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Where Was Nancy Pelosi These Past Eight Years?

So, now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi laments the coarsening of our political discourse.  Guess she wasn’t listening when her fellow House Democrats booed President George W. Bush when he delivered the constitutionally-sanctioned State of the Union address in 2005.

(H/t Riehl World Review*)

Did Mrs. Pelosi ever lament the decline of civility when her political allies and members of her own partisan caucus leveled harsh criticisms against the then-President, with her own party chairman boasting that he hated Republicans.  (If you have links to Nancy Pelosi chastising Bush-haters when that good man, but flawed leader, served in the White House, please let me know so I can update this post accordingly.)

Indeed, has the Speaker even taken issue with her political allies who have been stirring up “political violence” in recent months?

. . . it’s coming from the unions. And from ObamaCare supporters, such as the protester in Tucson who elbowed a man to the head after disrupting a Tea Party forum. The incitement is coming from groups supporting ObamaCare like HCAN, who trains their followers on how to disrupt town-hall forums and create turmoil.

And she has the audacity to claim that it is her party trying to “restore civility in Washington.

Physician, heal thyself.  (Just do it before Obamacare takes effect so you can avoid the red tape.)

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Obama to Allies: Drop Dead

President Barack Obama, 5 April, 2009:

“As long as the threat [to Eastern Europe] of Iran persists, we will go forward with a missile defense system that is cost effective and proven.”

17 September, 2009: “AP NewsBreak: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb

17 September, 2009: “U.S. scraps [Eastern European] missile defense shield plans”.


Oh, and for the record, I’ve already heard the Obamaphile talking points about the parsing of “cost-effective and proven”. Hmm: 19 June, 2009: “Hawaii getting anti-missile defense system after North Korea test threat“. Good enough for his home state, not for our allies in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps there wasn’t enough incentive to throw Hawaii to the wolves? 17 September, 2009: “ANALYSIS-US firms, others may gain from shield pullback“. (By the way, one of these firms is the Obama flag-waving GE.)

But at least all those bad old days of Blackwater and irresponsible foreign policy that only made us weaker are behind us now, no?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HQ)

UPDATE (from Dan);  Seems Democrats are none too happy:

What are you getting? You’re getting the same thing you got when he sold out Honduras to Chavez over that non-coup “coup” they staged: The warm fuzzy glow of knowing that George Bush would heartily disapprove.

Of New Jersey and Nutjobs

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:27 pm - September 17, 2009.
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Finding a “remarkable level of anger toward Barack Obama in a lot of our recent polling so for New Jersey,” Tom Jensen writes that his outfit Public Policy Polling “decided to go a step further in determining how extreme some people’s feelings are about the President and asked respondents if they think he is the Anti-Christ.

The numbers, he found, were “eye popping:” “8% said yes. 13% aren’t sure. Among Republicans 14% said yes and 15% weren’t sure.”

To be sure, he did point out that “extremism in New Jersey isn’t limited to the right though. 19% of voters in the state, including 32% of Democrats, think that George W. Bush had prior knowledge of 9/11.”   Delving further into the poll, Allahpundit finds “that the split among Democrats on Trutherism is almost a mirror image of the split among Republicans on Birtherism.

All this got me wondering to what extent Jensen and other pollsters explored the extremity of some people’s feelings about the President when a Republican served in the White House.

These numbers threw a few left-wing bloggers in a tizzy, as if this were the proof they needed to show that conservatives really were nutjobs.  Yet, I grant we do have some nutjobs in our midst.  I even talked to a truther at one of the Tea Parties I attended.  But, look, there are nutjobs on both sides, as one left-of-center blogger, perusing the same poll acknowledged, “only 48% of Jersey Republicans who definitively are not Birthers, and 49% of Dems who are officially not Truthers. Don’t you just love our polarized politics?

Indeed, despite the handful of whackos I met at the Tea Parties, I’ve been impressed the overall civility of the crowds.  Yet, it seems that all too many in the media wish to feature the most extreme signs which, at a really with hundreds of thousands, if not a million, participants, you’re bound to find.

While there are, as this poll shows, extremes on both sides of the political aisle, the media does seem to dwell on those on the right and downplay those on the left.

UPDATE: In a good piece on the phenomenon referencing in the concluding paragraphs, Nice Deb offers:

Members of the left-wing media (we no longer call them MSM) go out of their way to seek out the more extreme members of conservative protests, and then those are often grossly mischaracterized as this black gun aficionado was on MSNBC.

