pro-gay Vice President in U.S. History leaves office next month, what gay organization will praise RIchard Cheney for providing a sterling example of how a man should treat his lesbian daughter and for defying the president who tapped him as his running mate on a gay issue?  Don’t hold your breath.  That pesky (R) after his name inoculates him, in their eyes, from doing any good.

Just as Mary’s failure to emulate Candace Gingrich prevents hear from winning the accolades she is in due.

Gay Obamaniacs just got punk’d

Rick Warren to give invocation at Obama’s inauguration.

Warren is hardly a fan of gay rights, which Obama supposedly champions, as can be seen in this interview:

h/t Good As You

Where’s that hopeandchange liberal gays claimed I “betrayed” by voting against The One?

UPDATE: Welcome, InstaPundit readers!!!

— John (Average Gay Joe)

Politically Correct Hatred of Gays in Canada

You know those so-called “Human Rights” Commission in Canada.  Have you ever noticed that the only people who seem to suffer for the speech codes those commissions eneforce in the Great White North come from the political or cultural right?

Mark Steyn offers an interesting observation:  why is no one citing the hateful statements of radical Muslims?  They go after anti-gay preachers who merely oppose gay marriage, but ignore anti-gay imams who want to kill us:

If it’s okay for Imam al-Hayiti to say homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated”, why is the Reverend Stephen Boissoin under a lifetime speech ban merely for objecting to gay marriage? Why are bald statements of Islamic supremacism cool when an imam makes them but the subject of a week-long trial in Vancouver for an infidel magazine that quotes such an imam?

There’s no logical answer except the one we already knew – that, while the bullies of the “human rights” regime are happy to beat up penniless pastors in Alberta and while Lucy Warman, the CJC and other cardboard crusaders get their jollies hunting down every birdbrained “Nazi” posting witless drivel on unread websites from his mum’s basement, they have no desire to tangle with the most explicit and well-funded source of “intolerance” in today’s world. If the point of the Lynch mob’s draconian powers is to protect “human rights”, they’re useless: “honor killings” will become all but routine but they’ll still be obsessing about some adolescent with a swastika tattoo and second-hand jackboots. What a bunch of fairies.

Read the rest to see just what he means by “fairies.”

Wonder why no left-wing gay activists have noted what this conservative pundit has observed?

Bush-Obsession: The Sociopathy of Angry Leftists

I just got an e-mail from some loon on the left, one of those sent through The e-mail bounces if I try to reply. Well, Miss Barbara sent me a link to some article on alternet which I won’t waste my time reading, but her commentary made me laugh, a real, rich full-bodied laugh. In her attempt to slime the president in a sentence, she revealed much about herself and her Bush-obsessed peers.

In her missive, titled, “AlterNet: Bush Tries to Whitewash History; Portrays Himself as a Victim,” writes, “Bush is the typical sociopath: it’s all about HIM.”

Um, Barbara, to you and your peers, it is all about him, all about Bush and how he can do no right.

And I doubt that the president portrays himself as a victim, but Barbara and her ilk really have become obsessed with this man. What will they do when he’s no longer president? Continue to blame all ills on him? Still try to impeach him?

Ultimate Dog-Bites-Man Year End Story

TIME names Barack Obama its Person of the Year.

Really?  No, really??   Did anyone see that coming?  I mean after all, TIME’s Washington Bureau Chief is now VP-elect Joe Biden’s Press Secretary.

I think this puts Obama on the cover more than JFK, all of the Popes and Jesus combined.

In The Tank.

UPDATE:  Jonah Goldberg shares my cynicism.

Why didn’t Time consider God for having the wisdom and compassion to deliver Obama to us? Or, for the more secular minded, why didn’t he thank the gamma rays that ignited the life-spark that ultimately created single-celled life-forms which, eventually through the magic of evolution, brought us the One?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UP-UPDATE (from Dan):  OK, I kind of disagree with Bruce on this one.  He’s right that the media has been in the tank for Obama, but, well, given that he did win the presidential election, he pretty much earned the “Man of the Year” title, though, I will note that TIME has ignored some Republican presidents when they won re-election (or election).  And I recall that they dissed the real man of the decade as the 1980s drew to a close.

Will Al Franken Steal Minnesota?

While most pundits are focused on the scandal surrounding the Democratic Governor of Illinois, few people are paying much attention to the shenanigans of the Democrats in Minnesota.

Shortly, after November 4, when all the ballots were counted, Republican Norm Coleman led his Democratic challenger Al Franken by about 300 votes.  As the recount concluded, Coleman led by a smalerr margin, minuscule in terms of percentage of the vote, but a margin nonetheless.  So, you’d think that Franken would concede defeat.

But, no, not for Democrats in close elections.  Just like in Washington State in 2004, Democrats weren’t satisfed when Republican Dino Rossi led the first count and then the recount, so paid for yet another recount, ballots were discovered in King County (Seattle–the most liberal juridiction in the state) and, presto chango!, Democrat Christine Gregoire eked out a win.

Or, recall Florida in 2000.  Each successive recount showed George W. Bush with a lead, but Al Gore wanted to keep counting.  You see, Democrats want to keep counting until they win (while they seek to exclude ballots which tend to favor Republicans).

And they’re trying that in Minnesota, with Franken raising the issue of the “Fifth Pile” of rejected absentee ballots only as it was becoming clear that he would not win the recount.

On Friday, the Minnesota Canvassing Board “recommended that all counties include the absentee ballots that were unfairly rejected on Election Day in the recount.“  On its face, that sounds like a good decision.  The only problem is that the board didn’t set a uniform standard, thus allowing election boards in each of the state’s 87 counties to use their own discretion in determining which ballots to count and which to exclude: