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Where the GOP is Could Be Better off than the Democrats

Today while reading the Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary (available by subscription), I realized that in one way my party is better situated than the Democrats, well, at least come January 20. As I wrote the day after the election, with George W. Bush on the way out, we conservatives “can start advancing our ideas once again.”

Basically, we have ideas which resonate with a majority of the American people. We just need to adopt policies which promote them and not lose sight of them as have all too many of our elected leaders over the past eight, perhaps ten years.

In the aforementioned Diary, John Fund quotes Republican National Committeeman Solomon Yue of Oregon who said, “Articulating a political philosophy is equally important as applying it consistently. . . . Failing to do so, we have today’s identity crisis, which resulted in our losses in 2006 and 2008.”


If we articulate that philosophy, apply it, campaign on it, we can win elections. In the campaign just concluded, the Democratic nominee appreciated that better than did the Republican. Barack Obama campaigned on tax relief for the middle class and rooting out excess government spending. Not just that, voters were upset with the GOP for letting federal spending grow at almost unprecedented rate.

Note how, in election cycle after election cycle, Democrats obscure their party’s big-government philosophy. They didn’t campaign on scaling back welfare reform, implementing “card-check” labor union elections, expanding affirmative action or bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine.”  They campaigned against the spendthrift Republicans, with some Democrats even faulting their Republican rivals for supporting the Wall Street bailout.

Should Democrats govern as Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Pelosi would like, pushing for an ever larger federal government, they will certainly turn Americans against them.  Well, that is, if Republicans have learned the lesson of the past two elections and stand up against Democratic policies and make the case for more responsible fiscal policies.

Looks like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is off to a good start.  He recently called the President-elect’s $850 billion economic “stimulus” plan, “unprecedented government spending[:]  I believe the taxpayers deserve to know a lot more about where it will be spent before we consider passing it.”

Now, he needs to rally Republicans to oppose this billion-dollar boondoggle as they explain why it’s bad for our country’s fiscal health . . . in terms the average voter can readily understand.

Barely 24 Hours Left to Vote for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva

As we finalize the designs for the logo honoring our Grande Conservative Blogress Diva, you still have one last chance to vote to designate the grande conservative dame of the blogosphere.

Remember, we define a diva as a strong woman who commands the respect of men.  And in this case, she need not be conservative herself, but by her outspoken wit and wisdom and failure to kowtow to the politically correct, have earned the affection of conservatives.

We will post the logo tomorrow as we announce the winner.

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Little GayPatriot (circa 1970?)

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:10 am - December 30, 2008.
Filed under: Post 9-11 America

It is amazing the photos you can find when you are cleaning up your desk…..

Looks like I was born for podcasting!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Are We Really Witnessing A Palestinian Civil War?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:46 am - December 30, 2008.
Filed under: War On Terror

This news item seems to suggest as much (h/t – Instapundit).

It’s a strange world, but there you have it. I’ve been talking to friends of mine, former Palestinian Authority intelligence officials (ejected from power by the Hamas coup), and they tell me that not only are they rooting for the Israelis to decimate Hamas, but that Fatah has actually been assisting the Israelis with targeting information. One of my friends — if you want to know why they’re my friends, read this book — told me that one of his comrades was thrown off a high-rise building in Gaza City last year by Hamas, and so he sheds no tears for the Hamas dead. “Let the Israelis kill them,” he said. “They’ve brought only [t]rouble for my people.”

Something tells me this will not be an Isreali military failure this time.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)