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Gay man backed for Navy secretary?

Some top retired military leaders and some Democrats in Congress are backing William White, chief operating officer of the Intrepid Museum Foundation, to be the next secretary of the Navy — a move that would put the first openly gay person at the top of one of the services.

The secretary’s job is a civilian position, so it would not run afoul of the ban on gays serving in the military, but it would renew focus on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy as President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office… (Washington Times)

Very interesting news. White serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Intrepid Museum Foundation and is on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of this worthy group as well as the Fisher House Foundation. He also is involved in many other charitable efforts and has been for years. While all of this is definitely praiseworthy, I’m not sure how this would make him qualified for the job. Still, he does sound like someone I’d find to be an excellent candidate to appoint to something were I the president. The fact that he’s gay is intriguing considering DADT. Were he to become SecNav, it give more push to repeal the ban against gays serving in the military. Elaine Donnelly and other DADT proponents have good reason to be afraid of the possibility.

The question remains, however, will Obama give White the nod or will it be someone else? We shall see. Regardless, it is very encouraging to know that White is backed by many retired senior officers. My, how times have changed…

— John (Average Gay Joe)

Obama Education Nominee Favors Gay High School

While President-elect Obama’s choice of Arne Duncan to head the Department of Education has, by and large, earned accolades from conservatives, the current Chief Executive Office of the Chicago Public Schools  has done one thing which concern those of us who oppose the further Balkanization of America .

Duncan recently recommended the creation of the Social Justice High School—Pride Campus which would “address the needs of the underserved population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their allies (LGBTQA youth).  He pushed this “explicitly gay-friendly school” to keep “students from being bullied and ostracized” and “where half of the students were expected to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.”

Let’s hope gay activists and others join much of Chicago’s political establishment in opposing this new type of segregation.  Shouldn’t our goal (and that of our supporters) be to find a place for gays to live openly in the mainstream of American society?  Shouldn’t we focus on means to change the minds of those who would make life difficult for gay teens rather than encourage those teens to study separately, among those just like them?

While Duncan’s efforts are certainly well-intentioned, they are just one more sign how the agenda of  the various minority groups have changed, from overturning laws and policies and changing attitudes which defined us by our difference to creating institutions which do just that–keeping members of various “minority” groups outside the mainstream.

I don’t think Duncan’s support for this school should disqualify him from being confirmed as Secretary of Education.  But, his support should raise some red flags.  Let’s hope Senators press him about this in his confirmation hearings.  And let’s hope he doesn’t favor the further Balkanization of American society, with separate institutions for each and every interest group.

On the whole, it does seem has the knowledge, understanding and ability to promote real education reform.

Gay Obamaniacs Punk’d, Part II

As a follow-up to AverageGayJoe’s posting from yesterday, I have a simple question.

Is there ANY American religious leader that would be acceptable to the Radical Gay Left to do an invocation?

Perhaps Rev. Wright?  Maybe Father Pfleger?

I’ve got it!  The Gays(TM) would love to have the Iraqi Shoe Guy give the prayer (in Arabic of course).  That would be perfect for them — mixing rabid anti-American hatred with fashionable footwear.


I can almost hear Joe Solmonese whining voice as he complains about the choice of Rev. Warren…..

“Your invitation to Reverend Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at your inauguration is a genuine blow to LGBT Americans,” the president of Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solomonese, wrote Obama Wednesday. “[W]e feel a deep level of disrespect when one of architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination.”

Waaaah, waaaah, waaaah.  (And did he really say “blow”?  *snicker*)

Did you Gay Leftists REALLY think Obama was going to carry your political water?  In that case: how dumb you are.

[RELATED: James at The Skepticians agrees — Obama will probably sell out The Gays(TM) in no time]

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (JohnAGJ): Welcome, InstaPundit readers!!!

Senator Kennedy From New York?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:00 am - December 18, 2008.
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Please don’t get me wrong.  I have always admired Caroline Kennedy.  Her Mom raised her right — good values, sensible manners and she carries herself with a quiet dignity that most people have long forgotten.   I don’t agree with Ms. Kennedy’s politics, but I like her and her life story.

That being said…. what on earth makes Caroline Kennedy any more qualified to be a United States Senator than Sarah Palin was for Vice President?  Palin had 16 years of elected public service going into this election; Caroline has none.  When did the US Congress become the House of Dynasties?

If crawling around the Oval Office on your hands and knees and playing underneath the President’s desk qualifies you for the Senate — let’s appoint Monica Lewinsky as the next Senator from New York.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)