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Bill Clinton’s Recent Statement on Gay Marriage:
More Mush for Gay Activists Eager to Praise a Democrat

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:41 pm - September 26, 2009.
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When I saw that Glenn Reynolds had posted, “BILL CLINTON WAFFLES ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE“, I assumed that if I followed the link I might find fodder for an original post, but basically just found that Ann Althouse had said pretty much all there was to say about the Democrat’s comments on CNN reiterating his sudden support for gay marriage.

Clinton is a master blabber, but what did he say? He’s not even for a right to marry, only for leaving it up to the states: “if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees….” He’s only implicitly admitting that the Defense of Marriage Act — which he signed — was wrong. He doesn’t even apologize for what he did back when he had actual power to do something. He’s presenting it all as a personal journey of his. He’s older and wiser. Bleh!

Clinton signed DOMA when he thought it was in his political interest, and I suspect he thinks it’s in his political interest now to embrace same-sex marriage.

This is nothing more than a has-been politician trying to get some attention.  As I wrote back in July when first addressing Clinton’s about-face on gay marriage, “there’s no political cost” to changing his mind.  Since he can’t run for office any more, he can’t lose any votes.

Back in 1996, he signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), calculating there would have been a political cost to vetoing it, socially conservative Democrats might balk at supporting him a second time.  Assuming (correctly as it turned out) that gay voters wouldn’t desert him if he backed the meaure, he signed it.

If today, safely out of office, he had said he did the right thing in signing DOMA, he wouldn’t have made any news.  But, when he says he’s changed his mind, well, that’ll get him a few headlines–and earn him the accolades of gay activists and bloggers ever eager and always willing to praise a Democrat.