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Transparency to the Democrats

Recall, how in the campaign and in his first days as president, Barack Obama promised his would be a more transparent Administration?

But, he and his allies in the House and Senate aren’t being very transparent about the president’s signature proposal in his First 100 Days. The “stimulus” is over 1,400 pages long, includes federal expenditures of nearly one trillion dollars. You think with legislation of that magnitude, Congress will take some time to consider its various provisions, allowing the people’s representatives time to familiarize themselves with its contents

But, no, it seems lobbyists will get a copy of the bill before Congress does.  And they’ll have only one night to read it before debate begins. One night to read a 1,400 page document? One blogger reckoned they’d have to be speed readers just to get through the whole thing:

In order for anyone to read the entire bill in 13 hours, they’d have to start the very minute they got it and read over 1.8 pages a minute every minute, without a break. They’ll be clocking in at a reading speed of 640.5 words per minute at that rate. If anyone needs a potty break, they’d better take the bill with them. Forget eating.

That won’t give them much time to think about it. That blogger informs us that the average person reads 200-400 words per minute when reading for comprehension. (H/t Instapundit.)

Guess the Democrats broke their promise to delay a vote until the final bill has been posted online for 48 hours. Wonder if the president will keep his and wait for five days after it has been so published before affixing his signature.

Can you imagine how the Democrats would react if Republicans rushed a vote on a bill such as this?  They took longer to debate whether or not to go to war in Iraq and were accused of rushing to war.

This is an ominous sign of the democracy in Obama’s Washington when legislators aren’t given the time to familiarize themselves with the arcana of the legislation. And their constituents, i.e., we the people, don’t have time to consider it nor have the time to register our thoughts with those representatives before they vote.

Let’s hope at least some Senators have the since to filibuster this bill in the interest of a serious debate on the multi-hundred billion dollar proposal. To do any less would be to thumb their noses at the American people and break the promises Barack Obama made to them when he campaigned for their votes last fall.]

UPDATE:  After posting this, I checked the blogs and various news sources to see what time the full text of the legislation was released.  

Via ReadTheStimulus, I found this on Speaker Pelosi’s website, posted Thursday, February 12 at 11:32 PM.  That means members have 9 hours and 28 minutes to read it before the scheduled vote, 38 hours and 32 minutes fewer than the full 48 hours House Democrats promised (in an unanimous vote) on Tuesday.  How quickly they break their promises.

UP-UPDATE: Looks like that House has delayed the vote until 1:30 PM EST, which means that our representatives have 34 hours fewer to review the massive bill than the Democrats promised.

UP-UP-UPDATE: If the time, 2:24 PM EST on the final tally of the House vote on the “stimulus” is the time the vote was complete, that means, members had approximately 14 hours to read it after it was released, 34 fewer that the House Democrats had promised just three days previously. I guess that’s the shelf life of a Democratic promise in Obama’s Washington. Three days.

Just wait, just wait, the more the American people learn about what’s in this boondoggle, the more they’ll turn against the Democrats. I see at least three Democratic Senate seats flipping based on this vote alone (Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada), provided the Republicans come up with decent candidates. And it looks like at least one Republican Senate Republican won’t be returning to Washington in 2011. Let’s hope his replacement is person who defeats him in the Pennsylvania primary.



  1. Wonder what goodies they have since stuffed in the bill that they are trying to hide? Obama managed to raise support for the stimulus with his press conference and revival tour, now he wants to ram it through before the truth can drag support down again.

    One thing is clear. It is NOT a “stimulus” bill. It is a partisan power grab.

    Comment by American Elephant — February 13, 2009 @ 5:58 am - February 13, 2009

  2. And to top it off, Her Speakerness wants the Congress to hurry up and vote because SHE’S GOT A PLANE TO CATCH FOR ROME:

    Misplaced priorities, wouldn’t you say?

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — February 13, 2009 @ 11:10 am - February 13, 2009

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