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Another Narrow-minded* Leader the Gay Left:
Using a 9/11 Letter to Rant Against Right-Wingers

If you just want to see how polticized and full of hate the leadership of gay organizations has become, take a gander at the 9/11 letter of Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center of Lesbian Rights.  Instead of remembering the victims of the terrorist attacks, instead of condemning the perpetrators (who hold women and gay people (you know those for whom a center for lesbian rights concern themselves) in particular scorn), she lashes out at the “far right”:

As I listened to President Obama’s health care address to Congress Wednesday night, it felt so good to be proud of our President again, yet the legacy he inherited is proving to be almost too much to overcome. The most toxic, racist, mean-spirited fringe of the far right have more power over our national discourse than ever in modern history. Rep. Joe Wilson’s unprecedented breach of civility in his “uncontrolled” outburst is just the tip of the iceberg. But if we fail to steer clear of this virulent political atmosphere, our agenda of human and civil rights for LGBT folks in this country will be the Titanic. If Obama’s plan for reforming health care runs aground, you may as well head for the lifeboats. (Okay, I’ll stop now with the ocean disaster metaphors.)

The same forces who are apoplectic at the idea (THE IDEA!) that health care would be provided to undocumented workers are the same forces who fight against any progress or reform in favor of rights and security for LGBT folks. A lack of humanity and compassion does not suddenly emerge with the appearance of a U.S. birth certificate. If you are queer in this country, these folks hate you every bit as much as they hate an undocumented laborer worried about how she will get medicine for her baby. Obama must win on health care reform—because as LGBT people, we need that reform as much as anyone, and because his entire national agenda of greater inclusion, security, and humanity for all of us hangs in the balance.

Emphasis added. WOW.  Just wow.  On 9/11, throwing a temper tantrum against the far right while ignoring Islamic extremism.  (You know those people who want to destroy America and kill homosexuals.)  I’m almost speechless at her politically correct intolerance.

This is how she chooses to remember 9/11 by dressing up Obamacare as gay rights and launching into a broadside against the right?!?!? (more…)

Politicking during Mass – How is this even legal?

The Catholic Church speaking up forcefully about its teachings on same-sex marriage is clearly protected under the First Amendment, a right I strongly support even though I just as strongly disagree with their view. However, how is their collecting money during Mass for a political campaign even legal? The tax exempt status churches and other organizations enjoy is not a right, but instead is a privilege we as a society extend for valid reasons. This privilege is one I personally see as a bulwark against government intrusion into freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. Yet I do not see such direct intereference in the political process by such tax exempt churches and organizations as being part of the bargain. Certainly this isn’t unique as the Catholic Church isn’t the only such organization to take such bold steps, one can undoubtedly find many examples on all sides of the political spectrum over the years. This leads me to question though whether tax exemption in modern times has become nothing more than a subsidy of sorts which religious and secular organizations exploit in order to further their own agendas, whether liberal or conservative, something that groups not having such a luxury are at a disadvantage in countering. Perhaps it’s time to re-examine our laws concerning tax exemption, but I must admit to concerns about even such a move as this because given the partisan use this “re-examination” could be put to the reason for even having this privilege could be put into jeopardy.

I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this…

– John (Average Gay Joe)

With Trust in Accuracy of Press at Two-Decade Low,
No Wonder More People Turn to Blogs For their News

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:18 pm - September 14, 2009.
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In a week where the MSM misses many of the big stories (an Obama adviser’s radical views, the growing grassroots opposition to big government), at a time when many media outlets downplay major scandals of the majority party, it should come as no surprise that

The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows.

Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate.

It’s not just the changes wrought by the internet which account for declining newspaper circulation smaller audiences for network news. It’s also the bias practiced by the (once-)leading news outlets. Don Surber agrees that the changes are more than just new technologies:

My take is that people are better educated and older today than they were 24 years ago. The technology has changed. And the media is more partisan today, perhaps because there is more competition — and perhaps because objectivity is so darned hard.

People are better informed than they were a quarter-century ago and hence more skeptical of what they hear from the supposed non-partisan purveyors of information.

Barely one-quarter of Americans “say that news organizations are careful that their reporting is not politically biased.”  Jennifer Rubin thinks it might helped if news organizations ‘fessed up: “Perhaps if mainstream news outlets owned up to their bias rather than hunker down in willful ignorance, there might be a chance to recover the public’s trust.

