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The Left-Wing Determination to Describe Conservatism as Psychological Disorder

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:36 pm - June 7, 2009.
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On Friday when Yahoo! linked the latest study designed to show conservatives in a bad light, I wondered if they had ever featured a study showing that liberals are angrier, less happy or less generous than conservatives.  And I wondered if the “journalists” reporting the “study” ever considered the politics of those who conducted the study.  (It does seem that the media give more prominence to studies critical of conservatives.)

Seeing this study made me wonder how determined so many on the left are to find some psychological factor that sets us apart politically.  They want to explain away our differences so they don’t have to consider our ideas.

Why can’t they just accept that we come to our political ideas sincerely?  Do they even bother to consider that we might have read widely and have thought long and hard about politics?  Why are so many so determined to dismiss us as suffering from some psychological disorder?

It seems that in their very determination to so dismiss us, they are the ones suffering under some kind of delusion, that they are projecting onto us.  Lest you miss my point, let me clarify.  Those liberals determined to find something psychological factor which defines conservatives are those who may well suffer the disorders they wish to ascribe to us.  Other liberals who believe that conservatives, like them, are sincer in their beliefs, do not so suffer.

I wonder how such liberals react to this raft of studies.

So, here’s an idea:  can it with the studies and start confronting our ideas — on the level of ideas.

On the Absence of Gay Republicans at Gay Confabs

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:04 pm - June 7, 2009.
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For as long as I have observed and particpated in gay politics, I have noticed that, by and large, the diversity at gay confabs is one of appearance, not ideas.  Well, perhaps, I’m being a bit harsh, they do include a range of political opinion from socialist progressives (and communist sympathizers) to what some deem as conservatives, i.e., the Democratic apologists at HRC.

To be sure, there are exceptions, but when in the organized opposition to Prop 8 and now the nascent movement to repeal 8, Republicans are about as scarce as virgins at the Playboy Mansion.

While some of our critics fault me for pointing this out ad nauseum and doing nothing about it, I have been reaching out to the few people I know out here (in LA) in contact with the leadership of the gay organizations.  One person, either at my behest or on her own steam, has pointed out the absence of Republicans to some of those leaders.  I spoke with another individual who reported on efforts within one gay organization to include more Republicans.  And this before I raised the issue.

It seems that they have encountered some pretty strong resistance from those averse to dealing with Republicans all together.

In short, there are a number of liberal gay activists quietly working behind the scenes to promote political diversity in the gay leadership, but they face an entrenched intransigence among what, I would call, a hard-left gay establishment.

I can’t yet single out by name those whom I have contacted and who have responded sympathetically to my concerns.  But, I do want to commend them for taking on a cause not entirely their own, the inclusion of those with political beliefs at odds with their own in the gay leadership and at gay confabs.

Just as not all gay activists are lickspittles to the Democratic Party, not all gay activists are committed to the exclusion of Republicans.

I realize now that, even with some allies on the gay left, it is quite a daunting task to fight for the inclusion of Repubilcans in the efforts to overturn 8.  And I’m not quite sure this is my fight.  For now, let me point out that not all prominent gay activists suppot the exclusion of gay Repubicans.  Some actually are quietly working for our inclusion.  It’s just that they’re up against a determined cadre of intolerant zealots who see attacking Republicans as an article of faith–and perhaps their primary purpose.

Wishing Obama a Fun Trip to France in 2013

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:38 am - June 7, 2009.
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At some point, I will be the ex-President, and then you will find me in France, I’m sure, quite a bit, having fun.

–President Barack Obama, June 6, 2009

We’re 64!

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:30 am - June 7, 2009.
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We made the list of the top 100 political blogs!