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Olbermann, one of many Obama Groupies Who “Cannot Grasp Nuances of Sarcasm”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:18 pm - August 31, 2009.
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As per my last post, seems the hatred coming from the left is so close to the mainstream that it oozes from the website of the leader of the Democratic Party.  Now, someone blogging there is calling us “heirs of bin Laden” for opposing the President’s health care plan.

Jim Hoft links to a screed there, obviously by someone like Keith Olbermann, who took seriously this obviously sarcastic comment of a participant at a town hall for U.S. Representative Wally Herger  in Redding, California:

I have been known to say things that are fishy. I’ve even been known to attend Redding Tea Party dot com protests. And I want to say that I’m a proud right wing terrorist. (applause) I didn’t come prepared with a lot of notes tonight; I left them, actually, at home while I was looking for my birth certificate.

Burt Stead, the guy who uttered those words, admitted that with he did so in order to “poke fun” at things Obama Obama Administration officials have said and done.

But a left-winger blogging on the President’s behalf, missed the humor, reading Republican reaction as

Republican Representatives, Senators, GOP Party Leader, GOP Political Machine top personnel (e.g., Gingritch), etc etc etc — they’re ALL every one of them applauding and encouraging their zealot-horde by merrily referring to them as “Proud Right-Wing Terrorists”. Google it – I’m not pulling your leg. 

No, this guy’s not pulling our leg, but he is taking himself far too seriously.  A clever Republican was having a bit of fun.  And he and his counterparts on the left, so eager to demonize us, saw this “wing-nut” defining himself (with a straight face) exactly as they see us (with their faces reddening).

Please note that I changed the title to eliminate a confusing double negative.

Left-wing hatred closer to mainstream of “progressive” movement than is that of their counterparts on the right

Had an interesting exchange with Allen, (AKA the Angry Bear) another LA blogger I discovered through an Instalink.  Allen was debating whether or not to buy Shadow Complex, a new video game, created in cooperation with Orson Scott Card, a devout Mormon who has actively worked to block state recognition of same-sex marriages.  As this blogger notes, Card has not just opposed such recognition but also serves on “the board of directors of the National Organization for Marriage, an organization founded in 2007 to resist the legalization of gay marriage.

Oh, and the Angry Bear is straight.

I e-mailed Allen telling him of my decision to patronize El Coyote despite the antics of some juvenile gay activists who demanded a boycott of the popular Hollywood restaurant because a prominent employee made a small contribution to the “Yes on 8” campaign.  To be sure, the circumstances are different.

That said, I was delighted to discover a straight guy who leans right weighing the issues involved in purchasing a product from which an activist against gay marriage would profit.

In the course of our exchange, he articulated the reasons why he is less comfortable with the left than the right, distinguishing intolerant, name-calling left-wingers from their counterparts on the right.

. . . that’s why I have a bigger problem with liberals than I do with conservatives. Even when I agree with the cause (and when it comes to social issues, I’m pretty damned liberal), I loathe the tactics and the mindset, It’s not that the right doesn’t have lunatics and hatemongers, it clearly does, but it always seems to me like the left’s hate and desire to control others is closer to the mainstream of the progressive movement’s thought than those of the right.

The left-wing haters do seem closer to the mainstream of their “movement” than do their conservative counterparts.  I mean, just look at the roster of prominent Democrats who buy into their rhetoric (Ma’am Boxer, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, Al Franken, to note just a few names in the Senate alone) and attend the confabs of the angry left blogs.

Make sure to this thoughtful blogger’s post (it’s not very long).  He offers some good insights into the nature of the left.

And keep an eye on his blog—particularly if you are a gamer.

Teabagger Slur Discredits Those Who Use It

I have long believed that those who use the “tea bag” smear (or any one of its variants) to describe those protesting the Obama Administration’s big spending/big government policies automatically discredit themselves as unable to comment honestly on our movement.  That term, a sexual slur, shows they would rather deride us than engage with our heartfelt opposition to the ever-increasing size (and ever-encroaching power) of the federal government.

I thought I had blogged previously on this subject, but, a few hasty* google searches did not yield the post I thought I had written (so since I recall typing it, I must have said it in an e-mail or in a comment to another blog).

That said, Glenn offered a more succinct expression of this notion:

when I hear someone use it [the term, “teabagger”], I know that nothing they say on the subject is worth taking seriously. Either they’re deliberately using it as a sexual slur, or they’re too ignorant to be worth listening to.

