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Tea Parties:
Channeling Frustration with Ever Bigger Government Into Action

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:46 pm - April 15, 2009.
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One of the standard responses to (and certainly the most legitimate criticism of) the “Tea Party” movement is to question why we didn’t so protest the spending increases of the Bush Administration.

To be sure, while we and many other right-of-center blogs took Republicans to task for his profligacy, we never took to the streets to do so.  Perhaps, as I suggested in a recent post we might have gotten more attention from our elected officials if we had.

In quite possibly the best rant addressing both the legitimacy of the current protest and conservative frustration with out-of-touch Republicans, Patterico wonders about the road ahead:

But it needs to be channeled into action, or it won’t do us any good at all.

The problem is, what action? Bigger donations to the same clowns who let the deficit balloon during the Bush administration? Who were too gutless to fight lawless filibusters of qualified judicial nominees? Who allowed Barack Obama to cruise to victory by hanging the mortgage crisis around the neck of George Bush — without a fight? A crisis that was a product of neglect by both parties, quite notably corrupticrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd?

No. We’re not falling back in line with these morons.

But we have to do something.

Exactly.  We have to do something.

Our next task is not to convince the left-wing naysayers of our sincerity.  In their reflexive resentment of any political movement at odds with their ideology, they’ll criticize us no matter how many people show up today to protest.  (And the initial indications are large crowds across the nation.)  Our task is to get elected officials on board, committed to cutting excessive government spending and holding the line on taxes.

Success today is only the first step.

Roger Puts the Tea Party Phenomenon into a Nutshell

Roger sums up the tea party movement and addresses its adversaries:

Of course, what’s interesting about the Tea Party movement, whatever its success, is that it is pretty much about what it says it is – lower taxes and less government spending. A lot of people, Republican and Democrat, are concerned about our escalating debt and what this might mean for future generations. This is clearly a serious subject for serious discussion from whatever side of the issue you fall out on, but… no matter… the moment something gains momentum out comes the derangement crowd. In a certain way, it’s a sign of success.


Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:52 pm - April 15, 2009.
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For all of you attending, or following the National Tea Party gatherings, feel free to comment here.  If you post links to photos, or other blogs, PLEASE use  Thank you!

There are live postings, with photos, at Twitter right now.

UPDATE: PatriotPartner is sending pics “live” from the Charlotte, NC Tea Party:

UPDATE:  Photo from Madison, WI Tea Party:

UPDATE: 3000 at Cincinnati, Ohio Tea Party! (via RighteousRantings)

UPDATE: ColoCelt has photos from Denver, CO protest.  So loud the House Speaker shut the windows!


-Bruce (GayPatriot, a DHS-certified rightwing extremist)

The New American Tea Party Day Arrives

Lots of action across the USA today as law-abiding, frustrated Americans take to the streets to protest the mounting debt on our backs by the Obama Administration and US Congress.

Here are some more details on the San Francisco Tea Party today:

Civic Center (Plaza) Park. Corner of McAllister and Polk.
From there, we walk to 450 Golden Gate (one block) to Pelosi’s office.
11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
Come for the entire time or part of it; we will be in either of the two locations.


–cheer and chant a lot!
–sign the Grievance Scroll (a draft of which is attached)
–register so that I have your name and email for next time (there will be a next time)


1—pin a teabag to your lapel, jacket.
2—bring extra tea to give to Princess Pelosi, more symbolic than anything at this point as she will be at the Mark Hopkins for her book signing.
3—signs—keep them appropriate.  Stay on message (bailouts, stimulus, budget, taxes, pork, earmarks).  Please refrain from signs that will take us off message and give fuel to the left wing press and left wingers who might show up.
4—cameras and videos cameras: for posterity and security.
5—period outfits, FLAGS!  We will say the Pledge to start this off and we’ll need flags for that as well as patriotism in general.

6—if you have a boombox and have extra hands for it, download some music (appropriate please) and bring it along.  I’m trying to work something out w/ this.  It’s not the end of the world if we don’t have music…it just might be nice on the march to Princess P’s.
7—a great attitude, your principles and a sense of humor as well as purpose.
8—patience.  If the HuffPo or other leftwing brigades bother to appear, DO NOT LET THEM GOAD YOU….that is their sole purpose.  I say: IGNORE THEM!

And here are some good stats to keep in mind and perhaps spur you on to attend a Tea Party today (via Newt Gingrich):

•    If you’re a 50-year old-with a college degree, you will pay approximately $81,000 over your working life just to pay the interest on the debt in the Obama budget.
•    If you’re a 40-year-old, you’ll pay $132,000.
•    And if you’re a 20-year-old, just starting out after college, you will pay a whopping $114,000 just to service the interest on the debt created by the Obama budget.

And here is a map of the breadth of the Tea Party protests across the USA.  Very impressive.

Feel free to email me photos and accounts of your Tea Party activities.  I will try my best to get them up, though I will be on work travel later today.

I also hope to be able to stop by the Charlotte Tea Party on my way to the airport today.

“Don’t Tread On Me!”

-Bruce (GayPatriot, proud member of the Obama “Extremist” Enemies List)

Show Respect for Tea Party Counterprotesters

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:43 am - April 15, 2009.
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With word that CodePink will be crashing the Tea Party I’ll be attending today at the Santa Monica Pier from 3 – 7 PM local time, let us remember to be civil with our adversaries.

They’re looking to bait us so they can capture our outrageous outbursts on camera.  Don’t give them that pleasure.  Instead give them your respect.

Let them shout, let them taunt, let them cry, but just don’t allow them to drown you out or intimidate you.  And if they get really, really, really angry, diffuse their bile with a kind word or an offer of a refreshment.  Or just ignore them.

