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I Blame Cher

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:59 pm - June 11, 2009.
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Cher’s daughter Chastity Bono is changing gender from female to male

But, then again, Chastity, er, sorry, Chaz, has a Republican father and here in Hollywood, they’re the ones who get blamed for all manner of ills.

What Hath the Democrats Wrought?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:08 pm - June 11, 2009.
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As an illustration of the difference between Democratic words and deeds, take a look at the two charts in the post. In the first, we see the Administration’s projection of the unemployment rate with their recovery plan (AKA “stimulus”) (darker line) and without (lighter line). The red line represents the actual unemployment figures since that the President signed the Democratic proposal. Unemployment is “now higher than the White House forecast it would have been without any stimulus at all.


We’ve posted the next chart before. As has Glenn Reynolds (on multiple occasions). He challenges “Obama shills to explain why — if the Bush spending was so bad — the much-bigger Obama spending isn’t much worse.

The Mismatch Between Democrats’ Words & Deeds

When Beowulf slew the foul monster Grendel who had been ravishing the Hall of Hrothgar, King of the Danes, he showed he understood what the first man to welcome him to Denmark met when that diligent harbor guard reminded the brave hero of the distinction between words and deeds.

With those words and that hero’s record in mind, take a gander at the words of the two most prominent Democrats in our country today and ask if their actions in office have matched up to the words they spoke as they prepared for higher office.

Here’s Nancy Pelosi, currently Speaker of the House, commenting on her party’s winning control of Congress in 2006:

The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C., and the Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.

Barack Obama, currently President of the United States, making the case why he would be a good steward of our nation’s finances as he campaigned for the office he now holds;

But there is no doubt that we’ve been living beyond our means and we’re going to have to make some adjustments. Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.

(Emphasis added.) Given their record so far and the policies they have put forward, don’t you think that great Geatish hero could teach them a thing or two?

Barney Can Dish it Out, but he Just Can’t Take It

Whenever he can, the unhappy Barney Frank attacks his political adversaries, accusing them of blaming black people, hating gays and having psychological disorders. But, so used is this career politician to fawning attention from the media that he just doesn’t know how to respond when he faces tough questions.

But, I thought, he seems to whine, only Republicans get tough questions. They should get tough questions because they’re meanies.  But, I’m so smart and I’m doing good and I’m always right, so they’re not allowed to pick on me. I’m special.

In the clip below,the mean-spirited man from Massachusetts mispresents his questioner’s position, then gets all testy and ends the interview. Poor Barney, he just can’t take it.  It’s just not fair when someone tries to correct his distortions!

Can you imagine how the media would react if a Republican acted the way Barney does? He’s be subject to regular editorial excoriation.

(H/t: Instapundit.)

UPDATE:  Commenting on Barney’s adolescent behavior, Endora-Award winning blogress Tammy Bruce calls the Massachusetts Democrat “a continuing embarrassment.

UP-UPDATE:  Pundette (via Michelle) offers “Having a civil exchange of ideas isn’t something this bully is interested in.”  I agree. Barney just wants to blame right-wingers.

UP-UP-UPDATE:  Michelle calls it a “snit fit“:  “When Barney Frank doesn’t get to blubber uninterrupted on TV like he does in committee hearings and on the House floor, Barney Frank stomps off the set.”

UP-UP-UP-UPDATE: Ed Morrissey wonders if this is this is the man we “want in charge of executive compensation” and adds:

Frank whines about getting cut off, but he trotted out an old Obama strawman — he accused the host, Mark Haines, of wanting to do “nothing” about the economic crisis, which isn’t at all what Haines said.  When Haines tried correcting the record, Franks (sic) played victim and whined his way off the stage.

Read the whole thing as the man formerly known as Cap’n Ed gets at the substance of the issues Barney refused to address.  Read the whole thing!

We Must Refrain from Politicizing Holocaust Museum Shooting

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:05 am - June 11, 2009.
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As a Jew, I am painfully aware of the persecution my people have endured for at least two millenia, perhaps longer.  It seems we have been singled out throughout history.

The periods of tolerance and acceptance our ancestors have enjoyed all too often gave way to eras of renewed discrimination and increased marginalization.  While Jew-hatred hss become commonplace in the Muslim world today, our people flourished in Moorish Spain and played a prominent role in the intellectual and cultural life of Baghdad during and after the turn of the Second Millennium (when that city served the function Athens did in the Classical Era).  We would be welcomed into Poland in one era, to be persecuted in another, with the nation in yet another serving as the locale where millions of our fellows would be murdered.

And while anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, America still seems a safe haven where only a few isolated quacks and extremists wish to do us harm.  Yes, there are growing signs of anti-Semitic sentiment in certain segments of the political left, even the gay left, but it has not developed into any kind of organized movement.  So, when we learn of the vile attitudes of the man* who shot up the Holocaust Museum yesterday, murdering security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, we hope and pray that he was operated on his own, now on a mission from a growing cadre of neo-Nazis.

So, amidst the barbarity of his actions, we take some comfort, small though it may be, in learning that he was not indeed part of a growing movement.  He acted on his own. Feeling powerless, he blamed the people whom all too many have, throughout the centuries, blamed for all manner of the world’s ills and their personal misfortunes.   He targeted an institution commemorating the worst atrocity ever committed against us, a people used to such atrocities, but never previously of such a scale.

it is unfortunate that all too many, mostly on the left but some on the right, wish to politicize this terrible act by treating their political adversaries as the murderers’ ideological forebears treated the Jews.  (more…)

Those Who Favor Obama’s Auto Plan Should Buy GM Cars

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:00 am - June 11, 2009.
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Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

With the unhappy Barney Frank “leaning on GM” to keep a facility open in his district, we can see how decisions at the troubled auto manufacturer will be subject to political pressures at the expense of legitimate busines conerns.  Would a company effectively owned by the government want to antagonize the chairman of a powerful House committee, even if he is a career politician with zero experience in the private sector?

What does this mean-spirited Massachusetts Congressman know about running a business?  He’s spent his professional life trying to regulate them without considering the consequences of his actions.  He has never working in an enterprise which produces things, creates wealth, expands opportunity and fosters innovation.  And yet he has a say in how GM runs its business.

This is what happens when government takes control of private enterprise.  Political considerations replace economic ones.

Those who want to give people like Barney a say in the running of General Motors (and Chrysler for that matter), that is those who favor Obama’s Auto Plan, can show that they really believe this is the right way to manufacture automobiles by putting their money where their mouths are.  When it comes time for them to buy a new car, they should buy a GM (or Chrysler) model.  Heck, why wait?  Show your confidence in this plan by buying one now.

But, something tells me that Obama’s actions notwitstanding, his strongest supporters will be driving BMWs, Audis, Lexises (Lexi?) and Saabs, at least those who live in my neck of the woods.  In these parts, it does seem that a great number of those makes continue to sport Obama stickers on their bumpers.

UPDATE:  Moe Lane contends I’m not taking this “nearly far enough“:

We’ve already established that this administration considers falling in with its policy positions to be ‘patriotic‘: and clearly, supporting the GM/Chrysler takeover is falling in with its policy positions.  Considering that – as usual – the Political Class is wildly divergent from mainstream America when it comes to this issue, it is clearly their patriotic duty to make certain that the GM/Chysler bailout succeeds.  That means selling that hybrid made by a foreign auto company and buying an American car*.  And since it’s a crisis, well, they need to do that right now.  Everything else has to be, so this should be, too.