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Has Palin Learned from Obama How to Play the Victim Card?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:46 pm - November 16, 2009.
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That’s certainly the impression I get from reading the Anchoress’s post on Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey’s interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

Palin struck me as too guarded and needlessly defensive. Toward the end, Oprah asked if she had anything else to say, and Palin unwisely blurted out, “you can’t turn off my mic…” which was very revealing. . . .  it seems to me that Palin is showing her scars from the detestable way the press descended on her and her family like a pack of rabid canines and worked to literally destroy Palin when she emerged in ‘08.

But the press tried to destroy Reagan, and they tried to destroy Bush; they could only get so far, because both men were able to shake the rutting mutts off their legs with aplomb, and look forward. It is a quality of character, part of it comes from knowing who you are and -as we see happening– it encourages people to take a second look, or a third, if need be.

I have suspected that Palin does know who she is, but she’s been rattled, and it shows. And so, she is talking about media mistreatment; her charges are not untrue, but tonguing the wounds will not help her with the people she needs to win over. They will see it merely as an unattractive, vindictive quality, rather ala Obama. Who wants more of that?

Like Obama, Palin is at her best when speaking to a supportive crowd.  Both are good speaking from prepared texts, though the Alaskan is better when she lacks a Teleprompter.

Palin needs to learn from the greatest president of the second half of the twentieth century and not the incumbent in dealing with the media.  He faced treatment nearly as bad as what she’s now getting.  She’s made some smart choices during her book tour, by bypassing, for the most part, the mainstream media and seeking out venues where she is likely to get treatment only slightly harsher than that Democrats get from MSM outlets in the Northeast and Southern California.

She needs learn from Dave Townsend of the Alan Parsons Project:

If it’s getting harder to face every day
Don’t let it show, don’t let it show
Though it’s getting harder to take what they say
Just let it go, just let it go

If the subject of media treatment gets to you, Governor, just let it go and say it won’t detract you from speaking out on the issues of concern to you, and if polls are accurate, with a growing majority of Americans.

DeVore Notwithstanding, Fiorina’s a Mainstream Conservative

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:33 pm - November 16, 2009.
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If Chuck DeVore wants to run against Dede Scozzafava, he should move to New York.  I believe she’s up for reelection next fall to the State Assembly.

But, since he seems determined to run against Carly Fiorina for the Republican Senatorial nomination here in the Golden State, he need address her as she is and not as he would have her be so he can portray himself as the only conservative in the race.

As Eric Ingemenson points out, DeVore is

. . . working hard—maybe too hard—at painting his primary opponent, former Hewlett Packard chief Carly Fiorina, as a liberal “Scozzafava” Republican. Being loose with her record simply to score cheap political points threatens to damage his credibility in the long term.

Exactly.  Ingemenson then proceeds to demolish three claims DeVore makes about Fiorina, including her supposed support for a so-called “tech stimulus” and for an internet tax.

While DeVore may be a shade to the right of Fiorina, the former HP CEO is herself in the mainstream of American conservatism, opposing Barack Obama’s “stimulus,” Nancy Pelosi’s health care plan and Barbara Boxer’s cap and trade bill.  She prefers free market solutions to our nation’s economic woes and has said as much in public statements.

It’s time that DeVore address those statements and not the campaign rhetoric of a one-time Republican nominee with an entirely different background in a state clear across the country.

The End of Gay Mainstream Media? — UPDATE

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:37 pm - November 16, 2009.
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It appears so.

The nation’s largest publisher of newspapers serving the gay and lesbian community has shut down.

Laura Douglas-Brown, editor of Southern Voice newspaper in Atlanta, said she arrived at work Monday to find the locks changed and a note saying parent company Window Media LLC had closed down.

She said the company’s other publications – including the Washington Blade, Houston Voice and South Florida Blade – were also being closed.

“From my understanding, there was just no more money to keep these companies running,” she said in a telephone interview as she sat with her former employees outside their locked Atlanta office. “We had all been told that the companies would be sold. The fact that we were shut down was a complete shock.”

The company’s financial trouble stemmed from a number of factors. Besides an industrywide drop in advertising revenue amid the economic meltdown, mainstream publications are writing more about gay and lesbian issues, reducing dependency on niche publications such as Window Media’s.

The company had been struggling financially since last year. The company’s majority stockholder, New York City-based Avalon Equity Partners, was taken over by the U.S. Small Business Administration in August 2008, Douglas-Brown said.