Don’t them distract us from getting out our message that we share the sentiments Barack Obama expressed in his successful bid for the White House.  We don’t want to see federal spending increased by leaps and bounds.  Instead, we want something he proposed “throughout” his campaign:  we want “a net spending cut.

And let us make this message clear in our slogans and in our signs.  Criticize the president and other advocates of big government for their policies; don’t attack them for their personalities.  Criticize our adversaries, don’t insult them.

Be wary of anyone who approaches you with a petition to sign or who seeks your address.  Read that petition first.

Above all, be polite, be friendly, be upbeat.  We’re not doing this because we hate anybody, but because we love this great nation and her founding ideals.  We want to remind our elected officials of the principles of our founding, how they still guide us, how by returning to smaller government, we will achieve greater freedom and greater prosperity.  We will all benefit by these reforms, including, indeed especially, those now faring the worst in the current economic downturn.

Higher taxes and bigger government will only prolong that downturn and delay the recovery.

So, as we protest against bigger government and the coming increases in our tax rates, let us always remember what we are fighting for.  And with kind words and a good heart, let us affirm those principles even to those who would publicly contest our ideas and question our integrity.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Derek Moore offers additional advice–and it’s worth your attention:

And if anyone that says they are with the “Press” or a news service, Ask for credentials up front, who their supervisor is and then tell them you will get back to them if they leave a phone number. Unless you know who they are and they are a recognized journalist. Gonna be a few Fake News crews out there.

Yes, Virginia, it is fun to shoot fish in barrels

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:18 am - April 15, 2009.
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Okay, okay, okay.  I admit this is too easy, but, well, gosh darn it, it is fun.

You see, in response to my post expressing amazement that a “Journalism” school would honor Katie Couric, citing her interview with Sarah Palin as the specific reason for its award, a reader contended that for “some strange reason Couric’s ratings have been going up.”

Just, saw the numbers and, well, Katie’s ratings continue to decline.  Now only does the CBS Evening News have the lowest ratings of the “Big Three” broadcast networks, but it suffered the steepest decline of the three in total audience since January, losing a full 24% of its viewers.

Do wish some of our critics would check their facts before chiming in.

But, then if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to see what it’s like to shoot fish in barrels.

It’s kinda fun.

Vermont Recognizes Gay Marriage & Religious Freedom

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:54 am - April 15, 2009.
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I’d been kicking around an idea for a gay marriage proposal that I’d send out to voices on both sides of the gay marriage debate to see how they would react.  The proposal would be three-pronged:

  1. A given state would recognize gay marriage provided the partners agree to the same terms and conditions associated with traditional marriage (e.g., monogamy, joint property ownership, inheritance & etc).
  2. Said state would make clear that various religious denominations would remain free to define marriage according to the strictures and customs of their faith.
  3. Said state would eliminate “no-fault” divorce and make it more difficult to dissolve marriages.

This would challenge those opposed to gay marriage to consider state recognition of same-sex marriage as part of a strengthening of the institution in the eyes of the law.  It would see whether gay marriage advocates recognized marriage as a social institution (as opposed to a political “right”.)

Given this idea that had been kicking around in my head, I found another thing to celebrate in the Vermont law recognizing same-sex marriage.  That legislation meets the second prong of my proposal through, in the world of gay marriage opponent Maggie Gallagher, “imperfect, yet substantive, religious-liberty protections.”  There really is a benefit to going through the legislature.

My friend David Benkof, no fan of gay marriage her, calls this provision “a hidden victory for religious freedom“:

The Green Mountain State’s new law says in its “Public Accommodations” section that religious groups “shall not be required to provide services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges to an individual if the request  . . . is related to the solemnization of a marriage or celebration of a marriage.” It also bars civil lawsuits against religious groups that refuse to provide goods or services to same-sex weddings.

In other words, private religious groups are free not to recognize same-sex marriage and free not to offer goods or services to same-sex couples getting married.


Anderson Cooper’s Limited Point of View on DHS “Hit Job”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:24 am - April 15, 2009.
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On Anderson Cooper’s CNN blog, we read “Anderson Cooper goes beyond the headlines to tell stories from many points of view, so you can make up your own mind about the news.” They forgot the caveat: “except when they want to slam conservatives.”

While doing my cardio today at the gym (the only time I ever watch CNN), Cooper was reporting with a straight face on the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report, Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.

After reviewing that document, Ed Morrissey asks us to engage in a little thought experiment:

Imagine, if you will, what the Left would say if we took this entire document and replaced all references to “military veterans” with “Muslims”, and all references to “abortion” with “universal health care”, and then predated this DHS report to 2008, during the Bush administration.  They’d be screaming about being smeared as traitors for their political beliefs, and they’d be right to do so.  That’s exactly what the Obama administration and Janet Napolitano has done here.

Rand Simberg has done just that and second Ed’s assessment.

Yet, it didn’t even occur to Mr. Cooper to go beyond the headlines and wonder about a left-of-center Administration releasing a supposedly damning report about those on the opposite side of the political aisle.

Yeah, I realize there are some right-wing kooks of whom we need to be wary.  But, there are likely just as many such folks on the left.  If DHS released a report that focused on left-wing extremist groups, do you think Cooper would feature it on his show?

But, apparently this report goes beyond those radical right-wing extremists who would use violence to further their political goals or wreak vengeance on their adversaries:

Readers insist the report is focused solely on violent groups, and they’re probably right that this is the authors’ intent. But that isn’t how it reads necessarily. Indeed, it goes out of its way to note that many of these groups haven’t done anything violent. The concern is that because they are right-wing they might be violent as if there is causation between being right-wing and being violent.

And it’s simply amazing, but not surprising that Anderson Cooper, a man who boasts a commitment to going behind the headlines wouldn’t bring anyone on to look behind its overheated language.