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No need for referendum as Maine recognizes gay marriage

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:00 pm - May 6, 2009.
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I apologize not having been able to blog on this news earlier, but the blog was down for the better part of the working day, plus I had a number of errands to run, including a dentist appointment (not as painful as past such appointments as I had remembered to floss more regularly in the past six months).

I am pleased that the appropriate branch of government in Maine handled this issue.  And once again, we see the advantage of going through the legislature; this bill specified “that religious institutions don’t have to recognize same-sex marriages.

Dale Carpenter warns us to “get ready for the ballot fight. Opponents will move to collect the 55,000 signatures necessary to suspend the legislation until a referendum can be held.

In this case, a referendum is a kind of silly idea.  The citizens of the Maine already have referenda on the ballot on this issue.  Indeed, such referenda have been scheduled for at least 189 years, since Maine was admitted to the union.  They’re called elections. People in the various legislative jurisdictions across the Pine Tree State can vote their representatives out of office if they don’t like the way they voted on this.

That’s the thing about going through the elected legislature.  The people can hold their elected representatives accountable.  So, my advice to those moving to collect those signatures, spare yourself the effort.  And target those who voted for gay marriage instead.  That’s how things work in a republican system of government.