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If our critics judged Obama’s team (& allied interest groups) by the the same standards they apply to conservative activists, it would include only unsavory astroturfers

Peeling away the name-calling we have experienced since we first started blogging nearly five years ago, the two most juvenile lines of attack involve those who rant and rave at us for not blogging about the issues they believe we should be addressing and those who dismiss our concerns as mere posturing or pandering.

As to the former criticism, it’s always amusing when some angry gay reader e-mails (or otherwise messages me) asking why I didn’t blog on this or that topic as have several other gay blogs.  Such readers don’t realize that the answer to their attack is in the criticism itself–other gay bloggers have already addressed the issue; we try to address issues which such blogs do not consider.

As to the second, it has come most to the fore in recent days, as it seems part of the lead Democratic talking point on demonizing their adversaries, we’re just astoturf, tools of corrupt corporate interests.  Indeed, just look at how one of our regular critics takes me to task:

Its amazing how Rick Scott happened to have an email of town hall sites on a nice spreadsheet isn’t it? Amazing how his hands’s keep turning up in these protests.  But instead of looking into this and see how your “movement” is being used, you instead play your usual victim card and talk about how unfair it all is.

GPW have you even looked into this? Does it give you pause? Or don’t you care that you are being used by a guy who has made millions defrauding our current system?

If we applied the standards this critic uses to measure the right to the left, they would easily exceed the baseline definition for Astroturfing.

I hadn’t heard of this Rick Scott fellow until left-wing bloggers brought him up–nor would I daresay have 99% of those protesting the President’s health care plans.  Most have legitimate objections to the plan, some concerned they’ll lose the coverage they now have, others aware of the problems created by increased government involvement.

In rebutting this critic, GoCon offered simply that Scott “is not using us, we are using him.”  Perhaps, this guy is as corrupt as left-wingers suggest, but then, so what?   Every political movement, even Mr. Obama’s, has its share of unsavory characters.   And note, this guy is  not running for office, just helping organize efforts to defeat a statist proposal.  How would liberals react if conservatives uncovered a corrupt official on Obama’s side and attempted to define the health care overhaul proponents by him (or her)?

Are the union thugs who beat up Kenneth Gladney representative of the organized support for the President’s plan? (more…)

W Addresses a Critic: A Lesson for his successor (& his supporters)

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:09 pm - August 11, 2009.
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At Gateway Pundit, Jim links footage of former President George W. Bush addressing a critic in a town hall meeting which should be required viewing for all critics (and haters) of that good man, but flawed politician.  The respect the Republican showed for his adversary is at odds with the imagery the left used to portray the man they so regularly demonized.

Note how W tries to silence those who would drown out his critic–how he lets him speak his piece, reacts with humor not defensiveness. And addressed his criticism without badmouthing him.

In short, George W. Bush offers an example for his successor who takes criticism far more personally and judges his adversaries far more harshly.

FROM THE COMMENTS:   ILoveCapitalism writes:

Bush, whatever his faults, never told his leftist moonbat critics (and yes, they were downright kooky – like the guy in the video clip) to sit down, stop talking, etc. as Obama has done. He would not try to suggest they were Nazis, as Pelosi has done. When he disagreed with them, he told them he thought they were wrong, and gave his reasons, which is what a leader of any party should do. He did not question their right to speak – as the Democrats are always doing.

In Health Care Debate,
Spontaneous Enthusiasm on Side of Opponents to President’s Plan

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While there clearly is some popular support for the President’s health care overhaul, the better part of the organized activism (“astroturfing” if you will) is on the left.  It is they who are looking to hire organizers to round up activists, is is their paid professional organizations recruiting supporters to “drown out” opposition, it is their side that is tapping into the wealth of a fiercely partisan billionaire and industry lobbying groups to fund their campaign.

Although the opposition to the President’s plan is clearly being out-organized by the left, as Michael Barone puts it, “the spontaneous enthusiasm” is on the side of those out-organized opponents, “with the Democratic astroturf efforts producing pathetic turnouts and largely spontaneous opposition to the Democratic health care plans producing large turnouts“:

The Democrats’ health care bills have stirred widespread and deeply felt opposition. While some of the protests are organized, the turnout and strong feeling expressed indicate that we are watching something that is largely spontaneous. Try organizing such a protest when almost no one cares much about your issue: no one will show up. It’s the supporters of the Democrats’ health care bills, not their opponents, who are astroturfing—and spending plenty of moolah on television ads and the like.

