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We need this guy in Washington

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 11:24 pm - January 11, 2010.
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Just look how he parried the way the voice of the Washington establishment defined the Senate seat once held by Daniel Webster and Charles Sumner.  That should resonate with voters in the Bay State:

H/t: Instapundit who got it from the Conservative Blogress Diva Regent.

NB: I didn’t see the debate, so maybe Gergen showed an inclination toward Republican ideas when questioning Mrs. Coakley, but having watched the question now twice, it sure seemed to me that this “moderator” believed the winner of this election owed it to Ted Kennedy to vote exactly as the Democrat would have on health care.

UPDATE:  The more I watch this video, the more I wonder if it could define the last week of the race and could contribute to a Brown upset.  He just looked good.  And I feel that my contribution matching our readers’ donation was money well spent, very well spent.

UP-UPDATE:  Looks like Gergen tossed Coakley mainly softballs, saving the tough questions for Brown.  Guess it’s just because he, like Katie Couric, expects more of Republicans:

Near the end of the debate, he had two questions for Brown and Coakley each. After putting Brown on the spot over Roe v. Wade and “climate change,” Gergen turned to the Democrat with his hardest hitting questions of the night.

“Do you think it was right to insist on three people being at the debate?” Gergen asked Coakley. Yes, she did.

He followed up with this doozy: “As you look back on the campaign, do you have any second thoughts on how the campaign has unfolded?”

Or maybe he’s still auditioning for a White House job.

Obama’s New Foreign Policy

I had a flash of brilliance over the weekend. I know how to make Obama pay attention to terrorists and dictators threatening America.

Let’s put golf courses in Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq & Venezuela.

He might just be interested in threats against our nation if that were the case!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Scott Brown for Senate

In the past few months, Scott Brown has run the kind of campaign that should define all Republican campaigns.  He has focused on fiscal issues and has made competitive a race in a state which hasn’t elected a Republican to the House since 1994 and to the Senate since 1972, the same year it was the only state in the union to vote for George McGovern for President.

He may be a bit more centrist than Bruce or I, but on the issues which matter most to Americans right now, even the citizens of his own “blue” state, Brown is right on the money.  He thinks Congress is just spending too much money while his opponent, the incredibly well-educated Martha Coakley, would just be another vote for the spending spree begun under the current Administration.

And she’d vote for the health care overhaul which only 41% of likely voters in the Bay State support.  Meanwhile, Brown says he’ll be the 41st vote against Obamacare.  Left-wing groups are going into overdrive to hold the seat for the Democrats, knowing they need Coakley’s vote to increase the size of the federal government and the control it exercises over our lives. Brown would be a vote to check the government’s growth and a champion of returning power to the people, just patriots from his state  who, 230-odd years ago, bore the brunt of the King’s tyranny.

Honored by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Brown understands the concerns of those entrepreneurs who form the backbone of our economy and who create the bulk of new jobs.  He believes the “stimulus” bill only increased the size of the federal government without creating any such jobs and has decried the “historic amount of debt we are passing on to our children and grandchildren“.

More than anything, we appreciate that Brown has kept his focus on bread-and-butter issues and steered clear of social issues.  Let’s hope that other Republicans follow his lead.

If you live in the Bay State, make sure to vote for Brown on Tuesday, January 19.  If you know people who live there, call them and tell them it’s imperative they get to the polls to vote for this good man.  And join Bruce and me in making a contribution to his campaign.  They’re trying to raise $500,000 today, so give what you can as soon as you can.  Bruce and I will match every GayPatriot contribution up to a total of $500.  So, let us know what you gave so we can figure out how to divide up the promised match!

UPDATE: As of 5:31 PST (8:31 GayPatriot blog time), Brown had raised $918,672.81.  If he raises just 81,327.19 in the next 3 1/2 hours, he’ll have doubled his initial goal.

UP-UPDATE:  Holy Cow, he’s at $1,303,302.50

I wonder what Michael Moore has to say about this

CUBAN DOCTORS defecting to the U.S. via Venezuela.

Maybe he’ll include this tidbit in the extended edition of this movie.

Democrats to Repeat GOP’s Winning ’06 Strategy This Fall

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:54 am - January 11, 2010.
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In just nine days, we’ll be commemorating the first anniversary of an event long awaited on the left side of the political aisle:  the return of George W. Bush to Texas.  This departure, however, has not prevented Democrats from bringing up their all-purpose bogeyman every time our nation faces a crisis, his successor makes an error or when they just plain need something to complain about.

Obama may say the buck stops with him, but for the better part of his first year in office, he’s been blaming Bush for the toughness of the challenges he fought so hard to face.

Well, our friend Sonicfrog, perhaps in anticipation of his fifth blogiversary, points out that Democrats are making this obsession their electoral strategy, linking John Fund’s piece on how Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen plans to “attack Republicans for wanting to restore the discredited Bush era.”  Funny, our friend notes, quoting the Washington Post how similar that strategy is to the Republican strategy in 2006 :

The message that Bush and others are sending to alienated supporters is that, no matter how upset they have been about various policies or political missteps over the past couple of years, life would be far worse under the Democrats. They name liberal lawmakers who would take charge of key committees and warn conservatives that taxes would go up and protection against terrorists would go down.

We all know how well that strategy worked out.  But, “even more damning,” Sonic writes, “many on the right will now be able to say they were right.” (more…)