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To Truly Change Tone in Washington
President needs Show Respect for Republican Ideas
& Criticize His Supporters Who Malign His Political Adversaries

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 8:00 pm - May 16, 2009.
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Nancy Pelosi’s readiness to blame the Bush Administration, the “all-purpose political punching bag” of liberal imagination, for her own imperfections, indicates that President Obama has yet broken the “pattern in Washington where everybody is always looking for somebody else to blame.

If the President truly wishes to change the tone in our nation’s capital, he’s going to have to do two things, first, refrain from blaming his predecessor for the nation’s problems (and otherwise fault Republican motives) and second, dare to take his own party and other critics of Republicans to task for casting such blame as well as leveling vicious personal attacks (questioning their motives and maligning them personally).

To that end, he should insist that all focus their criticisms on particular policies, understanding that people with various political philosophies will offer different solutions to our nation’s problems.  He would truly change their tone by expressing respect for their motives, asserting that they put forward their proposals with the best of intentions.

He could have taken a step in that direction had he criticized Wanda Sykes for wishing death on Rush Limbaugh at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last week. He had a golden opportunity then, just as he had during his inauguration when guests booed the outgoing President of the United States, to live up to the rhetoric of his campaign by challenging those whose very rhetoric undermines that of his campaign.

Barack Obama won last fall’s campaign in large part because he put forward an image of a level-headed man who could unite the nation.  His friendship in the Senate with Tom Coburn, one of its most conservative members, was testament to his ability to bridge the partisan divide.  Unfortunately, despite a few token gestures to Republicans in Congress, he has done little to acknowledge the sincerity of (most) conservative criticism of his policies and to fault the continued mean-spirited record of (some of) his supporters and their partisan allies.

His image during the primaries moved even a Republican like myself.  Now, as president, he needs to burnish that image and reinforce it through rhetoric and actions.  His decision to tap Utah’s Republican Governor as Ambassador to China is a step in the right direction.  Now he needs back up that action with strong, unifying rhetoric.

He could take his cue from the language similar to that of such liberal icons as Hubert Humphrey and Bobby Kennedy–promoting liberal ideas without maligning conservative individuals.

Pelosi Lied, the Left Sighed

There is a a certain poetic justice in the travails of the Democratic Speaker of the House.  She joined her partisan colleagues in the zeal to prosecute Bush Administration officials for what the MSM has labeled “torture memos.”  And now it seems her grandstanding may cost her her job, possibly hurting her party’s standing with the general public.

No one seems to believe Nancy Pelosi.

Having promised “the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history,” Mrs. Pelosi now becomes emblematic of an institutions in which the Democratic culture of corruption (to borrow an expression of which she was once so fond) rivals (and perhaps exceeds) that of the last Republican Congress.

You know a Democrat’s in trouble when the editorialist of the Washington Post question her credibility:  “Ms. Pelosi’s shifting accounts and faltering performance at her news conference were far from reassuring.”  

As she begins to lose the trust of a number in the MSM who would normally be sympathetic to her, she does what most Democrats do when the spotlight is turned on them:  blame Bush.  “Pelosi issued a statement late Friday shifting her criticism to the Bush administration – hours after CIA Director Leon Panetta defended his agency against Pelosi’s charges.

Part of that criticism was to accuse Bush and his team of lying us into war in Iraq.  Never mind that those who leveled the charge could not point to a single statement that then-President made that he knew was wrong at the time he made it.  Now, we have an example of a claim Pelosi made with ample evidence indicating that she knew it was false at the time she made.

(In her defense, maybe she had forgotten what she learned during those CIA briefings in 2002-03.  But, instead of faulting her memory, she has accused the CIA of misleading Congress.)

It will be interesting to see if the same left-wing bloggers who repeated the mantra that Bush lied (without providing any actual evidence that he did) will similarly criticize the Democratic Speaker for her dishonesty (with substantial evidence that she lied).


Gays For Tax Hikes:
California Gay Legislators Support Bigger State Government

A friend forwarded an e-mail he received from Equality California (EQCA), the Golden State advocacy group which “works to achieve equality and secure legal protections for LGBT people.”  In that missive, the supposed gay rights’ group aligns itself with those who would increase the power of the state government in Sacramento, making it easier for legislators to raise taxes while supporting measures which all but ratify the state’s ever-expanding budget.

Once again, this gay group stands with the public employee unions and other special interest groups which oppose real reform of our bloated state budget:

Our friends in the LGBT Legislative Caucus asked EQCA to send out this important message about Tuesday’s election. Although EQCA PAC has not taken a position on these measures, below please find the unanimous recommendations of our LGBT legislators for your consideration. And remember to vote on Tuesday, May 19.

So, if they’re not taking a position on these measures, why did they feel compelled to send out this e-mail to their listserv?   

Perhaps because in the letter, the gay and lesbian legislators attack Republicans and “right-wing hardliners,” the demons whom gay groups must always malign (it’s an article of faith to them):

Because of an arcane rule that gives Republicans veto power over our state budget, we have already been forced to make drastic cuts to vital state programs such as health care, education and environmental protection.

If these measures do not pass, the right-wing hardliners are determined to “starve” state government by slashing schools, health care and hard-fought social and environmental protections will only be encouraged. 

Note that these criticisms have nothing to do with gay issues.  Note also how they repeat the left-wing lie about how the state legislature already made “drastic cuts” to “vital state programs.”  Drastic cuts?  Hardly?  With the highest tax rate in the nation, the Golden State has the biggest budget gap.  It’s failure to make such cuts which has caused that shortfall.

If they define those who want responsible state budgeting as “right-wing hardliners,” then come next Tuesday, they’re going to see that a majority of voters in this very blue state belong to this intransigent group of conservatives.

Once again, the gay groups ally themselves with the political left–on issues not related to our sexuality, a sign that they’re more interested in advancing left-wing ideology than in promoting the rights of gay and lesbian citizens.