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Obama Needs to Learn from Himself About Apologizing

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:18 pm - July 26, 2009.
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Reading Tom Maguire’s obsevation that “the Apologizer-in-Chief, who is comfortable saying “I’m sorry” for all America if not himself,” caused me to wonder why a President can apologize for his country’s mistakes, but can’t apologize for his own.

Or does he just think he’s bigger than his country?

Look, all he needs say is that he made a mistake speaking in haste without knowing all the facts and he apologizes for doing so.  I mean, heck, the Mayor of his home town thinks the President “should have gathered the facts first before commenting on Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s encounter with Cambridge, Mass. police“.

It’s not just the absence of apology which is telling about Obama, but the fact that he weighed in on the issue in the first place.  He would have avoided all controversy, had when the question was asked, he said that he didn’t know all the facts, as he was focused on national issues.   This was a local issue which local officials should sort out.  He had every confidence that Governor Patrick and the authorities in Cambridge would get to the bottom of this.  Or some such.

The President could end the controversy by speaking words he can’t seem to say when addressing his own actions, “I’m sorry.”  It’s not that he’s out of practice of anything.  I mean, just look how readily he’s apologized for his country in recent days.