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Should Republicans Boycott Gay Confabs?

I want to begin this post by commending the various gay organizations spearheading  “Meet in the Middle” event in Fresno yesterday.  They’re taking a step in the right direction by gathering in a more Republican region of the state, understanding that they need “explain who we are to the heartland,” as Orange County gay activist Linda May put it.

I believe, Prop 8 will be overturned, if those organized in favor of a new ballot initiative doing just that, work to change people’s minds by making the case for gay marriage (instead of attacking supporters of the institution’s traditional definition).  To that end, they need develop a strategy to reach Republicans, given that Republicans, like Fresno residents, voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop 8.

I did not attend “Meet in the Middle” (even as I had considered going as it might provide fodder for blog posts) for a great variety of reasons, chief, among them, that while approximately one in every four self-identified gay voter votes Republican, organizers included no Republicans on the event agenda, as just as their confrères (and soeurs) invited no Republicans to speak at the Decision Day Rally, as they had no Republicans at a Town hall on gay marriage at LA’s Gay and Lesbian Center, as they included no Republicans in the officials program of the “Equality Summit.”

See the pattern?  In conferences on gay marriage, the organizing groups regularly exclude gay Republicans.

To overturn Prop 8, they’d do well to include those who know how to talk to a group which voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ballot initiative.

Perhaps gay Republicans should start boycotting such confabs until the organizers acknowledge our presence in the community.  If we were an approved minority which threatened such action, they would bend over backwards to accommodate us, even holding seminars exploring their own internalized bias against political minorities in the gay community.

More on this anon, much more.

Excusing Obama for Conduct Which Earned Excoriation for Bush

When I first skimmed Bruce’s post on the President’s trip to New York to keep a campaign promise to his wife (as the Washington Post put it), I thought my co-blogger was grasping at straws in his eagerness to “get” the Democrat.  But, the more I thought about the situation, the more I realized he had a point.

First, just a quick aside to address the Post‘s spin, since he’s keeping a promise to his “most important supporter” couldn’t he keep one to the rest of the people who elected him by acting on that “net spending cut” he talked about “throughout” his campaign?

Our critics may be onto something when they fault then-President Bush for appearing aloof after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but if they’re going to fault him for his apparent indifference then, shouldn’t they also fault his successor for this taxpayer-financed jaunt during the same week he told Americans that “We’re out of money.”  Yeah, that’s what most people do when they’re out of money, fly to New York for dinner and a show.

To repeat a notion Bruce addressed, can you imagine how differently the media would have treated this had Bush taken a jaunt town to North Carolina to keep a promise to Laura to attend a NASCAR race?  (I mean, when Democrats go to the theater, don’t Republicans go to such races?)

Look, I don’t begrudge the President his pleasures (or his privacy).  But, while the MSM tries to spin this as a campaign promise kept or a romantic evening enjoyed, we see yet another example of the favoritism they show this Democratic President.  Just look at how our critics chime in to remind us of Republican recreation during times of crisis.  What they found as problematic then doesn’t bother them now.  (more…)

Reflections on a Yard Sale

Perhaps, it comes from being a writer or perhaps it comes from my own nature, but I do perhaps reflect on experiences a bit overmuch. And have been accused of thinking too much in at least two, maybe three languages. But, there was something fascinating about yesterday’s yard sale, to me at least.

This was, to be sure, not my first yard sale. I had participated in one with the same friend who hosted yesterday’s just about two-and-one-half-years ago in the same place, only I then made half as much money as I did this weekend. Back then, I quickly gathered up a few excess possessions cluttering up my apartment, wanting to help this talented actress raise the funds to finance her head shots.

This time, I collected so much stuff that I barely had room in the car for the ice to keep our waters cold. My goal was to sell enough stuff so that I would only need the trunk to store whatever was left until I could donate that balance to a worthy charity. And there was room to spare when I left the sale–in a trunk which, six hours previously, I’d had trouble closing.

The first forty-five minutes was a madhouse. As I was unloading stuff, people were trying to buy. The word, “vultures” described a few. The better part of them were not buying things for themselves, but to resell at “swap meets.” For a moment, I thought maybe I could charge as much as they would earn as such “meets.” But, then, I realized how much harder they would have to work for that extra buck for every DVD they sell. They wanted to get what they could get from this sale before going on to the next sale and the next and the next. . . for the better part of the morning.

If I priced too high, they would just move on.  And those who came later in the day might not be willing to fork out as much.

I just wanted to earn a little extra cash while getting rid of excess stuff. What was supplemental income for me may well have been “bread and butter” to them. (more…)

See Up

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And that, my friends, is the essence of what I have to say about the latest release from Disney-Pixar.