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Obama’s America-Bashing World Tour Count Stands at Six Nations

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 8:57 pm - April 18, 2009.
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Well, he didn’t take long to prove me right. Today in his opening remarks to the Summit of the Americas, President Obama was quick to point out that we as a nation have been “disengaged” and obstinate.

This makes the total six countries to which he’s traveled to bad-mouth or otherwise denigrate the country of which his wife only recently became proud for the first time in her adult life. You’d think at least for her sake he’d go a little easy on the US. Perhaps he’s just trying to bring her back down to earth?

For those keeping track, the six, in chronological order are:

Great Britain
Saudi Arabia
Trinidad and Tobago

(It’s seven if you include the US.) That’s a lot for only 89 days.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot) from Undisclosed Alternate HQ

Philadelphia Tea Party Report–Homo 4 Freedom

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:40 pm - April 18, 2009.
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It’s not just lesbians who are being open about their sexuality at Tea Parties. A reader sends this picture from Philadelphia where he protested excessive government spending at the Tea Party there.

We’re out, we’re proud and we’re agitating against spendthrift budgets and for freedom!

The Decline and Fall of the Log Cabin Republicans

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:27 pm - April 18, 2009.
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Back in October 2007, when I met then-Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon in Washington, D.C., I became convinced that the organization had started to reverse its decline.  As I offered my criticisms, Patrick listened, took notes, responded to my points and showed respect for my arguments.  His manner stood in stark contrast to the reaction club presidents received in the late 1990s and this blog received in the middle of the current decade when we took issue with his predecessors.

I’ve always believed that one way to determine the strength of an organization is to see how its leaders react to sincere criticism honestly expressed.

It now appears I was wrong about the organization rebounding under Patrick’s leadership.  I don’t think he’s to blame for its continuing decline.  It was beyond his power–or perhaps anyone’s–to arrest the forces long since in motion which have been driving Log Cabin down.

When I was a Log Cabin club president, I kept hearing from gay Republicans who wanted a gay group to challenge the liberal agenda and anti-Republican rhetoric of the national gay organizations.  The national office rarely did that, if at all.  Indeed, while eager to take on his fellow Republicans, Sammon’s predecessor Patrick Guerriero

. . . dedicated himself to stopping “the infighting with other LGBT groups.”  So concerned he is with this goal that he “instituted a new policy inside Log Cabin: If you speak ill of another LGBT group, that is grounds for dismissal.”

In short, the organization did its best to avoid distinguishing itself from the national gay groups, particularly HRC, which even some liberal bloggers have noted, has become little more than a gay front for the Democratic National Committee.

That failure to offer a different approach to gay issues cost it the support of numerous gay and lesbian Republicans who would otherwise readily support a gay conservative or Republican organization.  That failure become magnified when we learned that the group got substantial funding from a leading left-wing philanthropist.  Its credibility was shot.

There are other reasons for the decline.  Until Sammon took over, the national leadership had developed quite a flair for antagonizing activists and contributors who dared voice their opposition to this or that policy of the national office or posed a threat (in the eyes of the national office) to the standing of the-then Executive Director or President.


“Sandbagging” the Tea Parties

Welcome Powerline Readers!!

One of the themes I have been addressing with great regularity almost since the moment I started blogging is how all too many on the left seek to insult and otherwise strive to discredit conservatives rather than engage them on the level of ideas.  Indeed, this is something I have witnessed since my undergraduate days when I regularly defended the Gipper.

I always found it such a delight (perhaps because it seemed all too infrequent) when someone on the left would recognize the sincerity of my support for that good man–even when they disagreed with my ideas or his policies.

Well, it would be nice if we could see more people the left –and in the mainstream media–who would show similar respect for the sincerity of this past week’s “Tea Party” protesters.  With as many as a half-million people protesting against bigger government (over one million if you count the way Democrats do), this represents a pretty significant movement, especially given that most rallies were held in the afternoon on a weekday when many who would otherwise attend them had to work (at least four of my readers contacted me personally to say they wished they could attend, but they couldn’t get off work).

