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Left-wing Pundits Continue to Slur Opposition to Obama’s Policies

The prejudice that all too many on the left (including some of their most educated and supposedly most literate pundits) harbor towards conservatives, the condescension they express toward any who dare to express their opposition publicly to President Obama’s policies has become increasingly manifest in the past week.

But, we were already seeing signs of such animosity during the presidential campaign when some, including at least one prominent liberal columnist, suggested racism was the only reason people might oppose Barack Obama, as if his far-left voting record had nothing to do with our concerns about the way the Democrat might govern.

They have resorted to use a term with sexual references to describe our rallies.  They see their task not to describe or debate but to denigrate, not to consider, but to condemn.  If they applied the same standard they use to trash the Tea Parties (and associated protests) to one-time community organizer Barack Obama’s first professional activists as well as his presidential campaign as well as the myriad protests against George W. Bush and his polices in the previous eight years, they too would be calling such efforts Astroturf.   And these efforts had far more professional organizing and far fewer spontaneous demonstrations than do the current spate of protests.

Taking issue with former California Democratic Party Chairman BIll Press’s smear of those protesting the President’s policies as “crazy . . . partisan zeealots,” Sally Zelikovsky details how left-wing groups have been organizing people to speak out in favor of the President’s health care overhaul, doing exactly the sorts of things Press finds repugnant in his description of the efforts to oppose said overhaul.

So, if left-wing groups organize to oppose George W. Bush and his policies and support his successor and his, it’s grassroots, but if conservative, Republican and independent groups (and individuals) organize in the same manner, but for the opposite effect, it’s astroturf. (more…)

The New Patriotism in Mr. Obama’s America

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Reporting dissent is the highest form of patriotism!

Georgia Democrat Lashes Out at HIS Constituents

Wow…. Just, wow. (h/t – GP reader Peter Hughes & Newsbusters.)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot LA BBQ, Saturday August 15 @ 5 PM

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Our reader Leah will be hosting a barbecue for blog readers next Saturday, August 15 at her home in the Valley.  Rumor has it that frequent commenter ILoveCapitalism will be coming down from San Francisco just for this occasion.

If you’d like to join us, e-mail me for the details.

The Orwellian Universe of Mr. Obama

In a previous post, I linked Mickey Kaus’s observation, “If an ‘astroturfing’ campaign gets real people to show up at events stating their real views, isn’t it … community organizing?”  Now that conservatives are organizing communities of concerned citizens in much the same manner Barack Obama did when once a recent transplant to the Windy City, well, the Democrats (and their allies in the MSM) just can’t fathom the notion of their ideological adversaries expressing their grievances in much as they have done for the better part of the last eight years.

“The activist Left,” as Michlle Malkin puts it, “can’t stand competition.”  It’s as if one may only legitimately agitate against Republicans, “corporate interests,” the military, Western nations and the allies and defenders of said groups.  And the object of their protest must be the end to a robust US defense policy and an increase in the size and scope of government at all levels, with appropriate tax increases on productive individuals coupled with a concomitant redistribution of wealth to favored classes and ideologies.

When the President “summons his army” to fight for his proposed health care reform, this is a legitimate, “grassroots” expression of popular will, but when citizens (some working with conservative groups) send out e-mails to their fellows urging them to rally in public against that health care reform, that is astroturf, ginned up by corporate special interests.

The man, who tells us he’s trying to “break pattern in Washington where everybody is always looking for somebody else to blame,” constantly blaming his predecessor (and that predecessor’s political party) for the wrongs he must clean up.  (Indeed, in the same speech that he contends, “All we do is just then bicker and point fingers,” he points fingers.)  The man who claims he seeks a bipartisan approach to policy-making, listening to all sides, tells the other side to shut up.

But, that’s contradictory statements show Obama only warming up his Orwellian approach. It’s when he tries to say his policies have prevented an even higher deficit that he uses words to mean their exact opposite, attempting to change reality with his rhetoric: (more…)

Julie & Julia:A disjointed über-chick flick
with a brilliant performance by Meryl Steep,
frequently speaking wonderfully atrocious French

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As French fades in importance as an international language, my knowledge of that Romanic language serves me less well than it might have when I first started studying it. To be sure, I can still read French literature in the original. And haven’t had to rely on translations of some of the scholarship relevant to my dissertation. But, last night, it came in handy when I watched Nora Ephron‘s Julie & Julia, her new flick starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams–and not  to understand any of the dialogue or read any of the signs.

Knowing the language, however, I could better appreciate how wonderfully atrocious was Julia Child’s (Streep) French.  Every time she tried to speech the one-time langauge of literature, art and love, I laughed perhaps louder than anyone else in the auditorium.  Streep was clearly having a ball showing that despite Child’s mastery of French cuisine, she could never really master the French language.

Streep’s performance was the best thing about a largely haphazard movie.  The blending between the two stories, that of Child learning to cook and becoming the celebrated chef and of Julie Powell’s (Adams) gaining her fame in blogging about her experiences cooking 524 of Child’s recipes in 365 days did not really flow.  Indeed, the movie (like most contemporary comedies) seemed a series of vignettes grouped around a common theme.

Amy Adams made the best of a a clunkily written part with scenes set in 2002-03 New York that don’t seem to represent exchanges that could occur between actual human beings, saved those living in the imaginary realm of feminist writers.  None of the men had lives or personalities outside of their relationship to the leading women.  We didn’t even know that Powell’s husband Eric (Chris Messina) had a job until he walked out on her (for reasons that just didn’t seem believable.)   In short, the tension between Julie and Eric seemed contrived.  And their reconciliation fake.

Stanley Tucci‘s Paul Child seems similarly devoid of personal life or human passions.  And since it was his being posted to American embassy in Paris (he was some kind of diplomat) that led Child to discover the art of French cooking, you’d think they might have explored that a little more. (more…)