Emphasis added.  Echoes what Athena said.  Seems likes there’s unity among the Olympians

Predicton: ObamaCare to Continue to Sink in Polls

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:40 pm - August 11, 2009.
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Perhaps, it will be the backlash against the tactics of the President and his allies, smearing those protesting his policies, with unions using a sexually suggestive term to deride them and a Congressman equating them with Klan protests against Civil Rights legislation.  Or perhaps it will be that most Americans don’t agree with Democrats that our health care system is as broken as described.

Imperfect it may be, in need of mending it certainly is, but an overhaul is not necessary.  And since that is how the president is billing is plan, that’s why it’s not gaining traction with the American people.

The President’s traveling dog and pony show may help him hold onto his base, but he likely won’t succeed in winning converts to his cause.  Most people are pretty happy with their health insurance and fear a radical overhaul like the Preident proposes.

To note, in every major poll, support for the various health care plans has diminished since the President turned his attention to the issue, “dropping like  a stone,” in Michael Barone’s words.  Importantly, those most passionate about the issue are overwhelmingly opposed:

Currently 26% strongly favor the legislation and 44% are strongly opposed. This reflects the fact that young voters who favor Democrats’ bills tend not to have strong feelings and older voters who oppose them tend to have strong feelings.

That’s why leftist contentions that our “side will be smaller” notwithstanding, more opponents of the President’s plan continue show up at rallies and townhalls than do proponents.   Even when interest groups allied with the Democrats bus in their supporters.

Leftists Eschew Troublesome Process of Intellectual Engagement

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:00 pm - August 11, 2009.
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In his Welcome to Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future and It Doesn’t Work, James Delingpole anticipated how Obama’s Democrats would respond to Administration critics:

When leftists wish to destroy a conservative’s arguments, they invariably circumvent the troublesome process of actually engaging with them by caricaturing them as “right-wing rant.”  If right-wingers do more than their share of ranting though, there’s probably one very good reason for it.  It’s because they’re in a perpetual state of hair-tearing despair that a counter-ideology of such manifest illogicality and conter-productivity can yet have been able to exert so powerful a grip on society.

Frightened that all too many Democrats Cannot Be Persuaded About Legitimacy of Our Concerns

For some reason for the better part of the day yesterday, Monday, August 10, I didn’t feel much like blogging or really dealing with anything political.  My mind was about as far from politics and the blogosphere as it could get.

I wonder if it is because sometime in the late morning, early afternoon — I’m no longer sure excatly what time — I simply had enough with those on the left, our commenters, pundits, Democratic legislators and even members of the Obama Administration who rather than engage the criticisms of their political, ideological and philosophical adversaries seek to ignore their criticisms and denigrate the critics.

We’ve seen these so many time before.  Why, simply put, do they refuse to accept the legitimacy of our concerns?   Why do they need to badmouth their adversaries?

But, I’ve said this before.

I knew my hiatus from politics was only temporary.  And when, as I cleared my head and prepared for bed, words came to my head, words from the man I sometimes dub the first neo-conservative, a figure beloved on the left for the better part of his life, yet reviled by them at its end.  As Albert Camus increasingly spoke out against the rising tide of Communism, applying to that totalitarian ideology the same standards he applied to Nazism, he lost friends among (and suffered opprobrium and ostracism from) the French left.

It was his words that came to mind, words I used in my first blog post (now long since disappeared into the ether), but which I used to celebrate my six-month blogiversary.  Shortly, after World War II, Camus wrote:

Something in us has been destroyed by the spectacle of the years just past. And this something is the eternal confidence of man, which has always made him believe that one could draw human reactions from another man by speaking to him in the language of humanity. We have seen lying, debasing, killing, deportations, torture, and each time it was not possible to persuade those who were doing it not to do it, because they were so sure of themselves and because one cannot persuade an abstraction, that is to say, the representative of an ideology.

The long conversation of mankind has just ended. And, of course, a man whom one cannot persuade is a man who frightens us….

We live in terror because persuasion is no longer possible, because man has been delivered entirely to history and because he can no longer turn to that part of himself, as true as the historical part, which he discovers in front of the beauty of the world and of human faces…

Emphasis added.

All too many Democrats, including the Speaker of the House and her fellow San Franciscan, my junior Senator, refuse even to be persuaded that those protesting their policies have legitimate concerns.  And that is truly frightening in a society like ours.

So, while perhaps temporily discouraged, I will not be silenced, just as tens of millions of my fellow Americans who have serious concerns about the President’s policies, will continue to speak out, including many who voted for him, hoping that he would change his predecessor’s spendthrift domestic policies.

Differing Attitudes Toward Victory

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“There is no substitute for victory”

Ronald Reagan, quoting Douglas MacArthur

And to the Gipper’s successor, at least in terms of U.S. efforts to defeat our adversaries, “There is no such thing as victory.”