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Did Obama supporters assume that their guy’s election meant opposition would cease*?

One of the things I love about driving cross country, particularly when I traverse the beautiful empty spaces of the American West, is the opportunity let me mind wander.   I listen to books on CD, then sometimes pause the narrative to let my mind wander.  This time, I brought along a digital recorder so I don’t have to risk losing my thought or unnecessarily slow by journey by pulling aside to record the idea a piece of paper.

And pausing from listening to the conclusion of a biography of Lincoln, William F. Buckley, Jr.’s reflections on the Reagan he knew, Tolkien’s recitation of some of his work and now a history of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware, I recorded notes about things to do, ideas for my dissertation, images for my fantasy epic and thoughts about politics.

And from those thoughts I may cull a few ideas for blog posts.  One such thought (which I recall from memory not recording as my digital device is in the car) is how in various ways Obama supporters “repeat” his attempt to push one of his initiatives by waving his 2008 victory in their face by saying “I won” as if electoral victory should serve to ensure legislative victory, closing all debate.

We see this in the media incredulity at the protests against Obama’s big government initiatives and in the anger of left-wingers that conservatives refuse to let a Democratic victory silence them.  And we see it on this blog in such comments as “The ‘national consensus’ on health care reform that you claim doesn’t exist is called the 2008 Presidential Election.”  As if an election means a national consensus has been forged on all the issues the victorious candidate addressed in his campaign. (By that line of thought, there’s a national consensus for a “net spending cut”).

Do these people really assume that because Barack Obama won the presidential election he is entitled to see enacted whatever legislation he proposes?  And that conservatives should just accept it because the candidate most of us supported and the party most of us backed lost last fall?

Now, as you consider this notion, please note the opening paragraphs to this post and the way I expressed it, as a question, not a conclusion.  I put the idea out there for your consideration.  And expressly included it in this blog’s Random Thoughts category.


*except when ginned up by Republicans and the evil corporate interests who back them.

Will Rachel Maddow Call Communications Workers of America Astroturfers?

Since I’m traveling, I haven’t had time to get to catch MSNBC, so don’t know if Rachel Maddow has followed up on her August 19 show where she developed standard to show how a supposed grassroots rally was anything but.  The American Petroleum Institute (API) had sponsored the rally in question against climate control legislation.  She discerned a lack of spontaneity by showing how that business association had bussed in workers wearing distinct T-shirts and bearing pre-printed signs.

Now, we’ve got the Communications Workers of America (CWA) doing just that at a Long Island townhall.  Given Ms. Maddow’s commitment to uncovering the truth and to exposing astroturf wherever she may find it, surely she must have done a segment on the CWA’s attempt to infiltrate Congressman Tim Bishop’s townhall and intimidate concerned citizens, the Democrat’s constituents.

This is not the first time we’ve read about unions attempting to pack town halls.  Ironic that Democrats are doing this given that  they (and their allies) lash out at hundreds of thousands of Americans, calling their spontaneous expressions of opposition to Obamacare as astroturf.

Guess they just wanted to make sure there is some real astroturf there.  The MSM may not report their attempts to pack meetings, but it is seeping out.  It’s only going to intensify the backlash against those who would slime citizens for expressing their grievances.  This backlash is only just beginning–and not just against the big spenders in Washington.  The media’s going to feel the sting as well.