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The President’s New Credit Card

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:35 pm - May 14, 2009.
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(H/t:  The Campaign Spot.)

So Cal Screening of Film Detailing Women’s Plight in Iran

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:42 pm - May 14, 2009.
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It’s not just gay people who face the wrath of a hateful ideology in the Islamic Republic (sic) of Iran.  Women too are treated as second-class citizens.

Oscar-nominated actress Shohreh Aghdashloo appears in The Stoning of Soraya M, a movie to be released next month (June 26th).  This film tells the story of an Iranian women stoned to death because her husband, who wanted out of their marriage accused her of adultery when she started cooking for the widowed husband of a friend.

If you live in Southern California, you don’t have to wait until June to see this compelling film. There will be preview screening at the Roxy in Camarillo on May 19th at 7 PM. Sponsored by the World Affairs Council, admission is $20 for WACA members, $25 for non-members, and $10 for students. RSVP to

Student Debt Emblematic of what Obama has in Store for Nation?

As college tuition skyrockets, the debt of recent graduates increases.   As I pondered this after following two Instapundit links, something struck me about our left-leaning university faculty.  I was wondering if any of them had taken a pay cut as have many in the private and nonprofit sectors.

It seems that these recent graduates will be spending a number of years paying off those who promote a left-wing ideology.  Is this, I then wonder, emblematic of what is happening in America at large, with Obama burdening succeeding generations with debt to pay off those who implement the left-wing ideas taught on university faculties?

Just a thought.

ADDENDUM:  Jim Hoft speculates that the reason these graduates “can’t live on credit is because [the President] needs them to pay off his loans.

Podcast Interview of Lt. Daniel Choi

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 4:59 pm - May 14, 2009.
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In three parts over at Ramble Redhead. Very interesting with Choi telling of his growing up, life at West Point, his service in the US Army over in Iraq, and of course coming out. Well worth listening to and I hope that the good Louie will join the fight against the unjust DADT law with a worthy group of gay vets like Servicemembers United. His voice is certainly a powerful one in this debate and his work with Knights Out should go a long way to helping bring DADT to the demise it so richly deserves.

You can find these podcast interviews here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Choi’s first-generation Korean parents were oblivious to his being gay, so much so that when they suspected their older son of being gay they sought his advice on how to “change” him. Ironically the son they thought was gay is actually straight while the “straight” son they sought advice from is gay. Priceless.

— John (Average Gay Joe)

W & the Historians

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:14 pm - May 14, 2009.
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When future historians start to seriously consider the record of the immediate past President of the United States, George W. Bush, they will wonder at how a man so moderate in temperament could have attracted criticism so vicious.

They will certainly rate him above many of those who preceded him in the late Twentieth Century, well above Jimmy Carter, LBJ and Nixon and slightly above Gerald R. Ford, but well below the the Gipper.   They will wonder why, in 2005, after his reelection with expanded majorities for his party in the House and Senate, he failed to push any significant conservative reforms while having promoted the need to mend Social Security and to deal with problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  (Though it can be argued that he can and did “push” reforms of those two Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs).)

And they will wonder why he hesitated to shift strategy in Iraq in 2005 and 2006 when it would have been far easier for him to do so, both in terms of his own political capital and his party’s control of Congress than it was when he did change course in 2007 when he faced more of a challenge.  The war had then become increasingly unpopular.  The Iraq Study Group (led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III) proposed policy changes which were popular in our nation’s capital.  The Democrats had taken control of Congress.

Yet, he ignored that group’s recommendations and undertook a bolder course, with little support even from his own party.  And that course, the “surge,” succeeded.

Those historians will wonder why he waited so long when it would have been far easier for him to shift course immediately after his reelection or in the year or so immediately following.

Speaker Defarge* Keeps Digging; Hoyer Eyes Her Job

Pelosi says Bush team misled her on waterboarding.  Trotting out the standard Democratic response.  When caught in a lie or facing a problem, blame Bush.  Nancy’s only making things worse for herself and better for Republicans.

Waiting in the wings, Steny Hoyer must be smiling.  He’s licking his chops at the prospect of an investigation. For the record, he’ll say it’s to clear her name (UPDATE:  well, it’s not clear what he’s saying for the record), but deep down, he knows it’s about taking her job.  She should have known better than to run her scandal-plagued man against him for Majority Leader.

*See this post.

UPDATE: Karl Rove: “The political persecution of Bush administration officials [Pelosi] has been pushing may now ensnare her.

UP-UPDATE: Jim Geraghty doesn’t think Mrs. Pelosi will face any consequences for her dishonesty:

Are House Democrats going to lead the charge to remove her from the speakership? A push from the Obama team? Calls for her resignation from the mainstream press? I am skeptical. The Post editorial board will rough her up a little, the Times will write that the lack of evidence “raises troubling questions,” and Time and Newsweek will conclude that they don’t have enough space to get into it.

UP-UP-UPDATE John Hinderaker wonders if Pelosi can survive and cites the Washington Post’s Chris Civilizza who contends the Spaker “would not have held this sort of press conference unless she and her inner circle believed that she was losing altitude — politically — on the issue.

Obama Lacks the Gipper’s Political Courage on Gays

You can measure a politician’s principles by his willingness to do something which he believes to be the right thing, but which carries a political cost.

Before he was ever elected President, Ronald Reagan did just such a thing, showing political courage in standing up against anti-gay bigotry.  In 1978, he came out publicly against the Golden State’s Briggs Initiative which would have banned gay people from teaching in public schools.  At the time, that pernicious proposition led in the polls.  Not just that, the Gipper was gearing up to run for the Republican nomination for President in 1980.  Opposing that initiative would have hurt him among social conservatives, then beginning to migrate to the GOP.

And yet gay people prefer Bill Clinton to the Gipper, even though when that Democrat had the choice between keeping a promise he made to us during his successful campaign for the White House (repealing the ban on gays in the military), he cut and run because of the political cost.  Unlike Ronald Reagan, when it came to gay people, Bill Clinton showed no political courage.

And now where does the current President stand?  As Andrew Sullivan, dewy-eyed for the Democrat during the campaign and well into the first hundred days of his Administration, is now beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.  He’s figured out who the rubes are.  And it ain’t the true gay conservatives who backed John McCain.

The left-leaning blogger laments:

But I have a sickeningly familiar feeling in my stomach, and the feeling deepens with every interaction with the Obama team on these issues. They want them to go away. They want us to go away. (more…)

LA Tea Party Sunday May 17 @ 3 PM in Westwood

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:37 am - May 14, 2009.
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Join me and the Westside Republicans this coming Sunday, May 17 at 3 PM at the Federal Building in Westwood 11000 Wilshire Blvd @ Veteran (just e of the 405) for a Tea Party to protest Proposition 1-A.  If passed, that measure would create a convoluted process to “address” the state’s budget.  Instead of dealing with process, the state legislature should be looking for ways to trim the bloated budget and stand up to the public employee unions who all but control this state.

While the upcoming ballot measures will be the focus of this particularly rally, we’ll be standing strong not just for budgetary restraint at the state level, but also in Washington.

Perhaps, we could gather before the rally for Tea (& Coffee) at Westwood watering hole?