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Blaming Republicans* for Democratic Disunity on (and declining popular support for) Health Care Overhaul

Allahpundit gets at the essence of the Democrats’ angst:

Let me remind you again: They can pass any bill they want any time they want. Conservatives can scream their heads off at these things and there’s not an ounce of good it’ll do if Democrats are united. This whole partisan “war” Obama and Axelrod have concocted is kabuki theater against an enemy they’ve already (momentarily) defeated; it’s the Blue Dogs’ fear that they’ll be thrown out of office if they vote for this travesty that’s put the left in the predicament they’re in.

Emphasis added.

While the Democrats may rant and rave about those repugnant Republicans, the real issue is that they can’t hold their own party together.

And despite controlling all the levers of power, Democrats (and their allies on left-wing blogs), as Amity Shlaes noted back in May, seem angrier than ever.  Basically, the issue is more psychological than political, they need a target upon which to spew their venom.  And since they’ve long hated Republicans, why take down the target now that the GOP is out of power?

I mean, think about this for a second, they’ve elected a charismatic guy President who manages to get his mug on TV more often than most of his predecessors.  Much of the media leans left and gives their viewpoint favorable coverage.   With congressional majorities, they have more elected officials with more ready access to local media than do Republicans.  And they have Health Care for American Now (HCAN), an outfit with a $40 million budget to promote the Democrats’ proposed health care overhaul.

And yet, despite all these resources as their disposal, Americans disapprove of the President’s performance on health care. It’s not just one poll.  Via Glenn, we learn, “Polls from National Public Radio, Wall Street Journal/NBC News, The Washington Post, Gallup, and Pew all show that the American people do not support President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

What went wrong? With a party led by a man adept at organizing, they can’t control public opinion, so they demonize adversaries and labeling concerned citizens as tools of corporate interests: (more…)

More Evidence Left is Stoking “Birther” Movement

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:58 pm - August 6, 2009.
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Left Wing Blogger Created Obama’s (Fake) Birth Certificate.

(H/t:  Michelle Malkin’s Buzzworthy.)

Didn’t She Support a Presidential Candidate Whose Mantra Was Change?

Now, Ma’am Boxer crticizes those who want to “change Congress:”  Barbara Boxer Objects to Town Hall Protesters Attire, Says Protests Are Designed to Enact Change.

Guess, in her world view, only Democrats are allowed to promote change.

Even Opie Knows Not To Take Treats From Obama

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:00 pm - August 6, 2009.
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Kids and dogs are often smarter than adults.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

My “Fishy” Letter To The White House Today

Reprinted in full:

Hi Ms. Douglas & Secretary Napolitano (since you are reading these, too):

I figured I would save you the trouble and send you an email right now so you can put me on your “Healthcare Enemies List” right away.  No fuss, no muss, no fishy-ness.

You see, I have read the legislation… I do know what HR 3200 says… I’m not being paid to protest, as a matter of fact my industry is supporting healthcare reform!   But I will continue to stand up against the Gestapo-like tactics of President Obama against those to oppose him for legitimate policy issues.

How dare you ask for my neighbors or my readers to inform on me.  This is an outrage better suited in the former Soviet Union, Syria or Iran.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

-Bruce Carroll (aka – GayPatriot)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hey, Ma’am Boxer, since your constituents wear T-shirts to protest, will you now consider their concerns legitimate?

There she goes again. It seems all Ma’am Boxer need do to make a fool of herself is open her mouth. No wonder she’s not planning on holding any meetings with the people she was elected to represent in the United States Senate.

Just watch the clip that Nick linked and let me know if you believe Ma’am’s claim about silencing Republican protesters by reminding them that Ronald Reagan came from California. That one just doesn’t pass the smell test. If you have evidence proving me wrong (and Ma’am right), please provide it.

So, if she’s going to denounce protesters today whose goal (as she puts it) is “to hurt our President and to change the Congress,” I’m sure we’ll find ample video footage of her denouncing those protesting George W. Bush and his policies during the first eight years of the current decade.  And taking issue with efforts of her own party to “change Congress” in 2006 and 2008.  I mean, weren’t some of her allies then trying to “hurt our president” and change Congress?

Now,  if Ma’am claims the protesters are too well-dressed to be sincere, let me show her a few pictures from protests in her own jurisdiction, i.e., California (taking at the April 15 Tea Parties in Santa Monica and Van Nuys).   Since they’re not wearing suits and ties, will she now take these protesters seriously?


(If Ma’am is interested, I could send her more pictures of her constituents protesting in T-shirts and jeans — or similar attire.   And if my California readers have pictures of Golden State protests where people are dressed in similar attire, send them here, maybe we’ll make a collage and take it to Ma’am’s office so she can learn a little about the folks she’s supposed to be representing.)

(H/t–my blogging nephew and not the one who has to wait a few years before he’s reading for Disneyland.  Mitchell e-mailed me a link to Ed Morrissey’s post and I had read his missive before seeing Nick’s post.)