And this is why blogs are becoming a better source of news.   You know where we’re coming from.  We bloggers don’t pretend we’re something we’re not.  We here at GayPatriot make quite clear that we’re gay conservatives.  It’s right there on our masthead.

Maybe the New York Times should change its motto to All that News that Liberals Find Fit to Print.

Obama’s Health Care Speech No Game-Changer

Nate Silver may well be the Michael Barone of the left.  He has a gift for analyzing polls and pulling out the significant nuggets to show trends in popular opinion.  He finds that the Washington Post makes a mess in its analysis of its own poll on health care reform.

And even as Silver finds indications of support for the public option, Jennifer Rubin observes

Obama made no statistically measurable difference in the health-care debate. Before the speech, Americans (not voters, as other polls generally measure) opposed ObamaCare by a margin of 50-45 percent. Afterward, by a margin of 48-46 percent. (The margin of error is +/- 3 percent). Fifty-four percent say the more they learn the less they like it. (The poll numbers for ObamaCare are virtually identical in that regard to those for HillaryCare.)

Emphasis added.  In short, the speech didn’t change many minds.  Maybe Obama really does lack the power to persuade.

Even former Bill Clinton aide George Stephanapolous finds that the President’s Speech aas no game-changer.  Like Rubin, he notes that voters have barely budged on the issue.

Yeah, he got a modest bounce, but that’s pretty much what conservative bloggers, including yours truly, were predicting.

UPDATESupport for Health Care Plan Falls Back To Pre-Speech Levels.

UP-UPDATE:  Gallup and Rasmussen: No Bump for Obama on Health Care

Classy & Classless

All at the same time, in fact.



Can we officially declare Kanye West as “Douchebag of the Century”?

And Beyonce as “Goddess of the Century”?  She is talented, smart and classy.

The Leftists that embraced him when he said “President Bush hates black people” should be ashamed of themselves now.  *crickets chirping*

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Are the Keystone Cops Running U.S. Foreign Policy?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:30 am - September 14, 2009.
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Having appreciated the spirited campaign Hillary Clinton waged in the late spring of 2008 for the Democratic presidential nomination, I wondered last January if she could become a great Secretary of State.  But, yet, in the nearly eight months since she has taken office as the nation’s top diplomat, she has faded into the background, becoming, in the words of a liberal-leaning writer, “invisible.”

Mrs. Clinton doesn’t seem to be wielding much influence in U.S. foreign policy, perhaps the first time a president has used his most important appointment to silence one of his rivals.  You just don’t see him turning to her for advice as past presidents have turned to their secretaries of state.

And I wonder if it was she or the President who ordered the State Department to deny visas to the interim President of Honduras as well as 17 other top officials of his government, all chosen in the manner stipulated by the nation’s constitution:

Washington has revoked the visas of Honduras’ interim president and 17 other top officials to pressure the Central American nation to reinstate ousted leader Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’ government said Saturday.

The interim government expects the United States to revoke the visas of at least 1,000 more public officials “in the coming days,” Information Minister Rene Zepeda told The Associated Press.

(H/t:  Rick Richman.)

Refusing to grant visas to those who exercise just and lawful authority in an allied nature while calling a man, who won a second term as President of a nation openly hostile to the U.S. by clearly fraudulent means (as his government puts down a popular protest with an iron fist), “the elected leader” of Iran.

This is not smart diplomacy, this is diplomacy by the Keystone Cops.

N.B. Read Nick’s recent post for background on the situation in Honduras.

UDPATE: Abe Greenwald finds that the Obama foreign policy has helped distance the U.S. from our Eastern European allies.  Wonder if that’s the leaders of those nation’s have a particular affinity with the United States because of their recent experience with Communism, you know, that notion of shared ideals.

The Honest Joe Wilson Refuses to Apologize Again

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:46 am - September 14, 2009.
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So, let’s see a guy named Joe Wilson shouts out during President Obama’s address and accuses him of lying. But, another guy named Joe Wilson makes a name for himself by lying about President Bush.

Guess which one apologized? The one whose outburst, boorish though it may have been, had at least a grain of truth.  And more, so much more as he articulates below.

(H/t Gateway Pundit who calls the South Carolina Congressman “Truth Czar”.)