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Feinstein Acknowledges Fiscal Concerns of Obamacare Opponents

My junior Senator may dismiss her constituents’ concerns with great regularity, but my state’s senior Senator, despite her liberal inclination, has almost always shown respect for her ideological adversaries.

And now, instead of marching in lockstep with her party’s leadership, Dianne Feinstein shows that she’s been listening to her constituents, expressing skepticism about her party’s proposed health care overhaul:

I just find that if you’re going to remake a sixth of the American economy, it’s very difficult at this time of great economic angst. . . .

There is real concern over debt and deficits, and whether this bill will create additional entitlements.

This is not to say Senator Feinstein opposes all of then rovisions of the various Democrat health care bills (indeed she supports many), but only to show that she understands that the cost of this programs concerns her, especially during the difficult economic times.

It’s too bad more Democrats have not acknowledged some of the concerns of Obamacare opponents as has Mrs. Feinstein.  She honors our state by her civility and by the respect she shows for those not on the same page with her politically.  And indeed, often incorporates their ideas into her program.

Via Don Surber who observes:

[Feinstein] is actually with Republicans in wanting to open up insurance. Currently, states control health insurance. Under the Interstate Commerce Clause, Congress could indeed open insurance competition across state lines.

Doesn’t this Undermine the Separation of Powers?

Look, I believe one should show respect for the President of the United States, but I don’t believe the respect makes him immune from harsh criticism.

I also appreciate the balance of powers that James Madison established in our Constitution, creating a tension between the executive and legislative branches.  But, when you regulate the language House members can use in criticizing the President, that seems to show undue deference to the executive.

Paying little heed to the brilliance of Madison’s design,

House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has released a helpful, updated primer for members regarding their conduct on the floor and in committees.

Especially useful: The section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the in the chamber.

Via Jim Hoft who opines:

House Democrats have decided to ban free speech in the US House of Representatives.
House members will no longer be able to call President Obama a “liar” even when he’s lying.

Ma’am Talks Regularly with Woman Who Killed her Husband?!?!
UPDATED: Boxer’s Office Says Woman Has Not Spoken With Her

Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

Wonder how many media outlets in the Golden State will investigate this story.

In the latest video taken by James O’Keefe, the freelance investigative reporter posting as a pimp as he seeks housing assistance at various ACORN offices, he talks with Tresa Kaelke in the organization’s San Bernardino, California office.  Ms. Kaelke not only boasts of killing her husband, but also of talking regularly to our state’s junior Senator, Ma’am Barbara Boxer.

Look, I doubt this Ms. Kaelke actually talks with Ma’am on a regular basis (indeed wonder if she ever has).  She is likely just boasting of her access to enhance her statute.

That said, you can bet if the official of a corrupt right-wing organization with extensive ties to the GOP and to a Republican President had made such a claim, various media oulets would immediately launch an investigation.  So, I ask our Golden State readers who follow local media to alert me should they see any followups to this exposé.

(NB Edited post since initially publication to improve flow.)

UPDATE:  I just spoke with someone in Ma’am’s Los Angeles office who was unaware of the story.  He also said there is “no record” of California’s junior Senator holding any townhall meetings.  He suggested I call Mrs. Boxer’s Washington press office where I asked them if Ms. Kaelke’s contention (of regular contact with Ma’am) was accurate.  They promised to get back to me.  I’ll let you know as soon as I get a response.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Leah, who called Ma’am’s LA office after I did, got a response I didn’t get:

Initially I was told by the very nice guy who answered the phone that they have no comment on this. But I should know that ma’am Boxer voted against funding Acorn in the senate.

Seems our calls are having an effect.

FROM THE COMMENTS #2: Seems Ms. Kaelke wasn’t boasting about her ties with California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod .  So, perhaps I was too hasty in questioning her credibility.

UP-UPDATE:  Just received this from Natalie Ravitz, Senior Advisor to Mrs. Boxer:

I got your message regarding this tape of the ACORN worker “Teresa”:   Not only has this woman never talked to Senator Boxer, but we’ve checked with our staff here in Washington and in each of our California offices, and no one has ever heard of her or spoken to her.

Time to Contribute To Joe Wilson’s Campaign

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:46 pm - September 15, 2009.
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Since the U.S. House of Representatives “voted to admonish Rep. Joe Wilson over his ‘You lie’ outburst to President Barack Obama during the president’s health care speech to Congress last week,” I encourage GayPatriot readers to join me in contributing to the South Carolina Republican’s campaign.

Looks like Democrats are making a martyr out of this Republican for behaving in a manner similar to that of many of their fellow partisans just four years ago when a Republican President addressed a joint session of Congress.

I agree with Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, who blogged:

Our economy is struggling, families are hurting. And yet, this Congress is poised to demand an apology from a man who has already apologized. It’s a disappointment to millions of Americans. Last week the Speaker of the House said, ‘It’s time to talk about health care.’ I say Speaker Pelosi was half right. The American people want less politics and more jobs. They want this Congress to put aside petty, partisan politics. To put aside this plan for a government takeover of health care and focus on what we know has always worked to get this economy moving again. That’s fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C. and immediate tax relief for working families, small businesses and family farms.

With unemployment and federal deficits skyrocketing, House Democrats take precious time to vote on censuring a man who has already shown his contrition.  Don’t think this is the change people hoped for when they voted for Democrats last fall.

Democrats Continue to Make a Martyr of Joe Wilson

If House Democrats go forward with their “Resolution of Disapproval” of the honest Joe Wilson, not only will they look petty, but they will cause this citizen of California to make a contribution to the South Carolina Republican’s campaign and have him encourage his blog readers to do the same.

Hey, Nancy, the guy apologized.  The President accepted his apology.  Isn’t it time to move on and focus on the issue at hand, you know, like the President said?

The Democrats intend to milk this for all it’s worth, to, in Jennifer Rubin’s words, “to paint the opposition to ObamaCare as unhinged—or, as the Democrats have described their fellow citizens, ‘silly’ or ‘evil-mongers’ or ‘un-American.’”  (Rubin’s short post is well worth your time..)  But, in the end, largely because Wilson apologized immediately after his outburst, it will likely backfire on the Democrats, strengthening the man (and the movement) they seek to destroy, much as Obiwan foretold:

Oh, and, let’s hope some intrepid reporter asks Speaker Pelosi why she won’t offer similar condemnation of her fellow Democrats for booing President Bush back in 2005.

I Agree With President Obama

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 10:12 am - September 15, 2009.
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Obama calls Kanye West a Jackass.