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Forced Apologies Won’t Further Gay Marriage in Golden State

Earlier today (Tuesday), I received an e-mail from Geoff Kors, Executive Director of Equality California (EQCA), urging me to join a boycott a certain hotel to pressure its owner, Doug Manchester, to “make a public apology” for donating “$125,000 in critical seed money to put Prop. 8 on the ballot.”  Reading it, I realized that Kors has learned nothing from his involvement in the unsuccessful effort to defeat that ballot measure enshrining the tradition definition of marriage in the state constitution.

Kors even faults Manchester for “trying to buy off EqCA with a $25,000 donation”!

I don’t see what he accomplishes by throwing this public temper tantrum because the “wealthy hotel owner” won’t do exactly as Kors wants him to do.  Nor do I see what a public apology would accomplish.  Will it somehow make it seem that those who pushed Prop 8 had sinister motivations which at least one of their number is only now (finally!) acknowledging?  Or, will it just make Kors and his cronies feel good to humiliate someone who spearheaded an effort they just plain didn’t like and didn’t want to make the effort to defeat.

Why not take that $25,000 and use it to help further their campaign to educate California voters about gay marriage?  To his organization’s credit, EqCA has attempted to reach out to voters in the “red” counties of the Golden State, with field offices in Republican-leaning regions as Fresno, Riverside and San Diego as well as Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco.

But, unless they learn to talk in the same language as the people who reside outside “blue” regions and stop acting like spoiled children when the world doesn’t work out exactly as they’d like it do, they’re not going to do much to change minds and win votes (to overturn Prop 8). (more…)

Do Democrats Ever Learn from the Past?

The unhappy Barney Frank is at it again.  Like many Democrats, this mean-spirited man from Massachusetts, has such faith in the power of government to right all wrongs that his House Financial Services Committee is moving forward on legislation to expand the reach of the Community Reinvestment Act.  Yup, you read that right.  So, what if that legislation contributed significantly to last fall’s financial meltdown.  Barney’s fellow Democrats think it just needs a broader reach so, his committee

. . . is holding hearings on legislation supported by the Obama administration that would bring insurance companies and credit unions under the umbrella of CRA, placing new lending demands on these groups and opening them up to protests and pressure tactics by organizations like Acorn. As proof that Washington is a looking-glass world where basic values and logic get perverted, proponents of the new legislation claim we need more CRA to rein in the bad practices of the housing bubble, which is sort of like arguing that the cure for alcoholism is another martini. Any review of the history of the affordable mortgage movement in America demonstrates the power that CRA had in helping to shred mortgage underwriting standards throughout the industry and exposing us to the kind of market meltdown we’ve experienced.

It was, as Steven Malanga (who wrote those words above), the CRA who got ACORN “into the mortgage business.”  The controversial left-wing group used the Carter-era legislation “as a cudgel to force lenders to lower their mortgage underwriting standards in order to make more loans in low-income communities.

Andith the CRA, Congress pressured the Department of Housing and Urban Development which, in turn pressure the Government-Sponsored Enterprise, Fannie Mae, to buy up “billions of dollars worth of CRA loans.”  Johnson’s bill, Byron York informs us, “would ensure more of that by applying CRA’s lending requirements not just to banks but to non-bank institutions like credit unions, insurance companies, and mortgage lenders.

I guess for Democrats one financial meltdown just wasn’t enough.

But, it’s not just in trying to expand this one program which had disastrous consequences for our economy where Democrats act as if history begins with their good intentions. (more…)

Obama Needs a Health Care Plan Before he Engages the Public

Perhaps the most telling comment in today’s Washington Post roundup of the reaction or various “political experts” to the President’s “medis offensive” on health care this weekend was this comment from Lanny J. Davis, Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton from 1996 to 1998, one of the two Democrats surveyed:

Now it is time for him to endorse a specific proposal — either one of his own or one already introduced in Congress — and defend that plan, while showing a willingness to compromise to gain Republican support. His media blitz should help solidify support among Democrats — but the White House needs to appeal to people (like myself) who are on TV wanting to defend and promote a national health-care bill. We need something specific on the table from the president.

H/t: Jennifer Rubin.  Emphasis added.  This jibes with a point I made last week, wondering if it were presumptuous of the president with all his pontificating on health care, he “still hasn’t come forward with a particular plan with specific details.”  Rubin wonders why no one in the White House has the courage to say as much to the President:

But I think what’s really going on is that we have a White House devoid of a single brave soul with the influence and courage to say, “Enough Mr. President. Figure out what you want and then go on TV.” This media bombardment suggests a level of narcissism that puts a premium on placing the president at the center of every snippet of coverage, as opposed to getting down to the hard work of crafting positions, negotiating deals, and even meeting with the opposition.

