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Dinner at El Coyote Sunday 01/04

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:25 pm - January 2, 2009.
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I am always fascinated by which of our posts lead to sustained comment threads. I had not expected my post announcing a dinner for blog-readers at Hollywood’s El Coyote would excite such controversy.

All those who RSVPed favored holding the dinner on Sunday. If you’d like to join us, please e-mail me for time and details.

Let me just say, I think the whole notion of boycotting this establishment is absurd. In frequenting it, we are not, as one reader suggested, countenancing bigotry. We are simply supporting a restaurant wrongly targeted by a group of angry activists in need of an enemy at whom to vent.

Merely because one employee supported Proposition 8 does not mean that the restaurant is itself anti-gay. Nor does it mean that she herself is. It merely means that she believes gender difference is a defining aspect of marriage.

And until gay marriage advocates learn to respect that understanding of this ancient institution, an understanding that prevailed unassailed for millennia, they will remain incapable of participating in a serious civil discussion on expanding the definition of the institution to include same-sex couples, an expansion which they seem to favor, but are unwilling to defend (with serious argument).

This dinner is a chance for our readers to gather and enjoy each other’s company. And to take a stand at politically correct anger run amok.