Instead of acknowledging the significance of this growing grassroots phenomenon, all too many on the left, including at least one who calls himself conservative, prefer to mock the protests with sexual references rather than consider the sincerity of the protests.  I mean, c’mon, doesn’t it even occur to them as they wonder why we weren’t doing this during the Bush era that one reason the Republicans lost –and the Democrats won–last fall was because people rejected their spendthrift ways.  They were hoping for change.  And yet the change we got was more of the same, only on steroids.

No wonder people are upset.

What drove many Republican, Republican-leaning independents and libertarians to vote for Obama last fall, and what kept many fiscal conservatives home on election day is the exact same thing which spurred hundreds of thousands of people across the nation to take to the streets last Wednesday–concern about an ever-expanding federal government

Over at Powerline, Scott Johnson details (with a great variety of links) how “journalists” at MSNBC and CNN as well as an agitated blogger “used the rallies as an occasion for childish sexual innuendoes“:


Gay Conservatives Slam Obama
For Ignoring Islamic Terror Against Gays

Where other gay groups in America dare to tread, GOProud barrels ahead at full steam.

In the wake of a series of murders of gay Iraqis in the stronghold of radical cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr, Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, a registered 527 for gay conservatives and their allies, issued the following statement.

Instead of unilaterally surrendering the global war on terror, now is the time for the Obama administration to recommit to fighting global extremism. It is intolerable for the U.S. government to turn a blind eye to the type of human rights abuses occurring at the hands of Islamic extremists in Iraq and indeed throughout the Middle East. If the United States is to maintain its position of moral leadership in the world, then this administration must make it clear that basic human rights for all should be respected.

It is shameful that so many on the left have made excuses for the human rights abuses carried out by tyrannical extremist regimes from Cuba to Venezuela to Iran. It is time for the blame America first crowd to recognize the real threats to peace and freedom that exist across the globe.”

Where is the Human Rights Campaign on Islamic extremists & gays?  And the NGLTF?  Or even Log Cabin (Republicans) ?  We all know the answer:  *crickets chirping*

Here at GayPatriot and GOProud — we will not ignore the brutal gay purges being systematically carried out by Islamists around the globe.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama Bashes the US ‘Round the World…

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 1:21 am - April 18, 2009.
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Buried in heavy wet snow at HQ this evening (and almost trapped at SOUTHCOM today), I took some time and caught up with our Dear Leader and his backpacking trips throughout the world as of late.

Fresh off his stop south of the border where he blamed the drug mafia’s overrunning of a clearly impotent and/or corrupt Mexican government inexplicably on US gun laws, he followed on to the Carribian to attend the Summit of the Americas.

As an aside, by the way, the photo of him greeting yet another America-hater, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is an interesting juxtaposition, don’t you think, with that of our then-First Lady cum Senate candidate and now Secretary of State with her gal-pal?

And let’s not forget the words of Chavez from less than two years ago:

The United States empire is on its way down and it will be finished in the near future, inshallah.

No doubt we’ll hear the president soon saying that “these words do not reflect the Hugo Chavez I know.”

But anyway…

Reading Obama’s words in Mexico, I got to thinking: Those who spend time on social networking sites are familiar with the “Countries I’ve Visited”-type applications that allow jet-setters (and humble military deployers) to show off all the fantastic places they’ve been. I decided to start one for the Big O. Below is a map of the world showing all the places President Obama has visited and trashed the United States. While he didn’t explicitly trash the USA in Saudi Arabia, the way he, as the leader of our Nation, subjugated himself in public to the throne of that kingdom, I’m going to count it. I’ll be back tomorrow if I need to add Trinidad and Tobago (which, unfortunately desipte its name only counts as one).

Please feel free to correct me if I’ve missed any.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot) from HQ

A very helpful commenter reminds me of The One’s trip in February to Canada where he indeed did badmouth us. I’ve also had a couple requests to improve the quality of the map. Given that the Dear Leader is currently in Trinidad and Tobago, I know I’ll have to update it pretty soon anyway, so I’ll hold off for now on those improvements and just post a brand new one once he insults us all at the Summit. As for the concern about Germany, I don’t think I’ll count that as he was merely a Senator (do you remember when he was just a Senator?). It would be impossible to include his trips before being inagurated president since his destinations and words weren’t always in the public record back then.
Fear not, though. I’m sure he’ll be back to visit his constituency our friends in Europe soon enough. And when he does, he’ll be packing his disdain for us with him.