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Joe Biden: Barometer for Conventional Wisdom of Left

Despite the president’s difficult first dozen days in office, given his intelligence and political gifts, he could change course should the national interest require such a shift. With his charisma and rhetorical gifs (when speaking from prepared text), he could more easily communicate that change.

I am less confident of his deputy’s ability to lead. The more I watch Joe Biden, the more I pray for the president’s health. He doesn’t seem to have ever had an original thought, serving more as a barometer of liberal conventional wisdom than anything else. Whatever his Democratic peers believe he does too.

People confuse his experience with wisdom, as if just because he’s been in the Senate for so long, chairing two committees, he must necessarily have a deep understanding of the way the world works. Well, he does know the way Washington works.  And the way its winds blow.

Just look at how he treats his predecessor, calling the distinguished Wyomingite “one of the most dangerous vice presidents.” He didn’t say this because he believed it to be so, but because it is the conventional wisdom of his political peers and their allies among the punditry and in the MSM.*

While Biden served on the Senate Foreign Relations for decades, he’s been wrong on nearly every significant foreign policy issue since he first took office.  In public appearances, he seems especially obsequious to the president, kind of like the geeky kid in high school, all of a sudden becoming the head jock’s right-hand man.

Let us hope Obama senior adviser David Axelrod was just being politic when he said Biden’s “insight and experience dwarf any minor gaffe or misstep.“  Because the only insight the vice president’s gained for that experience is that Democrats look smart in Washington when they repeat the conventional wisdom of theirpartisan peers.

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Obama Keeps Terror Rendition Policy

Pop.  Pop.  Pop.  Pop.   That’s the sound of heads exploding from San Fran to Seattle by leftists who want to protect Al Qaeda, not Americans.

Obama preserves renditions as counter-terrorism tool – LA Times (h/t – The Corner)

The CIA’s secret prisons are being shuttered. Harsh interrogation techniques are off-limits. And Guantanamo Bay will eventually go back to being a wind-swept naval base on the southeastern corner of Cuba.

But even while dismantling these programs, President Obama left intact an equally controversial counter-terrorism tool.

Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.

Current and former U.S. intelligence officials said that the rendition program might be poised to play an expanded role going forward because it was the main remaining mechanism — aside from Predator missile strikes — for taking suspected terrorists off the street.

The rendition program became a source of embarrassment for the CIA, and a target of international scorn, as details emerged in recent years of botched captures, mistaken identities and allegations that prisoners were turned over to countries where they were tortured.

The European Parliament condemned renditions as “an illegal instrument used by the United States.” Prisoners swept up in the program have sued the CIA as well as a Boeing Co. subsidiary accused of working with the agency on dozens of rendition flights.

But the Obama administration appears to have determined that the rendition program was one component of the Bush administration’s war on terrorism that it could not afford to discard.

That’s funny, I thought the American Left told me it was one of the WORST parts of “Bush’s War.”  In fact, wasn’t there even a leftist Hollyweird movie, that made little, called “RENDITION”.   My, oh my.

Pop.  Pop.  Pop.

Score one positive mark for President Obama.

Exit Question: Will the anti-Bush liberals who comment at GayPatriot now support this terror-fighting tool?  Or are they just tools?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Worst NBC Super Bowl Coverage Moments

2nd runner-up – Al Roker.  Why?

Winner, and Worst Man In The World – Keith Olbermann.   Hey, NBC Sports.   Keep “Mr. Dyspeptic” on your left-wing radical “news” cable channel.  Don’t ruin my football with this jackass.

Worst Moment Yet-To-Come: Springsteen at halftime. [RETRACTED:  See comment #18]

Go Cardinals.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Daschle Democrats:
Raising Our Taxes, Failing to Pay Their Own

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:00 pm - February 1, 2009.
Filed under: Democratic Scandals,Liberal Hypocrisy

Perhaps some other blogger or wit has already found that really witty remark I’ve been looking for ever since it dawned on me this morning the delicious hypocrisy of those dubbed Leona Helmsley Democrats.

I mean, isn’t it such Democratic politicians ever eager to hike our taxes? Shouldn’t they, to show their sincerity, be the first to pay?  A Republican tax-evader could at least say non-payment was a matter of principle for him. That wouldn’t (& shouldn’t) help in a court of law.

Our reader SoCalRobert caught this telling remark from the former Senate Minority Leader: “tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter.”

Senate Republicans should take those words to heart and not hesitate to vote against Daschle’s confirmation. And heck, so too should their Democratic colleagues. It’s the principle you know. Don’t they want to encourage rich people to pay their taxes?

UPDATE: “Any Republican nominee who tried to maintain his nomination under such circumstances would be laughed out of town.This just reiterates that point.