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White House Avoids The Point…Once Again

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 8:05 pm - August 4, 2009.
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Communications Director for the White House Office of Health Reform Linda Douglass bemoans in her rebuttal (awkwardly and without explanation entitled “Facts Are Stubborn Things”…what does that even mean?!) to the video I posted yesterday that the president’s words about the Stalinization of health care were (all together now) “taken out of context” but then provides no context to make her point.

I had a great idea this morning when I saw this pathetic attempt at hand-waving by the White House: If they’re bitching about Obama being taken out of context, why not just show the context? If the White House wasn’t willing to do so, one could probably presume it’s because the “context” is even more damning. Well, one would be right:

Facts may be stubborn, but the man’s words are even more so, eh, Ms. Douglass?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HQ)

OH, ONE MORE THING: I forgot to mention (the lies sometimes fly by so fast, I have a hard time keeping up), that, although she may not find it to be within her job description, does the GentleCommunicationsDirectorLady wish to explain the “context” in which Barney Frank (at about 1:11) and Congresswoman Jan Schwakowsky (starting at 1:17, and whose support for the Stalinization of health care only grows more emphatic as her segment continues) both offer basically their full-throated endorsement of a government take-over of the health care industry? Considering the president has farmed out the actual writing of and direction for HIS health care proposal to Congress, perhaps they’re the ones who sholud also be asked to clarify their own statements (as if it weren’t clear already).

As a refresher, here’s that video again:

Democrats Nostalgic for W?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:00 pm - August 4, 2009.
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They do seem to wanting to keep running against the former President.   Guess it’s easier to run against Bush’s image than for Obama’s agenda.

To those of you on the left slapped those 01/20/09 stickers on their cars and others once so eager for W’s last day in office, let me remind you that that day has come and gone.  George W. Bush is no longer in office.  Your guy has taken his place.

You don’t need to bash that Republican any more.  He’s gone home to his “village” in Texas just as you wanted him to.

But, wait, maybe this wasn’t about politics.  Maybe you do “need” to bash someone.  And W remains a convenient target, just like the former Governor of some state up north.  Far north.

ADDENDUM:  Mark Steyn wonders, “So why not blame Bush for the horrors of the Obama presidency?”  That smart Canadian cites Jacob Weisberg who wrote that the incumbent “molded his [foreign policy] approach around his predecessor’s errors.”  So, if Obama does something wrong, it’s really Bush’s fault.

Why no Fear that Bloggers’ Palin Derangement Syndrome Will Damage Democrats?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:40 am - August 4, 2009.
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I’m trying to figure out why so many believe that birthers’ obsession with President Obama’s “missing” birth certificate will hurt the GOP.  I have received e-mails from friends and acquaintances–and not just liberal friends and acquaintances–warning of the damage birthers could inflict on my party.

And this despite the fact that no leading Republican has attached himself to the issue, saying that Obama may be ineligible to serve as President.  Indeed, not one single House Republican voted against the House resolution “declaring Barack Obama a native of” Hawai’i.

Yet, “Media Matters, Think Progress, and a host of left-wing blogs all became obsessed with the Birther theory and movement in the past month, as opposition mounted to Obama’s health care plans.”  They want to turn attention from the flaws in the President’s policies to the supposed zaniness of his adversaries.

So, if the obsession of a handful of right-wingers is supposed to define, damage and possibly destroy the GOP, why doesn’t the obsession of a substantial number of left-wingers in the private live of the former Governor of Alaska threaten to define, damage and possibly destroy the Democratic Party?

Nearly every sensible conservative blogger I’ve read over the past few days has taken issue with the birthers, joining Bob Owens (and me) in stating that we believe (indeed, we are certain) that Barack Obama was born in the USA.  Have as many liberal bloggers (and pundits) taken left-wingers to task for making much of Mrs. Palin’s private life, publishing unsubstantiated gossip as if it were confirmed fact?  

And even if they had taken those left-wingers to task, wouldn’t (by the logic applied to the birthers and GOP) the very fact that left-wingers were peddling such sordid rumors about that good woman be enough to taint the entire Democratic Party?