Emphasis added.  Guess the White House staff is too busy engaging the public (especially through independent federal agencies) to get behind the President’s health care plan, they don’t have time to actually craft that plan. (more…)

Time for Buffy to Bid the White House Adieu

As I have been reading the transcript of the conference call coordinated by the White House and the supposedly non-partisan National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), various bloggers’ reactions to this attempt to use art to promote the president’s agenda, I have scribbled a number of notes for a potential on the topic.  But, the thing that strikes me more than anything else, particularly as I review that transcript is this: what is a person like Buffy Wicks doing working in the White House?

As we learn more about her background (which includes ties to ACORN), we help confirm Michael Barone’s point that “Most of Obama’s top White House staffers are politics operatives, not policy wonks.”  She has activism and political agitation in her blood.  No wonder they renamed the office where she works Office of Public Engagement (it had been the Office of Public Liaison).  Her record suggests she’s all about using her government job to mobilize the masses.

As do her actual words in the conference call:

I’m honored to be on the call, and I just, you know, it’s been a long road I know for a lot of us, and we’re really just beginning. I, first of all, want to thank everyone for being on the call and really just a deep, deep appreciation for all the work that you all put into the campaign for the two plus years that we all worked together. . . .

And, you know, we won and that’s exciting, and now we have to take all that energy and make it really meaningful. I’m in the White House now and . . . I’m really realizing that, and I’m also appreciative of the way in which we did win and the strategy that the campaign shows, which is really to engage people at a local level and to engage them in the process, because we need them and we need you, and we’re going to need your help, and we’re going to come at you with some specific asks here. . . . . (more…)

Standing for Smaller Government Will Help GOP Win Perot Voters

It seemed sweetly serendipitous that barely forty-eight hours after speculating about the potential for “Perot voters” (those particularly concerned about the exploding federal debt) to decide the 2010 — and possibly the 2012 — election that I would chance upon a Gallup poll showing that Americans are more likely than ever to say the government is doing too much.

The strategy for GOP rebuilding is clear, focus on diminishing the size and decreasing the scope of the federal government.

And when we make our pitch, should doctrinaire libertarians and conservative absolutists complain that the GOP has failed them in the past, ask them if they have a better alternative.  For better or worse (and sometimes I do think it’s worse), we have a two-party system.  Some new third party is not going to arise and supplant one or the other.  Sure, it’s happened before, but that was just over a century and a half ago.  And yes, it’s happened in other nations, but it’s unlikely it will happen here.  We’re not Canada.

The GOP thus represents the best hope to stop the Obama Democrats rush to statism.  And on the whole, the party has acquitted itself quite well these past eight months, voting almost unanimously against many of the big-government boondoggles the Democrats have attempted to (and often succeeded at) ramming through.

But, if the GOP wants to win, it has to be more than hope.  It must do more than offer lip service to small-government ideology.  Leaders must craft a platform around which people can rally and which taps into the sentiment for less government intervention in the economy (and in our lives).  For free-market solutions to our nation’s problems. (more…)

Joe Biden Signals Democats Are in Trouble ’10

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:30 am - September 22, 2009.
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Wonder why Vice President Joe Biden sounded so desperate at a fundraiser for outgoing Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) in Greenville, Delaware, fearing what might happen were Democrats to “lose 35 House seats they currently hold in traditionally Republican districts”:  “If they take them back, this is the end of the road for what Barack and I are trying to do.”

Given how much you guys have been spending and regulating, Joe, that’s the idea.  It’s interesting that Biden held the fundraiser for Mrs. Giffords in Delaware.  Don’t think he’d find such a ready welcome in Arizona.

At the fundraiser, the gaffe-prone Vice President repeated the Democrats’ dishonest talking point that Republicans are bereft of solutions to our nation’s problems:  “Biden said Republicans are ‘moribund in terms of ideas’ and had not offered reasonable alternatives to the nation’s problems.

Maybe the reason he fears Democrat losses and ignores those ideas is because he’s beginning to recognize the American people aren’t warming to Democratic plans and would likely prefer Republican alternatives if they were made aware of them.  They just plain don’t like the Democrats’ big-government approach. (more…)