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Selective outrage by a liberal blogger

Liberal blogger Pam Spaulding posted today about the brutal beating of a black woman by a white man in Georgia. The attack on this woman by itself would spark outrage, but the fact that it was done to the victim in front of her terrified young daughter only makes it worse. Add to this that the victim is a military servicemember and the alleged perp comes across as being quite the lowlife, which his mugshot does nothing to dispel. Spaulding is right to feel outraged about this attack. Anyone with a shred of decency would. What confuses me about Spaulding’s post on this is the conclusion she draws that “we see yet again that a post-racial society is nowhere to be found”. She follows this comment with a link to a “related” post:

Former President Carter charges racism is behind Wilson’s – and teabagger/birther – outbursts

Interesting, though the connection between the attack in Georgia and the ex-President’s odd remarks escapes me. If this particular attack shows that we are still not in a “post-racial society”, which I presume from the “related” link is the fault of the “teabagger/birther outbursts”, what are we to make of this attack a couple of days ago on a white student by fellow classmates who are black? Is this too the result of “teabagger/birther outbursts”, which would seem to be counter-productive of supposed white racists? Finally, why did Spaulding select the attack on the Georgia woman alone as her example and not include the attack on the Illinois boy? Hmm… curious. Certainly there couldn’t be selective outrage here motivated by partisanship, could there be? Naaaah. Of course not. That would like claiming that thousands of people who turned out to protest a president’s policies were all motivated purely by racism and not because of, say political disagreement.

Oh wait.

— John (Average Gay Joe)

Name-calling: Tactic of (All Too Many) Obama Supporters

About those who use the “teabagger” slur to describe those protesting the President’s big government policies, I wrote last month

That term, a sexual slur, shows they would rather deride us than engage with our heartfelt opposition to the ever-increasing size (and ever-encroaching power) of the federal government.

Today, Jim Geraghty offers a thought in a similar vein:

I think I saw on Twitter the other day someone making the case that “teabaggers” is the new Godwin’s Law. Once you see someone using the term, it’s a marker that they’re not interested in exchanging ideas or persuading the opposition; they just want to call someone names.

That does seem to describe huge segments of the left nowadays.  Just look at all the leftists claiming those protesting Obama’s proposed overhaul of our health care system are racist.

UPDATE:  Althouse takes issue with Jimmy Carter’s unfounded accusations:

Jimmy Carter’s supremely sleazy accusation requires a solid, sound rebuke. It is an effort to place the President of the United States beyond criticism.

Imagine if, before last year’s election, someone had argued: If a black man becomes President, anyone who dares to criticize him will be called a racist.

(H/t Glenn)

SHOCKER! CBS News Blows Hole In Another Obama Lie

This is liquid-spitting material.  Not because it isn’t true (and most of us knew it already)… but because CBS News of all outlets is the one reporting it!

The Obama administration has privately concluded that a cap and trade law would cost American taxpayers up to $200 billion a year, the equivalent of hiking personal income taxes by about 15 percent.

A previously unreleased analysis prepared by the U.S. Department of Treasury says the total in new taxes would be between $100 billion to $200 billion a year. At the upper end of the administration’s estimate, the cost per American household would be an extra $1,761 a year.

A second memorandum, which was prepared for Obama’s transition team after the November election, says this about climate change policies: “Economic costs will likely be on the order of 1 percent of GDP, making them equal in scale to all existing environmental regulation.”

WHOA. Mr. President — what happened to “tax cuts for 95% of all Americans”?  Or at the very least — “tax hikes for those making above $250,00.  This doesn’t even count the hidden tax of healthcare reform that most middle-class families will pay.

It turns out that US Rep. Joe Wilson was right.  The President and his fellow organizers in the White House DO LIE.  Repeatedly.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

President’s rhetoric: CPR for the GOP
(but just because its heart is beating doesn’t mean it’s fit to win)

Observing the “a trace of a hint of a shadow of a smile” on the normally taciturn face of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s face as President Obama spoke to the nation about health care, George Will quipped that “the president’s rhetoric was becoming CPR for the Republican Party.”  (H/t:  Instapundit.)  Just as CPR helps restore the heart’s normal rhythm, the president’s rhetoric has helped bring the GOP back from the brink.

