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Independence Redux

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 8:41 pm - July 8, 2009.
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I’ve been disappointed with the response I have received from my earlier post on Sarah Palin and what her seeming withdrawl from politics may mean for the cause of individual responsibility and freedom in America.

Most have treated it as an opportunity to opine on her chances and what her exit may mean to the party and/or its/her chances for 2012. I think, however, my disappointment is in my own lack of clarity.

Perhaps I could put a finer point on it and hopefully spark a conversation on the idea I’m looking to develop:

How can we, as conservatives, help promote and develop within our Ameican society a sense of self-sufficiency and self-reliance that will further the ideals of our Nation’s founding?

We’ve seen over the past decade or so how Republicans as well as Democrats have escalated the size, cost, and intrusion of the Federal government. Yet far too often we trouble ourselves with the details and tactics of politics and getting people elected or ousted. Secondarily only do we concern ourselves with the anti-liberty policies these people pass (and by then, far too late).

In the end (frankly, in the beginning), it really comes down to promoting these ideals that will move the proper agenda forward. Believe me, with the right thinking again in America, the question of who is elected will hardly be a matter of concern.

So the question becomes: What sort of work can we do to develop a new sense of self-sufficiency and self-reliance in our Nation? What can we do to promote the concept that the answers to our problems lie within the individual rather than in the government?

How can we begin A New Independence Movement in America?


-Nick (ColoradoPatriot), from HQ

The Advocate Names GayPatriot As A Top Political Blog

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:11 pm - July 8, 2009.
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This came out last week, but I just haven’t able to get to it.  So finally, here it is.  And it is quite a nice write-up, to my surprise.

GayPatriot:  Admittedly, many liberal gays probably would prefer to surround themselves with others who love the idea of universal health care and roar loudly for hate-crimes legislation.  But Bruce Carroll and Dan Blatt at GayPatriot challenge all LGBT folks to question their leaders — political and not — and the issues that identify them. Though we might not agree with everything said there, GayPatriot provokes conversation, which all good political blogs should do. Besides, the greater GOP is not exactly in high regard right now, and the party’s gays and their allies may be the ones who whip out the defibrillators to revive the compassionate heart of the Right.  Technorati rank: 5,340

I’m encouraged that perhaps the gay media (or at least one outlet) has finally started to come around and recognize the place that a gay conservative voice has in the world of political discourse.

It also does my heart a lot of good to see our Technorati rank at 5,340.  While Michael Rogers’ Blogactive sits way down at a Technorati rank of 40,107.   Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Sorry, had to do it.

Thanks again to the folks at The Advocate for talkin’ us up!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

On Sarah Palin and Independence

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 2:18 pm - July 8, 2009.
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John Fund has an interesting piece on WSJ this morning about the reasons for Sarah Palin’s abdication of the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau last week. Part of his theory goes that she was fed up with all the negative attention, and, lacking the naked and cut-throat desire for power and influence, she simply hung it up.

Of course, her decision has drawn criticism from all sides. Those who have believed in her find it a disappointment that she’s left politics. Many who supported her are scratching their heads, wondering if the ‘ploy’ will pay off for 2012 (or maybe 2016). Of course, many of her detractors are filled with glee that they’ve sent her running for the North Shore (among them, few who could fathom that she is being sincere–after all, who in her right mind wouldn’t want to run for high office? Here’s a hint: There are people who don’t think like you.)

Anyway, this kind of hit me when a friend mentioned to me today that he wished we could find a “hero” in politics these days, lamenting the feet of clay even the vaunted seem to have. This got me to thinking…

I wish more people would find themselves to be heroes rather than hoping for one (least of all from the government) in somebody else. Perhaps that’s what the problem is these days: Instead of being fully-functional and independent individuals, we’ve become accustomed to expecting someone else to help lift us up, whether literally with our lot in life or simply lifting our spirits.

Bailouts, take-overs, ‘universal healthcare’, etc. These are symptoms of a society wherein too few take responsibility for themselves.

