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Obama and Africa in Perspective

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 4:13 pm - July 19, 2009.
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I alluded in my most recent update on the president’s America-Bashing Tour that there was more to discuss about his speech to the Ghanaian Parliament. Here it is:

A week or so ago, I was out for drinks and overheard a typical Obamaphile going on about how great this speech of his was. Nothing struck me until he expounded as to why he liked it: The president had actually called on Africans to take responsibility for themselves and practiced some tough-love, according to this friend-of-a-friend of mine. Having not read it, I withheld comment. As I read through it in putting together the aforementioned post, I actually was struck by the tone.

The more people know about Ma’am Boxer, the less likely she’ll keep her seat

California’s Junior Senator has kept her job, largely by obscuring her record and attacking her opponents.  In 1998, when running for reelection, she famously “guarded herself from contact with reporters so she would not have to answer questions about Bill Clinton; the [then-]president’s brother-in-law Tony Rodham was then married to her daughte Nicole.”*  (More in a subsequent post on what this says about Ma’am’s hypocrisy.)

Yesterday, while volunteering at Outfest, LA’s gay and lesbian film festival, when chatting with a young gay man, definitely not a Republican, though interested in politics, he mocked Mrs. Boxer for her insistence on being called “Senator.”  Seems that whenever people see this clip, they find Ma’am to be petty and offensive. So, I post it in the interest of getting it out there, reminding people of what Ma’am is really like.

Recall, that while Ma’am objected when Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh called her “Ma’am,” she did not object when when Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford.

The more people know about this woman and her record, the less chance she stands of reelection.

* (more…)