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Thought Experiment:

It’s kind of late out here in God’s Country, but a thought just came across my mind. Let’s play a What If game:

Game One

If you were a member of Congress, which choice would you make:

1) Vote for a bill that increases the budgets of the 9 outstanding departments by 8%, or
2) Vote against that bill, and instead for a continuing resolution that would freeze these budgets at last year’s level.

Game Two

If you were a newly-inaugurated president with approval ratings around 60% who had campaigned on fiscal responsibility and an end to earmarks, and having promised to go “line-by-line” through the budget eliminating waste, and a Congress, whose approval ratings are well below freezing sent you a bill that increased the budgets of these departments by 8%, which choice would you make:

1) Sign the bill and say that it’s “last year’s business”, or
2) Veto the bill and insist the Congress write a budget more in line with your campaign promises, or better yet, demand they pass a continuing resolution freezing the budget at last year’s level.

Oh, and let’s also say that for either scenario, you’re a “responsible leader” who wouldn’t dream of changing the subject, or deflect the issue that it’s your decision to make, not some weird fault of the last guy (as badly as you may think of him).

Just a little late-night fun.

-Nick (Colorado Patriot) from HQ