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Anti-Tea Party Hysteria:
Opposition to Big Government Doesn’t Meet Netroots Standard for Acceptable Political Grievances

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:46 pm - April 14, 2009.
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The temper tantrum that all too many on left-wing blogs and even in some precincts of the MSM have been throwing in recent days as the “Tea Party movement gains greater steam has become yet another defining moment for the “netroots” and their media allies.

They can’t seem to fathom that there could be such a thing as a grassroots movement that is not only not of their making, but opposed to their ideology.  So, it must be “astroturf” (i.e., fake grassroots), in the words of one New York Times columnist.

Can you imagine how they would react if all conservative blogs repeated in unison that same mantra about the anti-Iraq War rallies, that they were not legitimate, merely made-to-order rallies orchestrated from the top down, that these people really didn’t oppose the war, they were merely goose-stepping to the instructions of the left-wing masters?

Maybe the netroots are just upset because conservatives (& libertarians) are finally using the Internet (& other new technologies) to promote our ideas.

I think it’s that –and more.  It goes to something I’ve been noticing since I defended the Gipper as an undergraduate that all too many (but fortunately not all) on the left refuse to grant any legitimacy to conservative ideas.  As Allahpundit put it,  “Nothing the right does is legitimate in liberal eyes, so there must be a disqualifying factor hidden somewhere here.

Check out this left-winger on the growing grassroots phenomenon:

This gets to the basic issue with the whole Tea Party movement.  It’s a group of f***nuts joining other groups of marginally related f***nuts to protest something or other, in a hugely f***nutty way.  The point of the Tea Party movement, besides the largest thrusting of testicles to America’s collective face since the Soviets launched Sputnik, is to protest.

Wow, sounds like someone had a bad day!  (Interesting side note: Andrew Sullivan linked that unhappy left-winger when he derided Ann Althouse’s pending nuptials.)

What makes these people so unhappy?  Why do they resort to a string of expletives to describe a grassroots movement?

Look, it’s too soon to tell whether or not we represent a majority of the American people (I happen to think we do).  There have been numerous grassroots movements throughout U.S. History which did not find success at the ballot box.  But, just because William Jennings Bryan lost three bids for the White House doesn’t mean he didn’t tap into the concerns of a certain segment of the population.

Can’t they at least acknowledge the legitimacy of our grievances?

Instead, we’re seeing is yet another example of the left’s intolerance for conservative ideas and their insensitivity to political grievances which do not fit their idea of what a political grievance should be.


Federal Court Rules Democrat Murtha Is Above The Law

Once again, the Washington power elites are above the law and stick together.  Jack Murtha faces no accountability for his actions — because he is in Congress. (h/t – Instapundit)

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Rep. John Murtha cannot be sued for accusing U.S. Marines of murdering Iraqi civilians “in cold blood,” remarks that sparked outrage among conservative commentators.

The appeals court in Washington dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought by a Marine who led the squad in the attack. The judges agreed with Murtha that he was immune from the lawsuit because he was acting in his official role as a lawmaker when he made the comments to reporters.

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich of Meriden, Conn., claimed Murtha damaged his reputation by saying the squad he was leading engaged in “cold-blooded murder and war crimes” in Haditha, Iraq, on Nov. 19, 2005.

At a Capitol Hill news conference in May 2006, Murtha predicted that a Pentagon war crimes investigation would show the Marines killed dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians in Haditha.


Wuterich’s attorney Mark S. Zaid said that despite the appeals court ruling, Murtha should apologize for his statements.

“It is disappointing that the court has placed members of Congress on a special pedestal and granted them carte blanche immunity to defame anyone they choose as part of their official responsibilities without even allowing a victim to expose the actual facts that are known only to the perpetrator,” Zaid said.

And the courageous Americans who volunteered to defend this nation and its principles are on the butt end of this court’s ruling.

Of course, the “racists” in Johnstown, PA (Murtha’s words, not mine) re-elected him.  So they deserve their traitorous Congressman.  But the rest of us don’t.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Sitting in my Tax Guy’s Office

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:49 pm - April 14, 2009.
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Well, I’m delighted to learn that the guy who’s been doing my taxes for the past nine years is a Republican.  And thanks to my wireless card, I could live-blog my experience here.

Suffice it to say, he’s doing all the work. It helped that during the year, I made sure to put any document which might be relevant to my taxes into a folder I keep on my desk. Sorted through that last night and have just been handing documents to my guy as he requests them.

I’ve been wondering if maybe we should change the name of April 15th to “Federal Extortion Day” (FED).

Now, to “extort” means “to obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power.”  While the IRS’s power is not illegal, it does sometimes seem undue.

So, here’s a song for the day (to the tune of “Christmas Tree:”


  • Extortion Day
  • Extortion Day
  • Oh hate I the feds today
  • They spend and spend
  • They take my money away
  • They waste our income
  • They waste it every day
  • Extortion Day
  • Extortion Day
  • Oh how I hate the Feds today

Wall St. Journal Highlights GOProud’s Formation

Big kudos to Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia for this outstanding coverage of the formation of our new gay conservative organization, GOProud.

William McGurn writes in his WSJ column today:

Some of these issues are explored at, whose founder, Bruce Carroll, is also on the board of GOProud. From the disastrous economic policies of Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Barney Frank to the outing of gay Republicans to the importance of male sexual monogamy, this conservative site offers a perspective you just won’t see anywhere else. Even on hot-button social issues, it can make for some strange bedfellows.

Take abortion. Christopher Barron, GOProud’s chairman of the board, points to an example from a few years back, when a Maine state legislator introduced a bill that would have outlawed abortion for a child thought to be gay, in the event genetic testing ever reached that point. That politician, Mr. Barron says, received virtually no support from gay groups. Though he himself is pro-choice, he says, “I want pro-life gays to know they have a home here.”

