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Gay Marriage Advocates to Target Maine Citizens Favoring “Citizens’ Veto” of State’s Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage?

Because the elected legislature of Maine passed and the elected Governor signed a bill recognizing same-sex marriages in the Pine Tree Street, I unequivocally oppose putting a “Citizens’ Veto” on the state’s ballot to overturn this new law.   If I lived in that scenic state, I would not sign the petition and would urge my fellow citizens to do the same.

I would tell those pushing such an initiative that they already have recourse at the ballot box.  They can vote against legislators who supported the legislation.

That said, the Maine Constitution does allow for such vetoes.  As it appears concerned Mainers are pursuing this path, their fellow citizens should show them the same respect they would show anyone pursuing our constitutionally guaranteed right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Some, however, don’t want to extend them that respect.  Reminding us of the behavior of gay marriage advocates who targeted those who financially supported California’s Proposition 8, our reader AndreasLights offers a warning which sounds more like a threat:

. . .  according to the Secretary of State in Maine, the names and home addresses of each person signing the veto petitions will be available for publication under the Freedom of Information Act.

Potential signers of the veto petition should be aware that this is not an anonymous process. Contributors to Proposition 8 in California were horrified to learn that their names and home addresses were made public.

In fairness, Maine voters should be aware of this in deciding whether or not to stand up publicly against marriage equality (sic) and must be willing to accept any ramifications as a result of their act of petition.

In a republic, people who petition the government for a redress of grievances should not expect “ramifications” similar to those experienced by financial backers of the “Yes on 8” campaign.  Such ramifications define how totalitarian and authoritarian regimes respond to opponents.

In nations ruled by such regimes, intimidation replaces debate as a means to resolve political differences.  Here, we should respond to such differences in a civil manner.

To be true to the American spirits, gay marriage supporters who wish to ensure that this “Citizens’ Veto” is itself vetoed should themselves be prepared to rationally make the case for gay marriage and to respectfully take issue with those who favor such a constitutionally-sanctioned veto.   (more…)

A Fool’s Hope for a Civil Discussion of Gay Marriage?

Thanks to Glenn, I just discovered another gay blogger who holds views on Carrie Prejean nearly identical to my own.  It seems that we gay folks who favor civil discourse on gay marriage are a minority among outspoken gays.  Most of our peers alas remain silent as vocal gay activists and celebrities slur gay marriage opponents instead of rationally responding to their opposition.

Australia’s Garth Godsman looks at how various gay people and their allies in the left-wing media have responded to Miss Prejean’s simple answer that “believes that marriage is between a man and a woman” and asks:

What happened to being able to firstly argue a case intelligently and rationally and then, secondly, be prepared to agree to disagree while respecting another person’s honestly held opinion?

He’s much less sparing in his criticism than I might be (closer in style to my co-blogger  🙂  ).  He too sees the hypocrisy of the left in their hysterical reaction to Miss Prejean while excusing her fellow gay marriage opponent who sits in the White House:

But, let’s face it, Prejean is a much smaller and easier target for the hatred of Hilton and others.

The organisers of the Miss California pageant fell over themselves to piously declare that “religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss California family.”

Does anyone imagine they’d have said the same if she’s espoused support for gay marriage because of her religious beliefs?

But as has been observed repeatedly about the left, tolerance for them is very much a one-way street.

Why haven’t more gay people join Garth, Japhy Grant and myself in standing up to those who would attack Miss Prejean personally instead of take issue with her rationally?   Instead the publicity she generated by stating her opinion simply and civilly to explain why states should recognize same-sex civil marriages, they’re using it to make themselves look mean.  And petty.  

They’d rather insult their adversaries than make their case.

But, I’ve said this before.  I look forward to the day when I no longer have to repeat this point.  But, that would mean that all too many on the left would have to change their very manner of relating to their ideological and philosophical adversaries.

A fool’s hope perhaps, but a hope nonetheless.

My Baby Sister Becomes a Mommy

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:00 pm - May 10, 2009.
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Today is the first Mother’s Day when both my sisters as well as all three of my sisters-in-law are Moms. And it’s weird when I think about each of them as mothers, not because they’re not suited to the role. Quite the contrary; they’re all quite good at it.

What makes it kind of weird is watching my nieces and nephews relate to them, as if these women I knew as girls and (brothers’) girlfriends have never been anything but mothers. I mean, it didn’t occur to me until I was well into my adolescence, maybe even when I was in college, that there was a time when my Mom was new at mothering, yet she was a pretty darn good mother.

To us, she was an expert Mom. That’s how we knew her. And that’s how my nieces and nephews know their Mommies. 

Back in February when I visited my new nephew and watched my baby sister take care of that child, her son, she seemed as natural at it as did our Mom. Maybe it was helping our sister with our nieces and nephews and watching our sisters-in-law take care of their kids. Or maybe it was something else.

Whatever it is, my baby sister who couldn’t stop crying the first time I held her, seems to have a way of quieting her son’s tears, whether it’s by feeding him or just comforting him with soothing words and a maternal touch.

Seeing my nephew in my sister’s arms, I recalled our mother holding her when she was that small. With the birth of her first child many years ago, our mother, like her youngest child this past year, became a mother for the first time. She did a pretty good job; that little baby grew up to be a successful neurosurgeon, happily married now to the same woman for over twenty years, with four amazing sons, including a very talented young blogger.

Given the nurturing his Mommy is providing him, my youngest nephew is certain to do as well as, if not better than, his oldest maternal uncle.

GayPatriot Stimulus Contest

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:04 pm - May 10, 2009.
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I’m spending a week in Key West on vacation. The first person who can find me in person, you get $50.00.

To see what I look like, checkout my Twitter posts today. GayPatriot at Twitter.

$100 bucks to the first person who finds me and tells me that our old dog’s name was ROMPER.

Have fun!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)