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Hasty “Stimulus” Passage:
Business as Usual in Washington . . . on Steriods

On Tuesday, House Democrats promised not to vote on final passage of the “stimulus” until forty-eight hours after it had been published online. They even held a formal vote on it, with not a single Democrat (nor a single Republican) voting against it.

With a majority in the House, Democrats set the schedule for votes. Yet, even though the legislation was released to Congress only at 11PM Thursday night, posted 32 minutes later on the Speaker’s web-site, the House completed its vote at 2:24 PM the following day (yesterday).

So, that’s 14 hours and 52 minutes from its online publication to the completion of the vote (or 15 hours 24 minutes, if it had been published online when my information shows it was released to members of Congress).  But, I guess if you do math like the Democrats who crafted this fiscal behemoth, there’s not much different between 15 and 48.

House Minority Leader John Boehner said “not one member [of Congress] has read this:”

I wonder how the American people will react when they start learning about the provisions buried in the bill, including language partially overturning the popular and successful Welfare reforms of the Clinton Era and a major overhaul of the health care industry.

Voters will look too kindly on representatives who rushed such a huge and expensive bill. This is not just business as usual in Washington, it’s business as usual on steroids.

Our fellow citizens might just think it fitting this legislation passed on Friday the Thirteenth.

ADDENDUM:  Tigerhawk weighs in: (more…)

YoungerPatriotSisterWest Shows Off Her Son

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:40 pm - February 14, 2009.
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And he’s something to show. 🙂

Note how he dressed up to see his uncle.

“Dissent on policy is not war, gentlemen. It’s America.”

So says Ed Morrissey to Obama groupies who call Republican opposition to the president’s policies “a political war.” He references a particular criticism from an individual who, sometime after February 24, 2004 used any pretext imaginable to demonize George W. Bush.

It’s as if they can’t accept that some people might have legitimate objections, based on our economic philosophy and political principles, to oppose the president’s policies. Heck, back when Bush was president, opposition to the president’s policies was deemed patriotic.

And not to mention that some of the very people now criticizing Obama and congressional Democrats on their spendthrift “stimulus,” had also criticized Bush and congressional Republicans on similar grounds, not holding the line on federal spending.

How ironic it is that some of the very individuals who call criticism of Obama “war” would label any action of his Republican predecessor an abomination.