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The Orwellian Universe of Mr. Obama

In a previous post, I linked Mickey Kaus’s observation, “If an ‘astroturfing’ campaign gets real people to show up at events stating their real views, isn’t it … community organizing?”  Now that conservatives are organizing communities of concerned citizens in much the same manner Barack Obama did when once a recent transplant to the Windy City, well, the Democrats (and their allies in the MSM) just can’t fathom the notion of their ideological adversaries expressing their grievances in much as they have done for the better part of the last eight years.

“The activist Left,” as Michlle Malkin puts it, “can’t stand competition.”  It’s as if one may only legitimately agitate against Republicans, “corporate interests,” the military, Western nations and the allies and defenders of said groups.  And the object of their protest must be the end to a robust US defense policy and an increase in the size and scope of government at all levels, with appropriate tax increases on productive individuals coupled with a concomitant redistribution of wealth to favored classes and ideologies.

When the President “summons his army” to fight for his proposed health care reform, this is a legitimate, “grassroots” expression of popular will, but when citizens (some working with conservative groups) send out e-mails to their fellows urging them to rally in public against that health care reform, that is astroturf, ginned up by corporate special interests.

The man, who tells us he’s trying to “break pattern in Washington where everybody is always looking for somebody else to blame,” constantly blaming his predecessor (and that predecessor’s political party) for the wrongs he must clean up.  (Indeed, in the same speech that he contends, “All we do is just then bicker and point fingers,” he points fingers.)  The man who claims he seeks a bipartisan approach to policy-making, listening to all sides, tells the other side to shut up.

But, that’s contradictory statements show Obama only warming up his Orwellian approach. It’s when he tries to say his policies have prevented an even higher deficit that he uses words to mean their exact opposite, attempting to change reality with his rhetoric:

So now you’ve got folks on the other side of the aisle pointing at the federal budget and somehow trying to put that at our feet. Well, let’s look at the history. When I walked in, we had a $1.3 trillion deficit. That was gift-wrapped and waiting for me when I walked in the Oval Office. (Laughter.) Without my policies we’d have an even higher deficit going forward. The one exception is the recovery package that we had to do in order to get this economy moving again. (Applause.)

Um, Mr. President, when you walked into the Oval Office, you had just left the United States Senate where you voted for the $700 billion dollar TARP bailout which helped the deficit reach that level.  For the two years prior to your executive service, you were a member of the majority party in the United States Congress which according to the Constitution (with which you, a former Constitutional Law Professor, are supposedly expert) has the power of the purse.  Said party voted to increase federal outlays at a faster rate than did the preceding spendthrift Republican Congress.

And then you say that without your policies, “we’d have an even higher deficit” when accounting for that so-called “stimulus” and the vast increases in federal spending you proposed in your budget.  Not to mention the cost to the taxpayers of your health care overhaul.

Mr. President, do you believe that by the magic of your rhetoric, the power of your prose, you can change reality?

(H/t for excerpts for Obama speech:  Pundit & Pundette.)



  1. “Vilify Conservatives. Same old song and dance.”

    Oh door, you’ve come close to breaking my heart, I cannot stop my tears for the poor conservative always being picked on. It’s called reaping what you have sown. Conservatives have been pouring bile on their “enemies” for decades now and when they get a little back it’s the end of the world. You asked for it, deal with it.

    Comment by a different Dave — August 10, 2009 @ 3:17 pm - August 10, 2009

  2. [you conservatives] reaping what you have sown.

    No, ADD; but in a few more years, you left-liberals will be. You already are, in fact. (Seen Obama’s plummeting poll numbers lately? The town hall protests are just the beginning.)

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — August 10, 2009 @ 3:56 pm - August 10, 2009

  3. P.S. ADD, you’ve reminded me why I usually ignore you. When I saw the byline I thought, “Oh I haven’t read him in a long time. Let’s see how he’s doing.” And it wasn’t worth it.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — August 10, 2009 @ 4:40 pm - August 10, 2009

  4. #51 – “Conservatives have been pouring bile on their “enemies” for decades now.”

    Cite specific examples; otherwise I call BS.

    As I usually do with your posts.

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — August 10, 2009 @ 7:55 pm - August 10, 2009

  5. No matter what you hear about the “reform”, there will always be people who abuse the system e.g. Workers’ Compensation, Third Party Motor Accident Insurance. Genuinely injured people usually end up getting a raw deal whilst the cheats manage to get away with large amounts of money.

    I bring this up because this forms a part of out of hand medical costs, and in your country it is more the propensity to litigate on the slightest thing that has seen medical costs start to skyrocket with decisions being made that might not always be the best option (Please bear with me as I try to make the point).

    I have had first hand experience with the changes of legislation in Australia relating to both motor accident third party insurance and workers’ compensation. In New Zealand the patient gets covered for life and in my daughter in law’s case that is good because it means that she can get her new prosthetic leg for free but she has to go back to New Zealand to get her prothesis. In Australia you used to be able to sue the other party and then they brought in no fault compensation which was abused by the cheats, then they limited the payout and then they started spying on everyone as though all are cheating the system.

    We are supposed to be assured of having a safe working environment and it used to be that you could still sue the employer for pain due to the injury etc. etc. However, they changed the legislation so that genuinely injured people had to fight to get compensation in the form of medical treatment.

    When bureaucrats take over they will do everything to either not accept a claim of injury in the first place or attempt to cut short on payments for medical etc. such that they leave the patient in the lurch and yes that was my experience with the system.

    Your Obamacare has the potential of being a bureaucratic nightmare in a similar vein with the bureaucrats making medical and other decisions based upon reports where they will pounce upon words so that they do not have to continue to cover a person’s treatment.

    There are good reasons to consider what is being proposed as something that should not be implemented.

    Comment by thestraightaussie — August 11, 2009 @ 5:27 am - August 11, 2009

  6. When bureaucrats take over

    That’s just it. What makes a bureaucrat ‘a bureaucrat’? When they have confidence that they wield government force, and you don’t; that you are beholden to them, and not they to you.

    What confuses people is when that kind of dynamic creeps into enterprises that are supposedly private, for-profit, ‘there’ to serve and delight customers. Private companies become bureaucratic when the government regulates their industry, making it difficult and expensive to create new companies. People don’t realize it, but that is what government regulations do – and why lazy rich people so often support government regulations: they serve to block new competition. They make it harder and harder for new competitors to appear; therefore, harder and harder for old competitors to fail. When a company must virtually go lunatic before it can fail, it has the backing of government force… and its bureaucrats become as lazy and dysfunctional as government’s. And that is the situation we are in today, in the U.S. The Obamacrats have discovered the secret to nationalizing the whole economy: they don’t have to nationalize directly, rather, they simply guarantee that companies which are their “friends” have the full backing of the government and cannot possibly go out of business, no matter how corrupt or dysfunctional those companies may be.

    I am thinking here especially of General Motors and Goldman-Sachs.

    Government “help” and bailouts aren’t capitalism; they destroy capitalism.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — August 11, 2009 @ 11:32 am - August 11, 2009

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