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Ma’am’s Incompetence & Harry’s Loony Legerdemain

If the election for the U.S. Senate seat for California next fall is waged on party identification, Barbara Boxer, the all-but-certain Democratic nominee, will win. If, however, it is waged on her record in the Senate, her ideological extremism and her responsiveness (er, lack thereof) to her constituents, the Golden State will send a Republican to represent it in the United States Senate for the first time since voters rejected the appointed Senator John Seymour, now nearly 18 years ago.

Simply put, after 17 years in the Senate, Ma’am hasn’t done much for the Golden State nor does she return here regularly to meet with her constituents and listen to our concerns.

As we learn the full details of the payoffs Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Mt. Crumpit) made with our tax dollars to various states to secure the votes of their respective Senators, we note one state severely short-changed, the state with the biggest population and almost the lowest rate of employment, the very state represented by the most unable Barbara Boxer in the United States Senate.  Our state is ailing, its coffers depleted and our Democratic Senator can’t deliver in an overwhelmingly Democratic Senate.

While “Nebraska’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 percent in November,” roughly a third the rate in the Golden State, the Senate bill showers Ben Nelson’s bailiwick with goodies, but doesn’t offer much of anything special for Barbara Boxer’s backyard.  (Ma’am left it to members of the House to get the favors she can’t secure; its bill included a “provision — worth $300 million to California — that would increase federal Medicare payments to doctors in a wide swath of the state“.)

Once again, we should be grateful for Barbara Boxer’s incompetence and her slavish following of ol’ Harry’s leadership.  Had she been a more effective deal-maker, she’d have put the federal taxpayers on the hook for a greater payoff to the Golden State.  We don’t need more money, we need fewer federal mandates and less state regulation to lift ourselves out of this government-generated crisis.

This is not to say Ma’am should be more like ol’ Ben, but to show just how screwy is Senate Democratic legerdemain.  A state with a pretty sound economy gets substantial payoffs, while a state in crisis gets (on a per capita basis) crumbs.  If you’re gonna dole out the federal goodies, shouldn’t they go to the states most in need?

Meanwhile, another report again revises downward the number of jobs the federal government claimed the “stimulus” created here in California.


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  1. As a former resident of California, now in Arizona, I’ve long wondered what Californians are getting for the high taxes in the state. Once upon a time, the freeways were beautiful and in good repair; people seemed happy; taxes were much lower than now, and life seemed more civil, friendly, and less stressful.What a shame for such a beautiful state with so much going for it! Arizona receives most of its gasoline from California refineries, yet the cost of gasoline is much lower. State taxes are much less and the infrastructure is in much better shape. Admittedly, both states have critical deficits now.
    So the question is, when will our California friends once again take control and get their money’s worth?

    Comment by Man — December 23, 2009 @ 4:05 pm - December 23, 2009

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