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Obamacare Passage: Democratic “Suicide Pact”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:55 am - December 21, 2009.
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Articulating a point made by the Administration, various Washington Democrats and perhaps a pundit or two, one of our readers insisted that support for Obamacare “will only increase once it passes and the apolitical undecideds reward Obama for getting something done“.  Hardly.  Given the trend in polling showing that the more Obama promoted the Democratic overhaul, the more support declined, we know that the more Americans know about these reforms, the less likely they are to support them.

Opposition to Obamacare increased even as some media outlets were all but shills for the various Democratic plans.  A friendly media may have helped sway a Senator or two (or three or four), but it didn’t prevent the American people from turning on the plan.  Had the coverage been more even-handed, the numbers (from the Democrats’ standpoint) would be even worse than they are today.

Should this bill become law (and there’s still hope that it won’t), the Democrats will have a hard time hiding its details, you know, those “specifics” Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida faults Republicans for addressing.  The more people learn about those specifics, the less likely they are to support the bill.

And when Americans learn how the Democrats rammed this through, they’ll wonder why Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid scheduled midnight sessions at a time of year when most people are paying little attention to politics, rushing through passage to meet some Christmas deadline set in Democratic back rooms.  Wonder why the Senate voted in the dead of night for cloture on an amendment which “had been public for about 36 hours” before people “had a single business day to examine it.” They’ll wonder about all those weekend votes (not just this time around) and will certainly ask about pay -offs to wavering Senators with federal funds at a time of increasing deficits.

In short, when the American people see how this was passed, they’ll see Democrats for what they are.  And the percentage having a negative opinion of the majority party will continue to increase.

No wonder some are calling the “Democratic health agenda . . . a political suicide pact.



  1. Ok. I’ll be nice and give you an easy out:

    Just explain to us why, based on Granny Clampett’s manufactured “2 people every 10 minutes” numbers, over 400,000 people have to die while we hurry up and wait for free “health care”.

    Comment by ThatGayConservative — December 22, 2009 @ 5:18 am - December 22, 2009

  2. TGC, remember that Tano is a racist and anti-semite, who prefers the oppression of free people as long as his will is done. If he had his way, we’d all be in re-education camps, like his idol Stalin had. Tano is a jackbooted thug, or would be if he’d get out of his mom’s basement. Like most ‘intellectuals’ he believes he’d have a place at the table in a facist government.

    Note: I am not engaged in discourse with Tano. So me calling her names is not a violation of civil discourse.

    Comment by The_Livewire — December 22, 2009 @ 6:53 am - December 22, 2009

  3. Tano, sweet Tano, I do not wear the egg of your #2 post about the apolitical and undecideds.

    Think carefully here, because this is beyond rocket science: If you are apolitical and undecided, the chances of you voting are slim and none.

    ACORN and community organizers feed off of people who will follow marching orders when delivered to the polls and are given goodies.

    Your entire semi-revealing post is telling us that these are the people who are going to make the difference come election time.

    Cynical? You bet you are. You are the one rounding up victims of state welfare and threatening them with a world without entitlements. You are the elitist who insists the state must think for the people who you believe can not take care of thinking for themselves.

    You are the one who agrees that the poor are always among us, but you are also the one who sees them as political gold and a way to exert power.

    Naturally, you will disappear now and send gillie to link to a Little Green Footballs diatribe about the war over Fruit Loops versus wood chips.

    Comment by heliotrope — December 22, 2009 @ 9:21 am - December 22, 2009

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