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Would Obamacare Numbers Be Worse if MSM Were Even-handed?

Despite President Obama’s repeated efforts to move public opinion in favor of the Democratic plan to overhaul our health care system, he was only able to generate a slight bump in the polls in early September, but to see those numbers slide even further–and a pretty steady pace–in the following months.

As a result, Democrats appear to have won passage of this massive government intervention in our lives not by an appeal to public opinion, but by legislative machinations.  Some new kind of politics.

Given the mostly favorable coverage the president and his plan received in the mainstream media, with “reporters” often exaggerating the benefits of the plan and downplaying criticism, I wonder if those numbers would have declined further–and at a more rapid pace–had the coverage been a little more even-handed.



  1. I’m sure you’re right, but it heartening to see that a large majority of Americans figured out how bad Obamacare is despite the MSM’s boosterism.

    If it passes, which is not yet certain, I think that large public opposition must at least weigh on the mind of the SCOTUS swing vote, Anthony Kennedy, and hopefully prevent him from joining with the courts’ activists if and when they hear arguments against Obamacare.

    One thing is certain, the battles are FAR from over over this unconstitutional monstrosity.

    Comment by American Elephant — December 20, 2009 @ 5:07 pm - December 20, 2009

  2. I’ve said this in other threads, but honestly, I don’t what this bill does, good or bad. Can you name one specific change this bill makes that you truly understand?

    Comment by Ashpenaz — December 20, 2009 @ 5:44 pm - December 20, 2009

  3. What will be interesting to see is the show-down after November 2010 should the GOP take one or more Houses of Congress. Right now the House and Senate bills must be reconciled. Assuming that happens next year and if the GOP has a good election result in November, the REAL fun begins. Congress will have to weigh in on budget proposals every year afterwards and I don’t think a GOP-dominated legislature will be that all-fired friendly towards Obamacare or most of the rest of the president’s agenda.

    Comment by John — December 20, 2009 @ 6:30 pm - December 20, 2009

  4. Oh and unlike 1995 & 1998, I do not believe Obama has the political skills of Bill Clinton in a fight with a hostile Congress. I could be wrong, but he hasn’t shown evidence to the contrary.

    Comment by John — December 20, 2009 @ 6:31 pm - December 20, 2009

  5. Ash,

    You mean besides ineffeciency, corruption, requiring all Americans to buy a product or go to jail specific bribes and the unconstitutional nature of things?

    I suppose if you remove that, it’s ok.

    Oh wait, if you remove that, there’s no bill.

    Comment by The_Livewire — December 20, 2009 @ 9:13 pm - December 20, 2009

  6. Say Ash, if there’s nothing to it, why the hell is the US Senate still in session? Why did they just vote to limit debate? Why are they sticking around till Christmas Eve and fighting like hell to keep this out of an election year?????

    Comment by ThatGayConservative — December 21, 2009 @ 1:39 am - December 21, 2009

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