Just last month, the Washington Blade celebrated its 40th anniversary. News editor Joshua Lynsen declined comment on the newspaper’s closure.

“Window Media long provided a very special outlet for the gay community to learn about itself way before there were a lot of other places to find that type of thing,” said Michael Musto, an openly gay writer for the Village Voice in New York, which is owned by Village Voice Media Holdings. “This was the gay community writing about itself, and that’s a voice we should never lose.”

This is too bad.  While I probably disagreed editorially 99% of the time with the Window Media publications — their presence as true journalism within the gay community was important.  Their reporters were professional and had a lot of integrity.  For example, only the Washington Blade reported that the murder of African-American teens in Newark was related to their sexual orientation.

I’m not sure I trust the “rest” of the mainstream media to accurately cover gay and lesbian issues the way the Window Media publications did.

Hopefully, the Blades & Southern Voice will be reborn in a new way soon.

UPDATE: Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff has told

“The Blade staff is united and ready to continue the paper’s long-standing mission. The first meeting for our new venture is Tuesday and we welcome the community’s input as we move forward.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama’s Grandiosity About Himself/His Animosity Toward his Predecessor

Given a weekend cluttered with events, I have not had as much time to blog as I would like, so apologize if I appear to be hitting the same theme in subsequent posts.

One reason I return to the President’s grandiosity is that I was struck by the apparent contradiction in the President’s behavior or perhaps it was a form of compensation.

Here we have a Chief Executive who offers testimonials to his own greatness while bowing before unelected monarchs, being the first president to do so since Nixon (there’s that Nixon comparison again).  He praises himself with his words, while with his body, he offers an image of obeisance to other world leaders.

In Japan, he also claimed to be the “first Pacific President.”  Why can’t he leave it to others to indicate the fields he has pioneered?  And anyway, that claim is not entirely accurate, as Ed Dricoll notes.

One of the Anchoress’s readers e-mailed her to point out something else the President has said in that speech in Tokyo, making up a claim out of whole cloth (or media misinformation) “I know that the United States has been disengaged from these organizations in recent years.

Um, no.  The media may have made it appear that Mr. Obama’s predecessor was so disengaged from international organizations, including those to which he was then referring, “multilateral organizations” which “advance the security and prosperity of this region”, i.e. Asia.  But, the facts, as the Anchoress reminds us, tell a different story:

Obama is outright lying, there. In myriad ways, Bush was actually very attentive to our Asia and Pacific alliances, was swift and generous in aiding Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami (pdf), and -but it got no press- managed to forge an environmental agreement that went way beyond Kyoto. . . .

Last time I checked, India, in particular, was loving Bush. And Australia has been a strong alliance in our military coalitions, and elsewhere.

Well, maybe Obama wasn’t lying; he’s just willfully ignorant of his predecessor’s efforts and accomplishments.

And the Anchoress in her must-read post, notices something a number of other bloggers (and not just those on the right), including yours truly, have also been noticing:  the incumbent “likes to indiscreetly bash the former president wherever he goes, whether his hammer is weighted with reality or make-believe.(more…)

The MSM/Left-Wing “Need” to Demonize Sarah Palin

Now that I’ve been checking my AOL e-mail more regularly through my browser rather than via its own application, I get to see the latest headlines they feature as I do those on Yahoo!  And just like their sister server, they have a similar liberal bias and intense animus against a certain former Alaska Governor.

Every time I click on a link to an article about that good and accomplished woman, I chance on some screed, usually poorly sourced, attacking her in some form or another.  The latest is AOL’s piece from left-wing columnist Jill Lawrence.  As with much in the MSM about Governor Palin, well, we should just consider this hearsay, something that awaits confirmation by more reliable sources.

Almost all Lawrence’s sources are unnamed.  So, I doubt the accuracy of her headline about John McCain being a “bit disappointed by” his running mate’s book.

Do these journalists even realize how they’re covering her, with no pretense at objectivity?  It’s no wonder Palin is avoiding their ilk when she does her book tour.

As per my last post, Sarah Palin may well be seeking the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean the news media have to shine it upon her nor does it require them to use filters to obscure her accomplishments.

Once again, I ask, why this need to demonize her?  Why don’t they just ignore her?  I mean, heck, she’s no longer a Governor or anything.

Methinks it has much to do with their “need” to dismiss her appeal and discredit her supporters.   These people really do seem compelled to attack those who do not fit their paradigm of a woman who enjoys the adulation of a large segment of the population.  They want all successful women to fit the feminist narrative.

Problem is many, if not most, don’t.