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Advice to GOP: Ignore Weisberg, Heed Barone

There is something comical in the effrontery of liberal pundits offering conservative politicians’ electoral advice.  I’m sure these are the same sort of people who would have cautioned the GOP against nominating Ronald Reagan in 1980 and promoting the Contract with America fourteen years later.

Now, we’ve got Jacob Weisberg telling us to dump Cheney and emulate David Cameron.  Funny that the same guy who contended that racism was the only reason Obama could lose would presume to offer Repubicans advise.  And to suggest that the GOP should seek advise from David Cameron, the head of Britain’s Tories, who have only benefited from the collapse of Gordon Brown’s Labour by dint of being the leading opposition party.  In recent elections in Britain, they have hardly gained any ground over previous showings:

Yet, while the Labour Party is shriveling before our eyes, David Cameron’s Tories are not obviously the beneficiaries. In the English council elections the Conservatives got a lower percentage of the vote than last time round, and, insofar as there was a (one percent) swing to the Tories in the European elections, in the end their vote was only a handful of points higher than the combined tally of the two beyond-the-pale parties.  . . . If Gordon Brown’s rotting zombie of a ministry can’t drive voters into the embrace of David Cameron, what can? The Conservatives should have been the beneficiary of both the broader two-party electoral cycle and the more immediate internecine warfare in Brown’s cabinet. But they weren’t.

I have no clue why it is Weisberg presumes he is in any position to offer advise to Republicans.  To be sure, he raises some good points about the party becoming more Internet savvy, but we’d be better served by others who understand the power of ideas and the political process better than he.

Moving to the center won’t do the GOP much good if we offer policies from the mushy middle of only slightly higher government spending.   We’d be better served by following Michael Barone’s advise and moving away from the center: (more…)

Using Psychology To Save You From Yourself

Well this is a disturbing article from NPR:

[T]hat is exactly what Obama administration officials plan to do: By taking account of human psychology, they hope to save you from yourself.

This is the story of how obscure psychological research into human decision-making first revolutionized economics and now appears poised to remake the relationship between the government and its citizens.

I like a scary story now and then, but this one really is a bit much. So much for personal freedoms, why Big Daddy Government knows what’s good for us and will see to it that we like it – or else!

— John (Average Gay Joe)

Does This Mean Andrew Sullivan Will Start Calling him a “Christianist”?

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“Barack Obama invokes Jesus more than George W. Bush did.”

Sarah Palin’s Revenge

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I was wrong; George Will remains on Olympus

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:58 am - June 9, 2009.
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In March, I compared columnist George Will to a “Titan, one who reigned supreme in a previous era, but has seen been overthrown by [a] new generation of deities “.  I said as much because while I had loved his columns in the 1980s, the 1990s and well into the current decade, I found his campaign coverage last fall less insightful than his past punditry.  He seemed harsher on the more conservative of the candidates (John McCain) than the more liberal (Barack Obama).

Perhaps, I should revisit thse columns again, maybe he did offer some insight in the Democraitc nominee for Will’s columns, these past three months, have been nothing short of brilliant.  To borrow a metaphor from his favorite past time, nearly every time he steps up to the plate, he has not just been hitting home runs, he’s been sending the ball out of the park.

It’s why I decided to attend a dinner celebrating the Claremont Review of Books last night in Santa Monica featuring the conservative columnist.  I even took a date, a gay Jewish actor/producer who wanted to learn more about the conservative ideas which have increasingly appealed to him in recent years.  And while he proudly sported a name tag with his real name at this shindig, he asked that I not include his name here, lest the revelation of his conservative politics hurt him professionally.

Once again, it was easier for us to be “out” as gay at a conservative event than to be out as conservatives in Hollywood circles.

My friend appreciated the evening; it helped deepen his knowledge of conservative ideas.  I only wish there had been a transcript of Will’s talk for while it was punctuated by his pessimism, he did, in criticizing the current Administration, articulate some of the fundamental tenets of conservatism.  I scribbled notes as best i could, but Will was a captivating speaker and it was more pleasant to listen than to write (especially on two glasses of wine).  Though he seemed shy and somewhat nervous when he started, but the more he spoke, them more engaging he became.

He faulted the President for creating policies which will institutionalize slow economic growth, creating a “dependency agenda” and fostering an “entitlement mentality.” (more…)

Gay Groups Silent as Obama Ignores Plight of Gays Under Islam

Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

Last Thursday, Bruce reported that, in his celebrated address to the Muslim world in Cairo, President Obama ignored the plight of gays living under Islam.  Speculating that no national gay organizations would take the Democratic President to task for this failure, I offered to make a $25 contribution to any that did so by Monday (yesterday) morning.

Looks like I won’t have to contribute to any left-wing gay organization.  None did.

These groups are so predictable.  And this time, their apologists can’t say that this isn’t within the groups’ bailiwick as they (the apologists) do when we fault the gay groups for ignoring the plight of gays under Islam.  Those apologists tell us that this is an international issue, not within their purview as advocates for gay rights within our borders.  But, President Obama is an American leader.

The American President chose to address the Islamic world.  Gays are being persecuted an executed, on a regular basis in many Islamic countries.  The President ignored the plight.

They fail to praise a Republican former Vice President when he offers a more “progressive” view on gay marriage than does the Democrtic President of the United States.  They fail to criticize that Democrat President when he ignores the plight of our fellows persecuted in Islamic lands.

While some gay activists clearly are not lickspittles, ready and wiling to take on even a Democratic President, it appears the leadership of the major gay and lesbian organizations are slavish supporters of Demorats, constantly bowing and kowtowing to their elected leaders.  While that (R) after a politician’s name renders him immune from their praise, that (D) is like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, rendering him immune from criticism.

The Joy of Having a New Script Idea

Sunday and Monday were days I used to dream about (and delight in) when I aspired to make it as a screenwriter.  It had been a while since I enjoyed the delight of playing with a story idea and seeing the characters come alive in my mind.

A few years ago, when I was developing a short film with a straight friend, he offered an alternative version of our story which lent itself more to humor that the script I had written for him.  His story had the same happy ending, the girl getting the girl, only they two lady lovers didn’t meet at a funeral.

Well, yesterday, shortly after seeing a friend on stage as part of the Young Playwrights’ Festival, I suddenly realized how to tell that alternative version–and to set up what could be a very funny story where love triumphs.  Of course, I always need help writing funny, but my director friend has a good sense of visual humor, so should be able to add some laughs once I have put the story on paper.

As soon I figured out how to “crack” his story idea, the characters just emerged, each with his own strengths and with certain defining weaknesses, each of which (the weaknesses, that is) figure into the humorous and romantic denouement.  It’s such a cool thing when you start playing with a character in your head and find it it necessary to turn off the radio or CD player in the car so you can listen to them speak.  And then there are times when you welcome a red light so you can scribble your ideas onto a scrap of paper so as to preserve them. (more…)