* (more…)

Is there any thing Democrats won’t politicize?

HARRY REIDKennedy’s death “going to help us” on health care.

Our 5,000th Post*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:03 pm - August 31, 2009.
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This is our 5,000th post *since we moved from Blogspot.  So, once again, kudos to our founder Bruce, the GayPatriot for founding this internet home for the American conservative.  Thanks as well to Nick and John for helping us reach that august number in August no less!

Given the relative youth of this blog (not even five years old), that means we’ve averaged over one thousand posts a year!

Obama’s “Diversity” Guy at FCC Loves Hugo Chavez

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:00 pm - August 31, 2009.
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Not sure yet whether to raise a ruckus about this as have Rush and Glenn Beck, but it is something that merits greater attention.

First, given how much public protest the “so-called stimulus” and health care overhaul have generated, it would be foolhardy for the Administration to attempt to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine (as Beck suggests they intend to do).

But, then again, they may believe their own propaganda that these protests are as astroturfed as their own rallies.

That said, given the uproar we’ve seen at attempts by government to take over and increase federal control of the private sector, just imagine the uproar if government attempted to silence various voices on the right.

Perhaps, Rush and Beck are wrong and the appointment of this socialist-supporting official at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not herald increased state-control of the media as we’ve seen in the land ruled by a leader he lauds.   But, don’t you think the media should take note when the President of the United States taps a man who praises the censorious Hugo Chavez to the FCC–and with a brand new title, “Chief Diversity Officer” (whatever that means)?

Here’s what that officer, Mark Lloyd has had to say to about the Venezuelan thug who has shut down an opposition television station:

In Venezuela, with Chavez, you really had an incredible revolution — democratic revolution — to begin to put in place things that were going to have impact on the people of Venezuela. The property owners and the folks who were then controlling the media in Venezuela rebelled — worked, frankly, with folks here in the US government — worked to oust him. He came back and had another revolution, and Chavez then started to take the media very seriously in his country.

So,the Chief Diversity Office of the Federal Communications Commission in the United States defines closing down television stations and censoring opposition media as “taking the media very seriously”?

If the media in our country took their jobs seriously, they’d cover this appointment in greater depth.  Don’t they find it in the least bit troubling that a guy who praises a man who shuts down media outlets now serves in the American government office regulating communication?

Fortunately, what the MSM hasn’t done, bloggers have.

Growing Trend: Democratic Legislators Badmouthing Constituents

Did it begin with Ma’am?

I doubt my state’s junior Senator, Ma’am Barbara Boxer, was the first, but she certainly helped set a trende when she misrepresenied and maligned those Americans, including her constituents in the Golden State, who are protesting Democratic attempts to increase government control over health care as too “well-dressed” to be sincere.

Then, Ma’am’s party leader in the Senate, Harry Reid called his constituents “evil-mongers. ” (Nevadans are among those protesting the President’s health care policies.)  And how he says he wants a business in the Silver State to fail.

Now, it’s New Hampshire Congressperson Carol Shea-Porter’s “curious re-election strategy,” having a retired policeman arrested at a recent townhall when he challenged the presence of union “enforcers” in the crowd (wonder what Rachel Maddow has to say about those fellows).  

This ex-cop wasn’t the only constituent who concerned her.  She has used the sexual slur, “tea-bagger” to slime her constituents protesting the President’s policies.

Here’s the video (which I post as per the advice of an Instapundit reader (“because nothing says ‘you don’t count’ like watching a hale, but older, tax-payer thrown out of a meeting by his elected rep“):

The folks at Now! Hampshire note how the Congressperson has changed since her election:

In four short years Carol Shea-Porter has evolved from a rabble-rousing, town hall disrupting anti-war activist who once had to be forcibly removed from a President George Bush event in Portsmouth to a Member of Congress who instructed armed security guards to remove a frustrated voter from her own town hall event in Manchester on Saturday.

Guess to Democrats, dissent is only patriotic when they’re out of power.  When they’re in power, it becomes treason.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Scott Spiegel writes:

The more I see ordinary citizens yelling, interrupting, and heckling lawmakers over this health care bill, behaviors that would all be extremely rude in social or business settings, the more I come to realize that their actions are perfectly acceptable in these townhall settings, because they are being ignored, talked down to, and forcibly ejected, and rightly fear that they will not be able to take advantage of the one opportunity they have to speak directly to lawmakers.

Emphasis added.