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Three Million on 9/12…Right Here

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:45 am - September 13, 2009.
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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.  Sometime shortly before midnight, GayPatriot got its 3,000,000th unique visitor.  It is quite fitting that this milestone came on the day that The American Patriot was reborn in the 9/12 Tea Parties across the USA.  I believe in fate, and this one I can’t ignore.

In addition to thanking all of our readers, supporters and detractors — I must thank my co-blogger Dan Blatt.  For much of the past year Dan has carried GayPatriot on his own and I am so very grateful. My real job has taken a lot of my time and I’ve had other personal matters that I’ve focused on rather than blogging.

Thank you Dan. For me, you will always be “GayPatriotWest”  🙂

I announced a “3 Million” contest back in May.  The contest was who could come closest to guessing the date & time we would get our 3,000,000th visitor.

Rob (aka That Gay Conservative) guessed September 1st and is the winner!  He came within 11 days.  Congrats, Rob. I should note that Rob also won the 2,000,000 contest last year.  Remind me not to play cards with you, Rob!  🙂

Our next best guess was from GP reader Beverly who picked September 28.  Because I am in a giving mood, I will be sending the “John Adams” DVD to both of them.

Finally, a personal note which is rare for me to do here.  This blog was started in response to the outrageous violation of civil liberties upon gay Republican Congressional staffers by left-wing activists.  I didn’t know what I was doing in 2004 when I started writing “GayPatriot” — all I knew was the “outings” were wrong and anti-American behavior and I wanted to shine a light on the practice.

We have evolved over time into the first-stop on the Internet for gay conservatives & supporters in the USA and in many countries around the world.  Over the past year, I have thought repeatedly of giving up writing at GayPatriot.  The lies, vitriol and malice of our opponents wears me down.  But for every “Tano/Ian/Raj”, there are many more Leahs, NorthDallas30s, ThatGayConservatives & ILoveCapitalisms. Thank you, my friends.

Most of our readers are not gay and many never knew that there were such things as patriotic, pro-capitalist, pro-military gay Americans until this blog was born.  And finally, I feel a kinship with our Founding Fathers and those who have had to stand up against the forces of freedom and liberty.  With the current Administration’s plans and tactics laid bare, I simply will not be silenced in my opposition.  I shouldn’t speak for Dan, but I believe he and I both feel a responsibility to continue doing the best we can here to dispel the myths about gay Americans and stand up for what we believe in.

Thanks again everyone.  Let’s shoot for another million soon!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Is Joe Wilson the new Carrie Prejean?
Or, Do the President’s Words Mean Nothing to House Democrats?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:28 am - September 13, 2009.
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Unlike some conservatives, I did not celebrate South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst on the House floor, crying, “You Lie!” while the President delivered his health care address.  While I share his opinion about the President’s dishonesty (as does apparently the White House), I don’t think it appropriate for a Member of Congress (or any individual for that matter) to shout out during a presidential address.

Show respect for the office, even when you disagree with the man who occupies it.

But, now that the media and House Democrats are giving Wilson the Carrie Prejean treatment, I’m beginning to fall into the camp of the Palmetto State Republican.  I never would have heard of the socially conservative California beauty queen had it not been for the media obsession with her response to a question, offering her honest opinion on marriage (which happens to be that of a majority of voters in her home state as well as that of the President of the United States).

I only began to sympathize with her as left-wingers (particularly gay left-wingers) began to demonize her.

And now with Democrats threatening to “censure Wilson” unless he apologizes “on the House floor in front of his colleagues,” they’re making a martyr of a man for his boorish behavior.*  He apologized, the president accepted his apology.  Since Mr. Obama was the one interrupted, shouldn’t this acceptance end the matter?  Shouldn’t we, as the Democratic chief executive asks, move on and focus “on the issues at hand”?

Yet, Democrats don’t want to move on; they just can’t let go of Joe Wilson (just as some gay activists couldn’t let go of Carrie Prejean.)

These Democrats seem far more thin-skinned than Republicans (or perhaps just far more eager to score political points).  While they demand this one, lone Republican apologize on the House floor for his boorish behavior, four years ago, Republicans didn’t demand Democrats apologize (or face censure) for booing the the then-Republican President during his constitutionally sanctioned State of the Union address.   Unlike Wilson, those Democrats didn’t even apologize privately to the President (through his representative) nor did any of them release a statement indicating they regretted their ill-manner outbursts.

Tell you what, if they want to censure Wilson, let them reprimand him together with those Democrats who failed to apologize for booing Bush.  At least that would show some consistency.

* (more…)

Actual number at D.C. Tea Party

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:40 am - September 13, 2009.
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Like Allahpundt, I’ve been trying to get an actual number of people who rallied in Washington yesterday against big government.  It seems the two million figure in one British paper was off the mark.  It seems the turnout was easily in the “healthy six figures.

No matter what the final total turns out to be, you can bet that the MSM and left-wing blogs will do many a story and many a post on how the right-wing blogs overestimated the crowd size and therefore the movement isn’t as big as they claim it is.  And therefore should not be taken seriously.

Just a thought.

UPDATE from Bruce (GayPatriot): Astonishingly, the NY Times shoots down two liberal myths & strawmen about the Tea Parties in their coverage of the 9/12 protests!

The demonstrators numbered well into the tens of thousands, though the police declined to estimate the size of the crowd. [1] Many came on their own and were not part of an organization or group. But [2] the magnitude of the rally took the authorities by surprise, with throngs of people streaming from the White House to Capitol Hill for more than three hours.