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Fred Astaire: This “Old Man” Can Dance

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:38 pm - April 12, 2009.
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Perhaps it’s because I first saw Fred Astaire in The Towering Inferno (when he was 75), the legendary screen hoofer always strikes me as an old man even when playing a young man, even in his celebrated 1930s musical comedies when he was not yet 40.

And perhaps that perception makes his dancing seem all the more remarkable.  How could an old man move the way he does!?!?  How could anyone for that matter have such a range of motion.  Last night, I watched Easter Parade for the first time.  And while I had seen clips of a good number of the scenes over the years, I had never previously seen the flick in its entirety.

While dated and with a predictable plot, the flick is a delight to watch, if primarily for Astaire’s dance numbers.  Judy Garland merely supports him as his persona and performance dominate as soon as he starts singing a song and/or moving his feet.

It’s interesting how our initial impressions of people often color the way we see them.  I’ll never be able to appreciate Fred Astaire quite as someone who first saw him on the silver screen in the 1930s when he and Ginger Rogers helped define the Hollywood musical comedy.  But, even if I do see him as an old man who can dance, I’ll forever delight in his performances and marvel at his moves.

Captain Freed; First Military Success for President Obama

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 3:46 pm - April 12, 2009.
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After “a swift firefight that killed three of the four Somali pirates who had been holding” Captain Richard Phillips “for days in a lifeboat off the coast of Africa,” the U.S. Navy freed that kidnapped man and captured the surviving kidnapper.

Kudos to the heroes of our armed forces.

Since President Obama signed off on this mission, I congratulate him on acting decisively to release the captain without agreeing to any of the pirates’ demands.  Kudos, Mr. President, you got this one right.

Blogger Tigerhawk (via Glenn) has two questions: “What will we do with the prisoner? Do we believe that this action is sufficient to restore deterrence against piracy?

While we need do much more to keep the sea lanes open and free from such threats, we should be celebrating today.  Credit is due to our armed forces and the President.  He ordered the rescue plan; they executed it.  It’s a good day for America.

Let’s hope the President’s success today spurs him to act so aggressively when similar threats arise and to prevent them from happening.

UPDATE:  Abe Greenwald:  “The U.S. did not dither with negotiations or treat this as a criminal matter. It acted unilaterally and with force to free a brave man.

UP-UPDATE:  Drawing on his knowledge of ancient history, Victor Davis Hanson alerts us to what we must do next.  “To end Somali piracy, disproportionate measures against the shore should be taken—for every one pirate assault, a lethal air assault should immediately follow“:

Pompey’s victories over the Cilician pirates, the Venetian clean-up of the Mediterranean sea-lanes, and the British success in stopping Caribarrean piracy were all predicated on going ashore, destroying the docks, headquarters, and homes of the pirates.

UP-UP-UPDATE:  Looksl like the Captain is himself a hero of his own rescue.  “Reports say Captain Phillips jumped overboard again, and the US Navy moved in — killing three of the pirates and taking one into custody.

Media Sent Teams to Wasilla to Investigate Palin
Can’t Afford Intern to Google Obama’s Relatives

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:07 pm - April 12, 2009.
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Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

When the mother of the ex-fiancé of the daughter of the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate has a drug problem, it makes the front page of Yahoo!, yet when the half brother of the Democratic President of the United States is denied entry into the United Kingdom because he has been accused of sexual assault, the American media ignores it.

Wonder why they’re only interested in stories of gossip and gaffes involving Republicans.  Guess it’s just not a story when Democrats (or their family members) do thes same sort of things which generate headlines for the GOP.

Ah, recall the good ol’ days when the dispatched whole teams to Wasilla, Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin and they can’t even spare an intern to do google searches on Democrats.

Wonder why that is.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Kcom, one of our readers offers an explanation:

The facts also support an alternative take, i.e. that the media is surprised and considers it newsworthy when a Republican does something like that but take it as a given that Democrats are corrupt, drug-using, sexual predators who routinely commit felonies.

And why report a story as unremarkable as that.

The Effects of Barney Frankonomics

Some of the top talent in the banking industry is jumping ship from financial institutions taking bailout money to those that did not:

Top bankers have been leaving Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and others in rising numbers to join banks that do not face tighter regulation, including foreign banks, or start-up companies eager to build themselves into tomorrow’s financial powerhouses.

. . . .

Now that their rivals must accept compensation limits and other restrictions that come with the use of taxpayer support, the foreign banks are finding more eager takers.

Our ailing financial industry is sure to recover more quickly with some of its best and brightest leaving for more lucrative opportunities.

Ol’ Barney Frank favors salary caps for executives in the financial industry–and not just those taking bailoit money.

In Campaign, Obama Promised “Net Spending Cut”

Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

When shortly after taking office, President Obama was challenged by a “Republican senator over the contents” of his “stimulus” package, he replied tersely, “I won.” It was as if he saw his election not as a mandate to act on his campaign promises, but to do whatever he wanted.

It seems that some defenders of the president seem to think he won a mandate to increase domestic spending at an exorbitant pace. So much so that one of our readers contended that the tea party movement “was voted down in earnest last November.

Was it?

Did Obama campaign on doubling, trebling even the federal budget deficit? No, he campaigned against the then-incumbent president’s profligacy.  As he said in the third debate:

But there is no doubt that we’ve been living beyond our means and we’re going to have to make some adjustments.

Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.

Emphasis added.  And although Obama faulted W’s profligacy, his own spending proposals are of “a whole different magnitude” than the budgets of his predecessor.

So, no, the American people didn’t “vote down” lower spending last fall.  When many independent voters, wary of high-spending Democrats, heard the then-candidate’s words, they took them to heart and were reassured he would not be like his then-congressional colleagues.

They didn’t vote against spending cuts in choosing Obama.  They voted for them because Obama promised to cut spending.  And not just in that debate.  Note, that he says he had proposed such a cut throughout his campaign.

He can’t say he won a mandate to increase spending as he has proposed in his budget because he didn’t campaign for such increases.

GayPatriot Reader Reports from Pasadena Tea Party

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:03 am - April 12, 2009.
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I didn’t make the Pasadena Tea Party today, but one of our readers did and she sends pictures, so I post ’em here. She said about 200 showed up to protest higher taxes and bigger government.

It’s not just Obama we Californians are mad at. With our Governor, having won election running against his predecessor’s proposed tax hikes, now having increased income, sales, car and gas taxes, protesters are criticizing him as well.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Another reader was also in Pasadena, but she “estimated the crowd at more like 500.” With 500 there and 500 in Yakima, Washington, looks like there could be well over a quarter-million people at these protests, far more than the 214,000 people who signed petitions supporting the president’s budget.