It hasn’t, however, given the party the strength it needs to become America’s majority party once again.  Dan Riehl reminds us that to regain that status, it’s not enough to oppose the President’s statist proposals, we must also come up with new ideas on how we want to govern the country:

We need to start thinking seriously about what it is we would propose and push, not only tear down whatever opposition we realize we are up against. I watched the Left go a very long time seemingly without that mission. Even when Bush was in his second term, one it was always clear he would get to serve out – they continued to attack in ways that actually hurt them in the eyes of many moderates and centrists that exist. It wasn’t until Obama captured that energy and put it to positive use that they actually found themselves getting anywhere.

I’ve no desire to sink into the pit of anger and unhinged attacks they found themselves sinking and looking so ugly in for so long a time.

To prevent us from becoming like the angry left, Dan wants us to consider this question

So, how can we turn ourselves toward a more constructive direction, beginning to support and push the positive ideas, agendas and people that can deliver us the actual results we want and America needs?


Senator Doesn’t Know How Many Czars There Are

If a member of the United States Senate, you know, serving in a branch of government which is supposed to be overseeing the executive branch, doesn’t know how many czars there are, that suggests these officials are operating without adequate legislative oversight.

Over at Nice Deb‘s blog, I chanced upon this statement from Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander:

Commenting on the same video, Ed Morrissey observes that the GOP has begun to pushback on czars, starting “in the Senate, the legislative body Barack Obama has bypassed with his proliferation of unaccountable commissars in government.

Morrissey links a Washington Post op-ed by Alexander’s colleague from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison, who raises the constitutional question:

Unfortunately — and in direct contravention of the Framers’ intentions — virtually no one can say with certainty what these individuals do or what limits are placed on their authority. We don’t know if they are influencing or implementing policy. We don’t know if they possess philosophical views or political affiliations that are inappropriate or overreaching in the context of their work. (more…)

With Anemic Ratings, Anderson Cooper Dwells on “Race Factor”:
Ignores Racist Tone of Carter’s 1970 Gubernatorial Campaign

Thanks to Anderson Cooper, I got an extra few minutes of cardio last night.  As I was cooling down on the stairmaster, his CNN program came on one of the television monitors.  Breathlessly, he was reporting something I had just read on Gateway Pundit, the worst president in U.S. history (well, at least since the Civil War) had told NBC’s Brian Williams that there was “Racist Tone” to a Tea Party protesters rallying against President Obama’s policies.

I was curious to see how much time Cooper devoted to Jimmy Carter’s remarks:

An overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American

I live in the South, and I have seen the South come a long way. And I have seen the rest of the country that shared the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans.

With this unfounded accusation as the lead-in, Cooper devoted the first quarter hour of his program to probing the supposed “Race Factor” in the protests.  Of course, he didn’t have any evidence of the racial motivations of the Tea Party protesters, just the ramblings of a doddering, bitter old man.

But, there is evidence showin that Mr. Carter tapped into the “South’s attitude toward minority groups” in his successful campaign for the Democratic Georgia gubernatorial nomination in 1970:

Carter won the governorship of Georgia in 1970 via a race-baiting campaign. In his 2004 book The Real Jimmy Carter, Steven Hayward writes that Carter’s campaign staff sent an anonymous mailer “to barbershops, country churches, and rural law enforcement officers containing a grainy photo of [his Democratic opponent Carl] Sanders, part owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, at an after-game locker room victory celebration. Two black players were pouring champagne over Sanders’s head. The Atlanta Constitution noted, ‘In the context of the sports pages, it was a routine shot … But in the context of this political campaign it was a dangerous smear that injected both race, alcohol, and high living into the campaign.’ Carter’s senior campaign aides Bill Pope, Hamilton Jordan, and Jerry Rafshoon were behind the mailing; Pope was even spotted passing out the flyers at a Ku Klux Klan rally … The Carter campaign also produced a leaflet noting that Sanders had paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. (more…)