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Accountability for Spendthrifts

Mea culpa for having taken so long to post this. I’m sure you’re all dying to see how the Shameful Six fared this week at the trough.

Well, the vote on the actual embarrassment budget was technically a voice-vote, so nobody would formally have to go “on record” as having voted for it (ah, the integrity of our elected representatives, matched only by the president who found time to hold a ceremony for the ladies on the same day but ducked away out of sight to put pen to paper to use your tax dollars, but I digress…).

The real vote was on cloture to move the question in the first place. If a Senator wanted to stop this piggish legislation, this is where he’d have done it. And did our half-dozen redeem themselves?

Sen Richard Shelby (R-Alabama): Yea
Sen Kit Bond (R-Missouri): Yea
Sen Thad Cochran (R-Mississippi): Yea
Sen Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska): Yea
Sen James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma): Nay
Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky): Nay

Senators Shelby, Bond, Cochran, and Murkowski should be ashamed of themselves. If they’re not, their constituents should contact them to let them know how ashamed they are of them.

Oh, but there’s more! Even other embarrassing “Republican” Senators voted for this monster:

Sen Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) (contact here)
Sen Olympia Snowe (Maine) (contact here) (
Sen Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania) (contact here)
Sen Roger Wicker (Mississippi) (contact here)

Fear not, budget hawks! We have the following Democrats on our side (all voting Nay):
Sen Evan Bayh (Indiana)
Sen Russ Feingold (Wisconsin)
Sen Claire McCaskill (Missouri)

Just think…a couple more Decent Democrats, and we could have had a victory for responsible government. These three deserve our thanks and should be commended for going against Harry Reid and President Obama and their shameful and irresponsible use of our money. The eight “Republicans” who voted Yea should find other work.

Who needs a drink?

-Nick (Colorado Patriot) from HQ

Dumbest Global Warming Scare-Story Of The Week

First, I give you the headline:  STUDY: Air Pollution Dimming World’s Skies (as published in the Charlotte Observer’s print edition on 3/13/09)

Now the lead paragraph:

The skies are dimming, for most of the world. Increases in airborne pollution have dimmed the skies by blocking sunlight over the past 30 years, researchers report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science.

And now the most ridiculous statement from the Associated Press that I have seen in quite some time (which doesn’t take much).

They reported that dimming is occurring everywhere except Europe, where declines in pollution have resulted in brighter skies.

REALLY?  So declines in pollution have brightened Europe’s skies, but the non-industrialized continent of Africa has higher “global dimming” than Europe??   That stretches the logic of man, weather and physics.

If Europe has been soooo good in reducing their polution, then the skies over Moscow should be experiencing brighter skies.  And what about Africa?  Is non-existent industrialization in Africa resulting in an increase in “global dimming”?   That should shoot to hell the Global Warming fanactics, eh?

The study does note brighter skies in Europe, but the AP is the one that editorializes as to the reason being “Europe’s declining pollution.”

MSM Bias — Always on display.   Global Warming Scaremongering — Never too far behind.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)