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Health Care Debate Reveals Prejudices of Liberal Elites

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed some wonderful friendships with people on the opposite side of the political aisle.  With some, our conversations never turn to politics.  We focus instead on the passions we share and the activities we enjoy.  With others, we discuss politics, always striving to appreciate the sincerity of each other’s convictions.  Each knows that the other does not promote the ideas that he does, adhere to the ideology to which he subscribes or belong to the party which he has joined (or otherwise supports) out of dark and/or dastardly motives, but because he truly believes those ideas will best promote the general welfare.

Yet, there are some, on both sides of the political aisle and in the current debate, overwhelmingly on one side, with whom you can’t have a conversation.  They doubt the very sincerity of their opponents’ motives, believing they hold their convictions not because of a concern for general well-being of society and the individual freedom of men and women of all stripes, but because they want to put down men and (especially) women of a certain stripe (or stripes).

If someone opposes the policies they support, then that person is not just wrong, he’s racist too, misogynist, anti-gay and, well, a just plain evil-mongering dunce.

No wonder some gay people can’t relate to the conservatives in their midst.  Their prejudices against conservatives are so strong that they can’t imagine we came to our conclusions through a rational thought process.  They believe all conservatives seek to preserve a status quo advantageous to straight white men and, as that “quo” loses its “status,” think we want to return to those days when segregation was the rule and homosexuality was neither discussed nor tolerated.

But, the world has changed since such liberals fixed their views.

Yet, you wouldn’t know it from listening to the Senate Majority Leader or the junior Senator from California.  Or from the junior Senator from the Ocean State.  Sheldon Whitehouse has now joined a growing chorus of Democratic elected officials and liberal pundits comparing opponents of health care reform to Nazis and lynch mobs.  In what one liberal pundit called “an overwrought jeremiad,” the Democrat from Rhode Island fumed:

Too many colleagues are embarked on a desperate, no-holds-barred mission of propaganda, obstruction and fear. . . . History cautions us of the excesses to which these malignant, vindictive passions can ultimately lead. Tumbrils have rolled through taunting crowds. Broken glass has sparkled in darkened streets. Strange fruit has hung from southern trees.

He promised a “day of judgment” and a “day of reckoning” for Republicans.  Wow, just wow.  If a Republican Senator had leveled such accusations against opponents of conservative reforms, the story would lead the news.  There would be calls for his apology and resignation.   In this case, the New York Times ignored the comments while relaying Democratic talking points about Republican nastiness.

The sad thing is is that Whitehouse may well believe this.  Certainly, his staffer who crafted this harbors a deep-seated animus against Republicans and other principled opponents of big government.  And yet such prejudice is not defined as such, but seen, in the blue enclaves in our nation’s coastal regions, as a mark of refinement.

Why are these people so intolerant of ideas at odds with their own?  Why do their have such hatred for their ideological adversaries?



  1. He also used the term Aryan while describing those of us who are against this “reform”, and when brought to task about the term, denied saying the word, and said “Check the video”. Well I have, and he said “Aryan.” So he is provably lying. What else is he willing to lie about when he will deny something that is Right There In The Video?
    They have not read the bill. In Fact, the bill really has not been written. But they “Did Something”.
    The something may well be the equivalent to killing the golden goose, but hey, they can now claim credit for “Doing Something”.
    Doing Nothing would be far, far, far better.

    Comment by JP — December 22, 2009 @ 11:22 am - December 22, 2009

  2. Liberals know that their ideas may be good for government and the governing class, but not for the people. They never try and change minds with reason, they use brute force.
    Then when the people (tea parties have yet to become Republican events) rise up, they throw invectives and hate back at the people.

    And we should trust thenm with our health and well being?

    Comment by Leah — December 22, 2009 @ 11:42 am - December 22, 2009

  3. I don’t like right-wing absolutists. I don’t like left-wing absolutists. It occurred to me that I don’t like absolutists.

    I also don’t like relativists.

    I like people who know what they believe and why they believe it–but also recognize that they could be wrong and are open to discussion with people who disagree with them. I doubt if I will change my basic Christian values, but I’m willing to share the world with people who have come to other conclusions.

    Comment by Ashpenaz — December 22, 2009 @ 1:12 pm - December 22, 2009

  4. It’s disingenuous to characterize the entire Liberal caucus as a viral fountain of pestilence, but it is so easy to forget. If I apply the Left’s current logic when forming my viewpoints, I’ll be hard pressed to depict Democrats on the Hill as any thing other than lying money chasing brown-nosers and spineless jelly fish. There isn’t a one of us willing to tolerate our children acting this way, yet we aren’t willing to hold our politicians to the same standard. As usual the Democrats with their whining and bitching believe they can divide and conquer. It’s not gonna work this time. People can see how they continue to detract from the facts in order to carpet over their caving to insurance companies and BIG pharma. This bill is NOTHING like what was promised the American people.

    Voters need to take the time to look at some of the political disingenuousity surrounding this “health what-ever-you-wanna-call-it-now bill”. Don’t worry about the name calling coming from POTUS and his buds. I’ll carp till I’m blue in the face and if the man-child living at 1600 can’t handle it….oh well, too bad. The do what ever it takes to get the “damn thing” passed policy is an insult to the electorate. In order to get the AMA endorsement, the Botox- tax was tossed out and replaced with an E-Z -Tan-tax…….. Senator Nelson gets a sweetheart deal for his state (lets’ not forget where Mutual of Omaha is) and the rest of us will pay for Nebraska’s free ride. Where’s the promised “reform” in an action like that ? It’s hard to keep my composure, when this bill is just a lot of money spending and wall papering over holes. As it stands now, the members of some demimonde warrant more respect than our esteem Senate does. We will never see real reform until Washington finally shows they care about the American people more than they care about the next election.

    Comment by Spartann — December 22, 2009 @ 1:14 pm - December 22, 2009

  5. Just a reminder, Sheldon Whitehouse was elected by arguing that Lincoln Chafee was too conservative.

    Comment by Dave N. — December 22, 2009 @ 2:28 pm - December 22, 2009

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