Frankly, I’d be satisfied with a leader who says, “Enough is enough! Start taking care of yourselves and your families!”

Not that I’m foreswearing all heroes, and certainly I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t look up to those who have done great things. But perhaps Sarah Palin can (if this is what she chooses to do) serve as an example of someone who shows Americans that they can be the ones to make the “Changes” that they want to see, and that they can do so without being (or depending on) a member of the government. In turn, those “Hoping” for “Change” won’t feel the need to elect those who will bring it about (and thus subject us all to their whims), but can do it themselves.

Kind of like a “community organizer” without delusions of grandeur.

What do y’all think?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot), From Southern Command.

BREAKING NEWS: Massachusetts AG to Sue U.S. Over DOMA Law

LawDork has the scoop:

Attorney General Martha Coakley will announce the details of a lawsuit that her office has filed challenging the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as it relates to Massachusetts.  Currently, 16,000 married same-sex Massachusetts couples are unfairly denied federal benefits under this act.

More to follow, of course….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

By his own standards, my Congressman spent the better part of the past eight years “rooting against the country”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:46 pm - July 8, 2009.
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Recalling that during the Bush Administration, it was “un-American, as well as prohibited to question the patriotism of those attempting to undermine a war effort,” blogger Dan Riehl finds my Congressman, ever eager to frustrate Republican efforts at reform, now criticizing Republicans for attempting to do to Democratic legislation today what he did to Republican legislation when the GOP was in the majority:

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has had an eventful couple of weeks to say the least, believes House Republican opposition to climate change legislation and the stimulus indicates they’re cheering against the good ol’ US of A.

“It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success, which means, in my mind, they are rooting against the country, as well,” the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman told WAMU radio host Diane Rehm on Tuesday morning, promoting his new book, “The Waxman Report.”

(Emphasis added.)

By Waxman’s own standard then, those who attempted to deny President Bush success were rooting against the country.  Looks like both he and his mean-spirited colleague from Massachusetts, the unhappy Barney Frank, spent a lot of time these past eight years rooting against the country.

Who will hold them to account?

Is Palin-Hatred a Reflection of Some Gay Men’s Misogyny?

Every now again, I have a brainstorm, an idea which just comes to me and it seems brilliant at the time.  If it comes to me when I’m driving, I try to remember it so I can scribble it down when I stop.  Occasionally by the time I stop, I find that the idea has dissipated and left barely a trace, if that.  There’s just the faint recollection of having had an idea.

Sometimes, when I do turn such ideas into blog posts, they generate more interest than pieces I have thought out–or otherwise worked on–for some time. Other times, no one pays them much attention.

I had such a thought yesterday as I was leaving San Francisco, an idea which I tacked onto the end of my last post so I could incorporate the notion into the title, but now, with the idea returning again–even though I haven’t scribbled it down, I’m thinking it deserves a post of its own.  Maybe I’m onto something.  Or maybe not.

Anyone who has spent any time in gay circles has met the man-hating lesbian, a subspecies of lesbian who seem to love women only because they hate men.  Most lesbians I’ve met have no problem with men as long as they don’t have to sleep with us.  Over the years, I’ve only occasionally met a gay man who didn’t like women.  Oh, I’ve heard stories about a few, but off hand, can only think of two.  Most of us not only like women, but seem to particularly delight in the company of strong women.

As I left San Francisco, it struck me how certain gay male bloggers who have led the attacks on Sarah Palin were equally shrill in their denunciations of Hillary Clinton when she was still running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Back then, now over a year ago, I dismissed accusations against Hillary’s foes of misogyny as just sour groups. I mean, I opposed her because she was so far to the left. Couldn’t others also have principled objections to a female politician?

And yet with the intensity of attacks on Sarah Palin, I began to reconsider my past dismissal of the Clinton supporters’ complaint.   It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton–or Sarah Palin–they hated, but instead the very idea of a strong successful woman who commands the attention of men. (more…)