Whatever else it is, these are not your father’s gay Republicans. To the contrary, GOProud springs from a growing dissatisfaction among some gay Republicans that the Log Cabin Republicans, the traditional gay advocacy group within the party, has drifted to the point where its positions are indistinguishable from those of the left. It didn’t help when the Washington Blade chimed in with a report that Log Cabin’s biggest contributor, Tim Gill, is a Democrat.

Messrs. LaSalvia and Barron are themselves former officers for the Log Cabin Republicans. They know they belong to a defeated party that has no clear leaders but is now making decisions that will determine that party’s future in the years to come. They say they have formed GOProud in part to participate in that conversation — as conservatives who want to contribute to the team.

The ironies are legion. Since the loss of Congress and Mr. McCain’s defeat in November, any number of people have come forward to suggest that if the party ever wants to win again, it has to abandon its conservative principles. What does it say about the Beltway’s established ideological boxes that it is the gay wing of the Republican Party which is now advocating for a return to the party’s Reaganite roots?

We are now the “gay wing” of the Republican Party.  Awesome.  Thanks for the recognition of our new group, Mr. McGurn.

I hear a lot of gay liberals heads exploding today.  Andrew Sullivan’s brain matter is probably on the floor, too.

*pop*  *pop*  *pop*

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

A Vision of the Future

A friend emails me from his Blackberry:

Been in line for 30 minutes behind 10 people w only 1 lazy teller. Realize that this is how obama wants the whole nation to operate.

Well, that’s what happens when the government takes over.  Guess this friend’s got added impetus to join us tomorrow on Santa Monica pier.

LA Tea Party for Freedom; Weds. 04/15 from 3-7 PM

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:41 am - April 14, 2009.
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Just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow’s the day when Americans across the country will, in the tradition of our patriotic forebears, will be rallying against excessive government spending and for greater freedom.

With over 550 rallies scheduled, you’re sure to find one in a city near you, click here to find the closest place to rally.

A number of GayPatriot readers will be joining us on the Santa Monica Pier on Wednesday from 3-7 PM.  I just received word that my liberal leaning-lesbian friend who started last year’s campaign backing Dennis Kucinich, but ended up voting for McCain-Palin will be joining us.

I’ve even received word that Code Pink will be holding a counter-protest.

After we’ve taken a stand against big government, we’ll retreat to a local watering hole to celebrate a new birth of freedom in America.

Time to Remake 49th Parallel

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:18 am - April 14, 2009.
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When a reader (who has become a friend) praised 49th Parallel, a World War II propaganda film he had seen on cable, I added it to my Netflix queue.  Now that I’ve watched it, I agree with my friend’s assessment.  Not only does it hold up quite well, but it begs to be remade.

This film tells the story of six members of a German U-Boat crew stranded in northern Canada after the Canadian Air Force has destroyed their submarine.  As they try to make their way to the still neutral United States, they face resistance from a great variety of Canadians, even from a German religious community where they thought they might find welcome.

The filmmakers don’t soft pedal their portrayal of the Nazis, showing them to be the inhuman barbarians that they were, particularly the leader of the band, Eric Portman‘s Lieutenant Hirth.  The screenwriters didn’t mince words either.  Upon learning that the guests he was entertaining were Nazis, Leslie Howard‘s Philip Armstrong Scott, an effete writer trying to escape the war by studying Indians in the Canadian wilderness, quips,  “I’m entertaining gangsters.

Later, he adds, “So, that’s who are you are, Nazis, well that explains everything, your arrogance, your stupidity, your bad manners.”  And after he stares down a Nazi who has stolen his gun, suffering only one bullet wound before his fellow Canadians capture his rival, Howard wonders, “One armed superman against one unarmed decadent democrat; I wonder how Dr. Goebbels will explain that.”

It’s high time we remake this film, but not about Nazis trying to cross Canada, but with Al Qaeda trying to make it across the US.  We’ll have our band of terrorists slip across the Mexican border into the Southwest, end up in Los Angeles where they try to fly to New York to meet up with a cell there for an attack on the Big Apple.

But, an attentive TSA agent prevents them for boarding the plane, so they have to make their way by land across the country.   (more…)

The Truth in Joe Biden’s Latest Fabrications

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:01 am - April 14, 2009.
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I can’t remember where it was, nor the exact key words to use in a search, but I recall once reading about the “truth in a lie.”  That the words (of a lie) may not be true, but they reveal a truth about the person speaking them and/or the situation he is facing.

Someone in Hollywood who lies about her age understands a truth about the town’s main industry that people here prize youth over experience.  Someone who lies about working out (saying he does when he doesn’t) reveals an insecurity about his mostly sedentary status.  Or, as in the case, of one guy with whom I was fixed up, an intention to work out (or so he claimed).

With that in mind, we could have a field day investigating the Vice President’s fabrications. As you may recall (something the MSM ignored), Bush Administration officials denied claims by Joe Biden that, in private meetings earlier this decade with the then-President Bush, the then-Delaware Senator castigated the Republican.

The truth in his lies?

Well, we can see the Vice President’s sense of self-importance, making himself out to be a bold man who speaks truth to power.  

And we all see a truth about our media-political culture; Biden thought he could score points by bashing Bush.  You can still ingratiate yourself to some in political polite society by attacking the former President.

And of course, we have one more example of officials of this Administration trashing the previous one, particularly the man who led it.  I’m still waiting for our critics to provide examples of either then-President Bush or then-Vice President Cheney personally trashing the Clintons (or the Gores) in their first three months in office.

So, Biden’s lies are really revealing, about himself, the prevailing culture in Washington and his Administration.