Tea party critics in the media are appalled by the Obama/Hitler comparisons which are done primarily by Democrat Lyndon LaRouche supporters.

Where were these critics during the Bush years, when Bush was compared to Hitler on an almost daily basis by the left? What was one of the left’s favorite nicknames for President Bush? Bushitler?

Where was the media when protesters’ signs reflected their demented, violent, deathwishes against the President?

Where was Nancy Pelosi?  Read the whole thing!

ABCNews Joins Carter in accusing Obamacare Opponents of Racism

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:59 pm - September 17, 2009.
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The worst President in U.S History (well at least since the Civil War), perhaps the only U.S. President since the Civil Rights movement to have won an election by making explicitly racist appeals to white voters, is once again accusing of Obama critics of racism,  He does realize that if he wants anyone to pay attention to him, he has to attack conservatives.

And now, we’ve got another media outlet following in Anderson Cooper’s footsteps (you know, the footsteps that lead to poor ratings), devoting an entire segment to accusations in a similar vein.

Yeah, there has been some harsh and nasty rhetoric at some of the rallies against big government, but there was even more harsh, nasty and mean-spirited rhetoric at the rallies in the first eight years of the current decade protesting the then-President. Wonder if ABC News ran any segments on the hatred at those rallies, speculating that the opposition was driven in part by a refusal to accept a Republican President.

And wonder if Anderson Cooper (or anyone at CNN) ran a story on the “Communist Factor” at anti-Bush rallies, given that they had closer ties to Communism than the anti-big government rallies have to racism. A “major organizer” of a great many of those protests was International ANSWER, little more than Communist-front organization.

Sex, Scandal and ACORN

Would the House have joined the Senate today in voting to deny ACORN federal funding if James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles had conducted a different, less prurient kind of “sting” operation, posing not as pimp and prostitute, but instead as a deadbeat Dad and his new wife, trying to get help buying a home, despite his past backruptcies, delinquent child support payments and bad credit report.

In short, without the sexual angle, would the latest ACORN scandal have attracted any notice?

For much longer the past year, conservative editorial pages, newsmagazines, websites, blogs and even the inerior pages of major dailies have been rife with stories of corruption, mismanagement and malfeasance at this left-wing organization.  We’ve read of embezzlement, money shuffling, vote fraud, racketeering.  Just last week, “arrest warrants were issued” in Florida for 11 workers hired by ACORN “on charges of voter registration fraud.”

And yet none of these stories stirred the popular imagination or registered outside the domains of conservative blogs (and other right-of-center circles).  Now, a guy poses as a pimp, looking for the left-wing organization’s help in setting up a brothel and even Jon Stewart takes notice.  The Senate votes to deny the group federal funding, the House follows suit.  The President tries to distance himself from the organization whose support he eagerly embraced and whose coffers his campaign generously filled.

Our lesson of the day?  Sex sells.

UPDATE:   (more…)

Presumptuous of President to Push Health Care Without a Plan?

Is it just me, or maybe this notion is just my expression of an idea that has been cropping up in the various blogs I read and news/opinion sites I frequent?

Does it strike other people as presumptuous that with all his pontificating on health care,* the President still hasn’t come forward with a particular plan with specific details of what he intends to do.  Instead of legislation (or even a draft of his speech), he delivered a laminated copy of talking points to the legislators assembled to hear his address last week.

With a plan, he could show clearly that this or that provision is not in the bill.   And those who oppose the overhaul could identify the particular provisions which concern them.

Yes, I know that today we’re celebrating Constitution Day and it took the delegates an entire summer to hammer out the Constitution, but those pressing for ratification did not do so until after the delegates had agreed on a final document.  I know the situations are different. But, one thing is the same, if you’re going to ask for popular support, shouldn’t you have a particular plan you want people to support?

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Constitution Day:
Celebrating the Achievement (Against Great Odds)
of a Remarkable Group of Patriots

Today, September 17, 2009 is Constitution Day, marking the 222nd anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution in Philadelphia.  Given the concerns expressed by the delegates from the various states assembled in the summer of 1787, that they could agree on a framework for a federal government is truly remarkable.

