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Our Bay State Reporter Getting More Calls Than Bookie on Payday

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:15 pm - January 19, 2010.
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On Election Day in the Bay State, our intrepid reporter on the ground is receiving more phone calls than a bookie on payday.

I noticed the Kennedy name this morning on the ballot. (“Liberty” party). I suspect a few (perhaps only a few, but surely some) will vote “Kennedy” just because they always have. And virtually all of them will be Democrats.


10:37AM — Recorded all just came in from the Coakley campaign. Talker was a woman, speaking in a down-beat monotone. Said Martha was “aunt and godmother” to *her* girls. (I was mixed up within the first ten seconds; who on earth *is* this, then?) And why couldn’t Martha get anyone closer in her family to make such a call?

It was clearly a lame, late, last-ditch attempt to mimic the engaging calls from Scott Brown’s daughters the last few days and do damage control with stay-at-home moms. Her main push was “equal pay for equal work”. Not that that’s a bad thing if that’s what it really means, but it doesn’t. Forgive me if I’m not up on my left-speak, but I thought the myriad factors behind that simplistic gender-warfare koan (e.g., time in workforce, training risk, different job parameters, etc.) had been explained away long ago by responsible mainstream economists. What decade do they think they’re in, exactly? I’m waiting for Betty Friedan to call next

Not long thereafter, he filed this report:

Just 20 minutes after the impersonal “please vote for my kids’ godmother and aunt” monotone call, I get one from a (recorded) Scott Brown. Once again, the telemarketing software gave the impression that it was him saying my name. I know it’s old school, Dale Carnegie, but it’s still human nature to enjoy hearing an important person say it.

He apologizes for all the calls, but talks about how it’s important that we get to have open, civil debate in Washington, alluding to “all the lies” but without pinning that hard on Coakley. It carried just enough sting without being nasty.

He’s got a powerful, confident voice that you want to listen to. Then it dawned on me: I’ve never heard Martha herself… And why is that? Brown’s accent is perfect. Just enough classic “Bahshtun” tones to let you know he’s “one of us” but not so much that you question his education. (Sorry, it’s a local class thing you only build up over a lifetime of living here. Hard to convey on a national blog). The Globe called it the “Will Hunting” factor and when the Globe starts dissing a Democrat you know it’s over. Matt Damon totally hashed the accent in that movie, but he got the idea right. This state is a *whole* lot bigger than the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge.


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