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Rahm Must Go

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:04 pm - March 22, 2009.
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In my preliminary research of presidential chiefs of staff, I don’t think I’ve discovered any as partisan as the incumbent, Rahm Emanuel.  More than any of his predecessors, he has an ideological axe to grind.

He cut his teeth in Chicago politics, his first job in national politics was national campaign director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 1988.  Seventeen years later, he would take over that operation which, by definition, is highly partisan.  That job seemed particularly suited to the Chicago Democrat.  Throughout his career, he has shown a ruthless partisan streak, dedicated to electing Democrats and defeating Republicans.

Indeed, he seems to have long harbored a particular animus against his partisan adversaries.

This seems hardly the individual to administer the executive office of the President of the United States, a man elected, albeit by partisan means, to serve the entire United States.

Given that this particular president who had, before taking office, almost no experience as an administrator, it would seem he would want a gifted experience as his chief of staff, someone who could balance the president’s preference for rhetoric with a competence at administration.

Where he needs a dispassionate administrator, the president has instead appointed a partisan gunslinger.  Take a gander at Emanuel’s defense of Obama’s tack of blaming his predecessor:

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, denied that the president has changed his tone toward the previous administration. He said Obama is “not trying to place blame, but he is trying to say clearly: Here’s what we’ve got and here’s our way out of it. He’s offered a positive alternative to their criticism.”

“The truth is that 98 percent of his speeches are about the future, and 2 percent are about inheritance,” Emanuel said. “Whereas I think for Republicans it’s 2 percent about the future, and 98 percent hope that the people have amnesia.”

He just had to offer that dig in against Republicans.

Shouldn’t a White House chief of staff be above politics?

It is revealing that the president would tap such a partisan for the most important administrative job in the White House.  Not a man who whose political experience fits with the new type of politician Mr. Obama claimed to be in the campaign.


Why Do Liberals Hate Ann Althouse?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:30 am - March 22, 2009.
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Of the bloggers (and blogresses) I try to read on a regular basis, Ann Althouse is probably the one with whom I disagree the most on matters political.  She voted for Obama, leans left on a number of issues, regularly criticizes conservatives; she repeatedly ridiculed John McCain.  And yet it’s those on the left who are most eager to vilify her, the latest being blogger Ezra Klein.

On Saturday, I wanted to make sure to check her blog largely because she’s visiting my home town and posting pictures from the city Winston Churchill dubbed “the most beautiful city inland in the Union.”  She offered a photo of my favorite flavor of ice cream from the best ice cream place on the planet.  As well as images of the most delicious chili concoctions ever created by the mind of man.

She posed for a picture at the very statue where my grandmother gave me my very fist lesson on mythology in my favorite urban park in the nation.

Amidst all these happy images, she also alluded to her run-in with Ezra Klein, a blogger quite unhappy that this blogress diva doesn’t censor her comments and lets some pretty hateful ones stand.  As she explains:

Well, Ezra, I do not delete comments based on viewpoint. I believe in the marketplace of ideas, and to the extent that there are some anti-Semitic comments here, there are many more comments that strike back. Is it not better to have scurrilous ideas out in the sunlight where they can die?

Now you know what we call her a diva.  She doesn’t mince words and is unafraid of criticism and nut jobs.  (Memo to self: remember Ann’s words next time you find a hateful comment in the spam filter; expose it to sunlight so it can more readily be killed.)