About this remarkable accomplishment, the distinguished historian Edmund S. Morgan wrote in “Postscript: Philadelphia 1787“*

What happened in Philadelphia that summer was the culminating achievement of the Enlightenment in America, if not the world.  Fifty-five men agreed on a way of government that has been more successful in almost every way than any other in a thousand years and more.  Yes, the members of the Constitutional Convention all had their special interests to protect, among them the interests of slaveholders, not among them the interests of slaves.  But they listened to each other.  They reasoned together.  And what they did was not unreasonable.  It worked.  It still works.

In his essay, Morgan shows how remarkable this accomplishment was not by the traditional means.  He doesn’t commend James Madison for his design, doesn’t praise George Washington for his skill in presiding over the proceedings.  He doesn’t detail how they delegates worked out the Great Compromise, creating a bicameral legislature which different means of selection for the representatives in each, to address the concerns of the small and big states .  Nor does he elucidate the advantages of the separation of powers.

Instead, he looks to the popular mood that summer in the City of Philadelphia to show just how great were the odds against which the Framers labored.  He details the story of woman accused of being a witch to suggest that certain superstitions ran deep in post-Revolutionary America.

While laws against witchcraft had been repealed in 1736, “belief in witchcraft,” Morgan wrote, “could not be repealed.  Fear of witchcraft continued, and so did popular methods of detecting and dealing with witches.”

Indeed, the very day James Madison arrived in Philadelphia, a woman named Korbmacher was attacked for being a witch; she “applied to the authorities for protection.”  Two months later, on July 10 to be precise, while “America’s great men sat in solemn conclave, working out the compromise that saved the union,” an “ignorant and inhuman mob” kidnapped this poor woman and carried her through the streets where she “was hooted and pelted as she passed along.”  She died eight days later.

The juxtaposition of her torment and the drafting of the Constitution leads Morgan to conclude:

. . . the episode did not seem as bizarre to people of the time as it does to us.  The year 1787 was less than a century from 1692 [year of Salem witch trials].  It is worth reminding ourselves that Benjamin Franklin once spoke with Cotton Mather.  He and the other fifty-four men who labored n the State House that summer may have been working against greater odds that we have realized.

Emphasis added.  Theirs really was a remarkable accomplishment.  The framework of government they established still functions.  As we celebrate the Constitution today, let us remember those great men, the odds they faced and the obstacles they overcame.  Let us salute in particular James Madison who designed the document and George who presided over the deliberations, keeping order amidst contentious parties.

Would that we had their like today.

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Doctors Overwhelming Oppose Obamacare

While the President may claim doctors back his plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system, a recent poll tells an entirely different story:

Two of every three practicing physicians oppose the medical overhaul plan under consideration in Washington, and hundreds of thousands would think about shutting down their practices or retiring early if it were adopted, a new IBD/TIPP Poll has found.

The poll had a pretty large sample size, “with 1,376 practicing physicians chosen randomly throughout the country taking part.”  And it corresponds to what I’ve heard from the doctors I know, with most (but not all) opposed to the various Democratic plans.

Maybe they’re aware of the problems in Massachusetts.

The poll offers this disturbing statistic: 45% of doctors would consider quitting under Obamacare.  Guess that means not all of us will get to keep our doctor.  I doubt most major news outlets will pick up this poll, but given the new media, this information will out.

Modern Left’s “overweening intolerance for any hint of dissent”

So writes Will Collier in his reflection in Jimmy Carter’s latest attempt at relevance.  The failed former President seems to know that he’ll only get media attention if  he says something outrageous since few people, few responsible people that is, take seriously his pontification on world affairs:

Jimmah’s empty slander is just another sign of the unbecoming moral vanity at the heart of the modern Left, to say nothing of its overweening intolerance for any hint of dissent. People know good and well that being opposed to socialized medicine or trillion-dollar deficits doesn’t make them racist. Calling them ugly names isn’t going to make them cower away in fear–it’s going to make them more convinced than ever that they’re in the right.

And it won’t do anything to convince undecided Americans to support the proposed Democratic overhaul of our health care system.  Indeed, the latest polls confirm John Hinderaker’s hypothesis that the left-wing strategy of demonization would help promote their plan:

One of my themes lately has been that the Democrats’ strategy of trying to demonize opponents of socialized medicine rather than honestly debate the merits of their proposal–whatever it is–is a political mistake. People care about health care, they don’t want their insurance taken away, and they aren’t impressed by assertions that everyone who disagrees with Barack Obama must be a racist.

He cites the latest Rasmussen poll to confirm his point:   Opposition to Obama’s Health Care Reform Reaches New High at 55%.